The British Film Institute has put on-line –  via Twitter – a second version of a classic 1967 film on Penarth – the message of which appears to have even greater relevance today than it did when first released .

The short movie is a glimpse of Penarth as it was in the summer of 1967 – reflecting the simple pleasures of the pier and the sea front and the sun – to the gentle accompaniment of a brass band. (Just press the arrow symbol to play it )

The sixties voice-over is in the distinctive tones of the then Mayor of Penarth John Krieger and seems to aim itself squarely at those who are forever trying to mess around with a town that everyone would much rather see left just as it is.

The film was made long before the last two disastrous episodes of Local Government Reorganisation (stand by for a third coming soon), pre-dates the inception of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, and harks back to the era when  Penarth had its own proper Urban District Council  and was able to make its own decisions on its own doorstep.

The full length film – which was actually shot in 1966 but released in 1967 –  can be seen on  http://tinyurl.com/jlabjfe

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  1. Frank Evans says:

    Most of the functions in Penarth are quite gay and attractive 😆

  2. snoggerdog says:

    i had a hand in making that speedboat,it was a moonfleet marine inboard zephyr engined boat with a fibreglass hull,moonfleet was at penarth dock,the main claim of the boatbuilding firm was that it sold one to the then shah of persia! eddy taylor was my chargehand & mentor in one year he shaped my personality especially my so called sarcastic wit,he was a joy to work with.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hmmm, nostalgia is wonderful but beware rose tinted spectacles. 50 years ago there was no marina, just unused, derelict docks, much of it used as landfill; a neglected and deprived “north ward”; no Cosmeston Park; no barrage. Perhaps it’s just as well that someone messed around with the town, rather than leaving it as it was.

    • Martin gossage says:

      Well said .it’s about balance and sensitivity isn’t it? I was looking at stanwell Rd by the library the other day . There are 6 different building styles in this stretch .but because they have some conformity such as angled roofs and windows or even just good design it all fits . As many have mentioned look at morrell court , the old farmers union now Avon house and even the extension to west house for examples of lazy architecture .change is inevitable but poor design is not!

  4. Ivor Bagman says:

    I was in school with Lionel.
    Never knew that his father
    Was influential.
    Am I mistaken that they
    Lived in a house in St Cyres Road
    Near Isobel Waugh ?

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