Labour's Carwyn Jones (left) and Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies (right) . Jones automatically became First Minister when rival Leanne Wood (Plaid) withdrew her name. There was no ballot.

Labour’s Carwyn Jones (left) and Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies (right) . Jones automatically became First Minister – yet again –  when rival Leanne Wood (Plaid) withdrew her name and her party -yet again – entered into a deal to keep Labour in power . There was no ballot.

Penarth’s Conservative Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies told the Welsh Assembly that it was “Groundhog Day” again as Plaid Cymru confirmed it’s done a deal to keep Labour in power – and Labour leader Carwyn Jones in office – for another 5 years .

Davies – who represents the South Wales Central constituency (which includes Penarth)  –  told Carwyn Jones he should now bring forward an early statement to “map out and clarify”  what its plans are on local government reform .[The contentious proposal for the merger of the Vale of Glamorgan with Cardiff being one of the most pressing issues]  

Watching Carwyn Jones make his acceptance speed was former MP and now Labour AM Huw Irranca Davies - who could be a contender for the job one day

Watching Carwyn Jones make his acceptance speach was former MP and now Labour AM Huw Irranca Davies (left)- who could be a contender for his job one day

Carwyn Jones was formally re-installed as First Minister after Plaid Cymru announced it was withdrawing the candidature of  its leader Leanne Wood following  a week of secret negotiations after last week’s tied vote.

The First Minister in his acceptance speech claimed that “For the fifth time in a row the  Welsh people have asked Welsh Labour to form the next government”.

UKIP's Assembly Leader Neil Hamilton ruffled lots of feathers in his speech

UKIP’s Assembly Leader Neil Hamilton ruffled lots of feathers in his speech

This assertion was rebutted by UKIP’s Assembly Leader Neil Hamilton . He told members “The First Minister said in his statement that the Welsh people had asked for a Labour government in the results of this election.” Hamilton wondered if Carwyn Jones had actually looked at the results.

Hamilton pointed out that Labour had only got34.7% of the vote in the Constituency Section and only 31.5% of the vote in the Regional Lists”.  He said two-thirds of  the people in Wales had voted against Labour in the Assembly Elections.  That – said Hamilton – was no mandate  for a Labour Government. Wales had, he said, “actually voted for change – and not the status quo”.

Kirsty Williams (Lib Dem) and Leanne Wood (Plaiod Cymru) the two women blamed by Neil Hamilton for keeping Labour in power

Kirsty Williams (Lib Dem) (left) and Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) (right)-  the two women who were roundly blamed by Neil Hamilton for keeping Labour in power in the Welsh Assembly

Hamilton caused consternation when he said that the sole Lib Dem AM Kirsty Williams (Lib Dem Brecon and Radnor) and Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood had “propped up this tottering administration  and had frustrated the desire of the Welsh people to bring about change “.

He said that in Kirsty Williams’s constituency of  Brecon and Radnor, 92% had voted against Labour  and yet  Williams had “confirmed the First Minister in place” [ Williams gave her support to Labour to bring them to 29 seats – thereby equal with the 29 seats held by opposition parties] .

Hamilton said that in Rhondda – where Leanne Wood (Plaid) had beaten Leighton Andrews (Labour) –  Andrews had seen his vote collapse from  63% to 36% . That, Hamilton said, was “no vote of confidence in the Labour Party”  . Leanne Wood however – in coming to a deal with Labour-  had “done the opposite of what her voters wanted”. The two ladies were, he said “Political concubines in Carwyn’s harem” .

The politically-correct faux-outrage from AMs in the chamber grew louder when Hamilton went on to say that now, instead of having decisions made in “full transparency“, there would be a series of shadowy committees doing “dodgy deals behind the scenes from which other minority parties would be excluded .

He said that in the last week’s negotiations the power that Leanne Wood had had in her hands – supported as she was by the Conservatives and UKIP –  had “not been used to its full potential”.

But Hamilton did say he was sorry… sorry, that is, that Plaid Cymru had adopted what he called “a bigoted approach  to the seven UKIP AMs. More faux-outrage ensued.

