The 90 turbines of the Tidal Lagoon would be nearer Penarth than anywhere else

The 90 turbines of the Tidal Lagoon would be nearer Penarth than anywhere else

The developers and backers behind the Cardiff  Tidal Lagoon project – the huge 22 kilometer-long walls of which would extend in front of Penarth Pier – are to promote the scheme at the Penarth Summer Festival.

Tidal Lagoon Cardiff Ltd claims that its planned lagoon  – which would built on the tidal mud-flats east of Cardiff and Penarth Head – would generate “ Comfortably enough low-carbon electricity to power every home in Wales”.

The latest statistics for the planned lagoon say it would have an area of 70 square kilometers and would generate power as the tide falls and rises for up to 14 hours a day.

One of 90 underwater turbines which would generate power but could also decimate fish

One of 90 underwater turbines which would generate power but could also decimate fish

The company has now increased the number of turbines from the 66 originally proposed to install and says it is now thinking of using a total of 90 turbines – all of which would be set in the lagoon sea walls at the southern (Penarth) end of the lagoon. The company says the scheme would have an “asset life” of  120 years

The firm says it has already held 520engagement meetings” with “a broad array of stakeholders” in order to o inform people, organisations and local businesses  about the planning process and “forthcoming opportunities for them to shape the scheme”.

Tidal Lagoon Cardiff says that “Over the coming months our Engagement Team will be popping us across the region at a number of public events in the region” and would be delighted to meet people to “have a chat about our plans and hear your ideas”.

The firm will be on Penarth sea-front at the Summer Festival on Saturday 16th July and will also be meeting people during the Cardiff Harbour Festival at Cardiff Bay on Sunday & Monday 28th & 29th August.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Surely fish guards could be put in place? Looks like it wouldn’t affect migratory species from that map. Lots of questions but if the claims re power generation are true this has to be a project worth looking at and quickly. Would it produce enough to power industry is another question.

    • Timothy Hughes says:

      I think the fish just swim through and avoid the turbine blades.

      • Christopher David says:

        Thanks Timothy but I think we need assurances and evidence/ proof the technology is there to avoid decimating wildlife. “They” said wind farms were benign!

      • Timothy Hughes says:

        Christopher you indicated some surprise that there were no “fish guards” (I am not sure what they are), my contribution was offering a simple explanation, it was not intended as a definitive statement on current research in this area. Large diameter low head axial turbines move relatively slowly and when I looked at this issue for the Swansea Barrage many many years ago I was surprised that the published research on mortality rates, in what were then much smaller faster turbines, was quite low. I am sure the designers and regulators are up to speed on this (pun).

  2. Martin gossage says:

    Can you walk on it? Hey presto the Headland link? Am surprised vog haven’t jumped in saying it should be at Barry , whitmore ,Jackson’s bay . Then again I’m not!

  3. Fishhenge says:

    Looks like another wacky scheme for a few individuals to line their pockets and receive large amounts of public funding to undertake feasibility studies proving what we already know, i.e. cost v benefit doesn’t work. Circuit of Wales? Swansea Lagoon? Severn Barrage?

  4. whatsoccurin says:

    Never thought i would ever see changes to the Barry Island causeway but a footpath is being built taking pedestrians away from the road-the design looks ideal for the Headland walkway if they could get the location between cliff and tide spot on.Recently saw some chaps in suits with clipboards pointing assertively near the pier-let’s hope that was about the lagoon and not the re-building of another car park monstrosity.

  5. Ivor Bagman says:

    The tidal lagoon is a
    Brilliant idea – no need
    To build the walkway
    Round the Head
    Just have a zip wire ride
    From Cardiff to the Pier !
    It will save a fortune .

  6. Martin gossage says:

    Isn’t Fishguard over in the West?

  7. Timothy Hughes says:

    What I find strange about this project is that if you straightened the wall of the lagoon out it would reach all the way to England. The energy generation could be 4 or 5 times bigger and you would have the Severn Barrage. I cannot see how the Cardiff Lagoon could ever get near the strike price of the Severn Barrage. The only redeeming feature of the lagoon seems to be it is less bold.

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