The "Event Cinema" at Penarth's Paget Rooms has yet to prove its the profit generator councillors predicted it would be.

The “Event Cinema” at Penarth’s Paget Rooms has yet to prove its the profit generator councillors predicted it would be.

The enforced investment of £35,000 that’s been made by the council-tax payers of Penarth in the Town Council’s “Event Cinema” has  failed to have any impact on the declining revenue of the council-owned Paget Rooms .

The Event Cinema’s live satellite relays of National Theatre and West End productions was meant to bring a boost to the declining fortunes of Paget Rooms – but in fact the income at the Paget Rooms has continued to dwindle –  according to figures presented to Penarth councillors.

Paget Rooms  income over the last three financial years (not including the Event Cinema) was :-

  • 2013 /14      £27,187.16p 
  • 2014/15       £25,988.75 
  • 2015/16       £24,705.41 

The Event Cinema was launched in April 2015 –  and was forecast to generate a profit of £3,936 for the 2015/16  year – but in fact only delivered a profit of £730.

Councillors have been told the reason for the shortfall is the high number of staff changes in the 2015/16 year . They have been told that figures for the current financial year (2016/15) will give a more reliable indication of the future financial prospects of the venture.

A team of experts installed the equipment at the Paget Rooms

A team of experts installed the equipment at the Paget Rooms

As previously reported by PDN (see ) have been a number of occasions since April last year when the equipment didn’t work.  A Salop Street resident has complained in social media that on one occasion the audience arrived at the Paget Rooms only to find it locked and in darkness  with no note or information given about cancellation.

It’s understood there have been at least three occasions (including one this month) when the scheduled shows  have been cancelled at short notice and customers have had to submit claims for refunds for the tickets they had bought in advance.

The figures show only revenue and expenditure and do not take account of capital cost and depreciation of the council-tax-payer-funded enterprise.

The breakdowns at the Paget Rooms were to have been discussed at last week’s meeting of the Penarth Town Council’s Leisure Committee – but, for some reason, the matter was  never debated.

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  1. Chris Franks says:

    Monthly cinema in Murchfield Community Hall, Dinas Powys.Tickets are available now for “Bridge of Spies” on Saturday 11 June. Doors open at 6.30 pm. All run by volunteers. Tickets from the DPVC office at the rear of Centre, from the Parish Hall, Britway Road.

  2. johnm says:

    am sure that if this were advertised a little, and the links worked, it would be popular. why not offer some low cost or even free event tasters meantime?
    at least this made a small profit!

  3. Teresa Mitchell says:

    I have heard lots of comments about the lack of publicity for the films.

  4. Martin gossage says:

    It’s all on the PTC website .And posters all over shops windows etc ..It’s quite easy to Find out if one wants to go.

  5. Elizabeth McCarthy says:

    I would like this to work, though…Penarth residents should try and get behind it.

  6. Parcel says:

    This investment has clearly left people in the dark………………..

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