The Llywydd (Speaker) Elin Jones (AM Plaid Cymru) displayed a less-than-confident grip on proceedings

The Llywydd (Speaker) Elin Jones (AM Plaid Cymru) displayed a less-than-confident grip on proceedings

The Llywydd (Speaker) Elin Jones intervened to say she did not think any  “bigoted remarks had been made by anybody” .

Undaunted, Hamilton  pointed out “Leanne Wood has said that she would not, under any circumstances, work with UKIP . That seems to me to be so exclusive a remark that it could easily be described as bigotry – that we’re ‘untouchable’ . Well, 15% of the Welsh electorate don’t think we’re untouchable. They voted for us” and Leanne Wood’s remark had been “an insult not to UKIP MPs, but to UKIP voters.”  

[ PDN Note: Plaid Cymru doctrine  had also ruled out doing any deal with the Conservatives – but nevertheless Plaid had been supported by both UKIP and the Conservatives in last week’s three-party challenge to Carwyn Jones]

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  1. Ann Other says:

    He’s right, of course, that the figures certainly don’t support Jones’ absurd claim that the Welsh have voted again for Labour though our practice is that the largest party governs, but great to witness some grit, some argument, some antagonism, some rhetoric introduced into the Bird’s Instant Whip smooth complacency of Assembly politics.

    • Paul says:

      But the welsh have done just that, and all that grit was just hot air like usual.
      Back to normal now, it’s all going to be Westminsters fault anyway

      • Lindsay says:

        Lest we forget, in the “other” election last year, the Conservatives only got 36.8% of the vote nationally. So, around two-thirds of the people in the UK had voted against the Conservative party. Was that a mandate for a Conservative Government? UKIP? Well, about 90% of the people voted against them.

      • Paul says:

        Lindsay, I complete agree. The choice is so appalling that none of them have a mandate although they all claim they do. We have no opportunity to say “none of these is good enough” and thats part of the problem. None of the potential AM’s exactly stirred the welsh population into voting did they? Less than 50% could be bothered to even cast a vote, that’s shocking when you thin about it and the national elections aren’t much better.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Thank you for repeating on I believe at least 3 occasions the picture of the emotional First Past the Post Victor being confronted by an unholy alliance of British and Welsh Nationalists, claiming an illicit victory under our comfort zone for losers, quislings and whimps Welsh electoral system.

      Labour won 27 seats First Past the Post- UKIP none whatsoever Plaid and Con a lack lustre 6 each.

      “If you have tears prepare to shed then now” ( assasinated Julius Ceasars funeral )

      . I wonder if you have in your Archive an award winning picture of the invincible Conservative ” Iron Lady” Baroness Margaret Thatcher
      Daily Mirror picture legend Ken Lennox was given a special “lifetime achievement” award by his peers.Ken took one of the most famous photographs in the Mirror’s history – showing Margaret Thatcher crying as she left Downing Street for the last time after she was deposed as Tory leader in 1990.
      You may also wish to include archive pictures of the current Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne touchingly weeping at the late Baroness Thatcher’s Funeral.
      Even Tory Politicians are human it seems.

      • newsnet says:

        For the record all the pictures in the item are from the Welsh Assembly’s own coverage of yesterday’s proceedings, None of them have been used before because they didn’t exist until yesterday.

  2. Paul says:

    I would have voted for Status Quo given the poor candidates on offer from the rest of the parties.
    Lets be honest to ourselves about Wales, it’s generally a pretty poor country with lower average wages than the rest of the UK. We wanted an assembly in the belief it would somehow revitalise the country. What has been the real outcome? We have more well paid politicians, people still mostly vote for Labour and Wales is still poor. Nothing will ever change in Wales because we keep electing the same people expecting them to do something different. Never going to happen, why should they change when we always re-elect them regardless of performance? We may lose a few from one lot and gain a few from another but overall politics in Wales is about as stagnant as it could be.

    • Paul says:

      At least Carwyn can stop crying himself to sleep now his little friends have agreed he can be in charge of their gang.

