These purpose made posts in Penarth town centre are supposed to support hanging baskets flowers to brighten the place up.

These purpose made posts in Penarth town centre are supposed to support pairs hanging baskets flowers or plastic planters to brighten the place up.

Correspondents on social media – including Twitter – are now demanding to know what’s happened to the flower-baskets and the floral displays on the Town Clock roundabout which used to grace the town centre of Penarth.

With just a month to go to Mid-Summer’s Day, in the main shopping centre of the town the dozen steel posts which were specially installed some years ago to support floral hanging baskets, are still bereft of any displays.

On Twitter the Future of Penarth group poses the question

On Twitter the Future of Penarth group poses the question with a photo of a bare-earth roundabout

The Town Clock roundabout – after an earlier abortive attempt to pave it over (see http://tinyurl.com/j4b7m4a ) – is now largely back to bare earth with not a single flower of any kind planted on it .

Meanwhile, on Penarth Head, the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council had promised on its website ( http://tinyurl.com/grpdppw ) that its  much-criticised monolithic Penarth Head Viewing Platform would have beds of flowers planted around its base to break the severity of its grim appearance.

The forbidding grey walls of the Penarth Head viewing platform were supposed to have beds of flowers laid around the base to - as the Vale Council promised- "soften and reduce the intial impact of the brick wall". Nothing happened.

The forbidding grey walls of the Penarth Head viewing platform were supposed to have beds of flowers laid around the base to – as the Vale Council put it “soften and reduce the intial impact of the brick wall”. Nothing happened.

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines)

In a meeting of Penarth Tourist and Visitor  Association last year Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) – who is now Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council – declared that she had “signed off” on a floral planting programme around the base of the forbidding Penarth Head viewing platform …but eight months on –  nothing has happened.

The Penarth Head Viewing Platform  – the most derided edifice in Penarth –  is still surrounded only by bare earth and weeds.


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  1. cariad says:

    Penarth was always known as ‘The .Garden.By the.Sea’;Thanks to the Vale all that’s gone, Penarth is looking grey and dull, all the best flower displays appear to be in Barry, whilst we get the leftovers. What action are Penarth Town Councillors’ taking? Perhaps it’s time that Penarth had its own budget.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Perhaps the Punch and Judy show may at least re bloom. Apparently the decision is in breach of Article 10 0f the Human Rights Act Freedom of Expression and Section 6 preventing Local Authorities from contravention of the Article

  2. Barrie Howell says:

    Penarth appears to be neglected by the Vale Council – all money seems to be poured into Barry, especially the Island, and it is an improvement but Penarth loses out. It’s surely time that Penarth Town councilors’ had more control over expenditure in our town.
    As for the monstrosity topping Penarth Head, some visitors remarked to me, unsolicited, “It looks like a World War 2 bunker”. I couldn’t argue. I played on the Head as a child for years; it was a natural viewing platform.

  3. David Davis says:

    With regards to cutting down trees , pollarding and pruning trees at the wrong time of year, now not planting flowers to brighten the town up , you may be lulled into thinking the Town Council doesn’t have a clue!? and you’d be right , talk about unsuited to the job . Well its actually a mixture of not having a clue , losing the plot and not giving a damn in equal measure. The wonder of it all is how did these inept , incompetent and clueless individuals get to such positions. As for Barry , I once phoned up the Council in Barry to ask when a lane near me is due to be swept (as it was done once a fortnight a few years ago) I was told its now done one every 3 months and he added “if your lucky”. I even complained about blocked drains in this lane one caused by ‘ cowboy builders’ disposing of left over sand and cement , because they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to use the street gutters . I was told by the Council Dept that now they have placed metal gates on the lane they are unable to get the tanker close enough to the drain.

    • Martin gossage says:

      I don’t think it’s Penarth Town Council going these things it’s the VOG

  4. Stephen Davies says:

    The Vale Council have clearly set out a plan to destroy the beauty of Penarth and turn it into a rundown miserable town much like most parts of Barry town. But what can we expect when they have just been voted back in, they get the blinkered message that they are doing an ok job!

  5. Martin gossage says:

    Yep own budget the way forward .urban district council that’s what we want!

  6. Ivor Bagman says:

    Perhaps the councillors
    should be
    Pushing up daisies ?

  7. Ivor Bagman says:

    Meanwhile it seems that the
    Structure on the Head
    Has caused a nasty outbreak
    Of Turrets syndrome !!

  8. The Tax payer says:

    Barry 😎

  9. Paul says:

    Until people start to vote differently then we are stuck with the useless expenses drain, remember next time you vote that the VOG councillors wages and expenses come to the best part of £845,000 before you make your mark. The bio for Lis says she “feels passionately that in order to create the Vale of Glamorgan we all want to live in, we need to consider social, economic and environmental factors and also work with, and listen to, local people and their communities”. Do the people who voted for her in St Augustines think that’s true?

    • Cymry Llundain says:

      Lis reads this “blog” as she calls it and hates it with a passion but she never contributes, doesn’t enage with commentators, attempt to get her side of the story across or share any information with those she’s paid to represent.

      I’d love to know why there aren’t any flowers in the high street, on the roundabout or on the esplanade but there’s been no response from our councillors on the subject.

      I’d also like to know what’s going on with the viewing platform – it’s not only horrible but unfinished – not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but why can’t our councillors communicate with us?

      Our councillors might find the editorial here unpalatable but this website gives them an opportunity to listen to, and engage with, local people.

      • Ivor Bagman says:

        You will find that there’s
        A gagging order
        Because of the Turret
        Sin Drome .

      • Paul says:

        Good to hear Lis and others read the blog, but its a great pity that she dislikes it and feels she can’t respond to comments. Politicians of all parties now ave to engage with the electorate digitally. They simply look weak when they can’t respond to any criticism and explain themselves. Lis and others should be explaining why they make the decisions they do, perhaps then we might respect their decision even if we don’t agree with it.

  10. johnm says:

    i’m in st aug’s and would like to see the party hacks swept away by residents who care for their town. am sure the hacks are all hard working, but they are hacks first. we wanr penarth to be put first!

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