Penarth Assembly Member Vaughan Gething (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth) said

Assembly Member Vaughan Gething (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth)

The newly re-elected Labour Assembly Member for Cardiff  South and Penarth – Vaughan Gething –  has claimed that the Welsh Labour Party does have a mandate to form a government.

He said ” We” [meaning the Labour Party] “recognise we’ve got responsibilities to the people of Wales. We think we have a mandate to form a government in Welsh Labour”.

Gething went on to  reject suggestions from other parties that Labour had behaved in an “arrogant” manner by pressing ahead Wednesday’s vote  without securing majority support. He claimed that was “pretty extraordinary “ to assert it was ‘arrogant’ to say “the leader of the largest party should be the First Minister of Wales”.

The children's funfair roundabout is on the left - the Welsh Assembly is on the right.

The children’s funfair roundabout is on the left – the Welsh Assembly is on the right.

Plaid Cymru’s leader Leanne Wood has moved to break the deadlock by writing to Labour leader Carwyn Jones . As a result there are to be talks today between Jane Hutt (Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan) and Plaid Cymru . These talks will not involve the leaders of either  party .

UKIPs Leader in Wales Nathan Gill

UKIPs Leader in Wales Nathan Gill offered to support Carwyn Jones

In a surprise development yesterday UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill (who failed to be elected as Leader of UKIP by fellow UKIP AMs in the Assembly) declared that he would be prepared to back moves to re-elect former Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones – subject to agreement over some manifesto policies. UKIP is particularly keen to get tolls scrapped on the Severn Bridge.

Similar smoke-signals were also sent up by UKIP AM Mark Reckless, although whether they had the sanction of UKIP’s elected Leader in the Assembly Neil Hamilton is less clear .

A full week has now gone by since last week’s Welsh Assembly elections – during which Wales has somehow managed to survive without a government.


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  1. hopenotnasty says:

    Mischief making by UKIP and PLAID both know very well that Severn bridge tolls is not a devolved matter. With Plaid being cosy towards UKIP maybe they should try and form a government?

  2. EH says:

    “The children’s funfair roundabout is on the left – the Welsh Assembly is on the right”…thanks for clearing up the confusion.

  3. Nigel Bull says:

    The situation regarding bridge tolls is fluid, with the current situation due to change before the next Assembly Election. When the French involvement ceases, the sensible arrangement would be for running costs to be split between those bodies responsible for road maintenance and economic development on either side of the bridge. Then perhaps both the tax on Wales the toll currently poses will end and the hidden (in that Carwyn never mentions it!) economic cost of time, fuel, brake pads and clutches etc consumed during queuing will end too. Having spent 45 mins during each of my past two crossings into Wales trundling along in and out of first gear, it’s something that I have yet again been reminded of.

    Our last, but perhaps not our next First Minister has previously proposed reducing the tolls, which removes much of the income, but removes little of the cost to the people of Wales (and England) is an idea without vision or a grasp of economic reality, so the UKIP proposal is one that would show a clear train of thought and make a real difference. That is not something that has previously been visible in the Bay of Plenty in the past, so I suppose it’s doomed to fail!

  4. Mark Foster says:

    Why do we allow people like Vaughan Gething to run a health service in a country like Britain? The honourable thing for him to do would be to take his wife and child and run one in Zambia, and contribute to building up that country not ours. Zambia needs him.

    • Peter Church says:

      Never mind Zambia, Vaughan Gething looks after only one person and his name is Vaughan Gething.
      You to can have a million pound house.

    • JS says:

      If the level of response to this situation is “go back to your own country”, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. whatsoccurin says:

    in the Echo Vaughan Gething said that “Wednesday was not a good day for the assembly”-possibly not but a great day for democracy-a low-level Labour “jobs for the boys” talking shop was suddenly interesting with all sorts of back stabbing and odd bedfellows-“word” was that Carwyn was in a daze and was asking “How Leighton was getting on with local government reform?”-It is all still in the balance-is it Carwyn versus Leanne?-or will Lone Ranger Kirsty hold the balance-will it be stalemate and Dave will have to parachute in John Redwood to Sing the National anthem?-Great fun whilst it lasts but I am sure within a week normal service will be resumed (yawn!)

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