  3. Lindsay says:

    So we have a new hero, Neil Hamilton. Could this be the same Neil Hamilton who has frequently been enmired in scandal, disgrace and political humiliation? I think we should be told.

    • Paul says:

      I know, Neil Hamilton for god’s sake!
      How on earth did he get elected?

    • EH says:

      I’m no fan of Hamilton or UKIP, but we’ve got them, so they might as well make their voices heard and shake up the cosy complacency! The problem with Wales is that I’m not sure we have the pool of political talent to make a real difference – too small a country. I would have grave doubts about any more powers being devolved, and not income tax – PLEASE!

      • Paul says:

        If the chancers in the bay get tax powers I would fly expect them to declare a special rate of tax for themselves just like the MEP’s did.

        I agree though, the political gene pool is too shallow, too many have almost the same CV. There’s not enough diversity in their backgrounds to offer anything different based on experience. Alun Michaels even had the gall to say that a politician would make a better crime commissioner than an ex police man because he had too much experience. I can see that working next time I apply for a job, but it was good enough to fool enough people for him to get elected again

      • Martin gossage says:

        The whole of UK doesn’t have the political talent to make a good fist. The thing is it. politics after all . Politics is not a coherent concept and strategy for running a country. it’s a process whereby one tries to keep everyone happy and has an inevitable run with hounds and fox component. Strong effective leadership is based on facts , realism and making decisions based on balanced evidence and not historical precedence or custom.
        While we have a society that thrives on advertising, greed , credit and cutting corners the population will never understand difficult decisions based on fact and evidence or at least a reasonable hypothesis . Not quite the same but x factor …ooh I put my heart and soul into it I should be a star. Yeah but you just can’t sing . Oh that’s important is it?

  4. Chris Franks says:

    Good bluster from the Conservatives but the reality is that they are in retreat. In one week Plaid Cymru have achieved more as the opposition than 5 yrs of Conservatives. As a result of Plaid Cymru’s negotiations, patients will get better access to GPs and new and innovative treatments. Parents will get more free childcare, saving them around £100 per week. In all parts of Wales I expect to see infrastructure projects to improve our roads and railways, and more people will be able to gain access to skills training through apprenticeships.

    • Ann Other says:

      (1) No childcare is ‘free’. I think you mean paid for in full by someone else – in this case, everyone other than the parents and family of the infant in question or, to put it another way, the taxpaying public. The money allocated for this will either be acquired through increased taxes or through cuts in expenditure in other areas of the budget. There are no free-money trees other than in the imaginations of socialists!
      (2) There are many very good FE colleges in Wales that already provide well established, easily accessible vocational training opportunities that include apprenticeships where there are employers wishing to provide this route.

    • Paul says:

      ….and the sun will shine longer too.

      I agree about the Tories but what have Plaid done this week week compared to all the other weeks they have existed. Where are these GP’s coming from? The magic doctor tree? Same goes for the rest of the claims. I’d love it all to be true but Plaid can promise anything they like knowing someone else will be accountable for delivering it.

  5. The people of Wales have voted and the Senedd is now made up of AMs that reflect the soverign will of the people. Nobody can be expected to like all of the parties, or all of the AMs that represent us. However we can all HOPE that the shift in the makeup of the Senedd may bring about a better level of opposition and engagement to the arrogance of Mr Carwyn Jones rather than the sycophancy we have seen since its sreation.

    Wales has a strong history of voting Labour, almost out of habit – “my father did and his father before him” etc… however, since the downturn in Steel and Coal, one has to wonder, what exactly have Labour done for Wales since the eighties?

    As for Mr Hamilton and the rest of UKIP – I am sure that the eyes of the rest of the UK will be upon them and may they be judged by their record – be that for better or for worse. Either way, general Status Quo with a hint of change could well bring improvement to the goings on in The Bay – Time will tell. Let us have faith in the will of the people and hope that their faith in their choices will be rewarded over the next term.

  6. Anne Greagsby says:

    Neil Hamiltons remark “Political concubines in Carwyn’s harem” is disgraceful but of course he deliberately set out to get as much publicity as possible. Perhaps he will have something positive to offer eventually but I doubt it.

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