The new public entrance foyer at Llandough Hospital

The new public entrance foyer at Llandough Hospital

Penarth’s nearest hospital – the University Hospital at Llandough – is hoping to recruit volunteers to help “meet and greet” visitors and patients arriving at the sprawling hospital complex situated on the edge of the town.

It’s intended that the volunteers will provide ” a welcoming service to all patients, visitors, carers and Health Board staff across various hospital sites”.

Their duties will include making patients, visitors and the general public feel welcome by signposting, directing and accompanying them to the appropriate location. They’ll also be expected to “reassure anxious patients or visitors who may be lost or unsure where to go”and to assist with general enquiries.

The University Hospital Llandough has undergone a massive redevelopment and moderisation programme

The University Hospital Llandough has undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment and moderisation programme – including this chromatic architectural feature

Volunteers  are welcome from “all walks of life, including people who have the experience of a mental health condition” . An open day is to be held from 11:00 to 14:00 at the hospital on Thursday June 2nd 2016 as part of “National Volunteers Week”.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering is asked to contact  Michelle Fowler, Voluntary Services Manager on 029 21847867 or email


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  1. Martin gossage says:

    Another job out to volunteers due to underfunding

    • Peter Church says:

      I think I know the perfect person for this job. Lots of time on his hands and never one to stint on his prose!
      Our very own Labour Councillor; Philip Rapier.
      He could tell people how lucky they are to be seen in 5 hours and the wait for the ambulance would have been just as bad in England/Scotland/Northern Ireland/The Bailiwick of Jersey/Her Majesties Dominions Overseas/Other Planets far, far, away.
      The long corridor would be perfect as the echoes of his statistics on the NHS and tractor production in the old USSR fade into the distance.

  2. Andrew sarchus says:

    Will they be checking working age adults NI contributions records? Its not all about underfunding its also about miss-funding and poor management oh and yes- abuse.

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    Oh no! I’ve recently moved to the area but before that my local hospital had meet and great volunteers and I found that you couldn’t stop in from of the main direction signs without being accosted and sent in a particular direction.

    The big difficulty with this was that you didn’t what the text of the next sign would be. For instance was I now looking for radiology, x-ray, imaging, or what? They can cause patients confusion.

    Please can they show some discretion and only pounce on the genuinely confused?

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