TV stopping the traffic again in Penarth's Victoria Road today

BBC TV stopping the traffic again in Penarth’s Victoria Road today

Four stop and go signs – each manned by a yellow-jacketed traffic supervisor were set up again at the four-way junction of Victoria Road and Archer Road, Penarth, today to enable a large network TV crew to carry on location filming for a second day.

The stop and go signals were being used when the camera crews needed to close both roads to passing traffic simultaneously for a “take”.

The action is centered on a large detached Edwardian house at the junction of Victoria Rd and Archer Road  – which may ring a bell with regular Casualty viewers as it’s been used in that series as well.

One of the stars of the series is Griff Rhys Jones who was involved in location takes today

One of the stars of the series is Griff Rhys Jones who was involved in location takes today. A large reflector screen is leaning against the tree – bouncing light onto the actor.

Amongst the stars of the forthcoming series are Griff Rhys Jones, Matt Di Angelo and Kimberley Nixon. Today Griff was involved in some of the location shots in the front of classic villa .

Filming was taking place in a car iparked outside 44 Victoria Road.

Filming for the “Ordinary Lies” series was taking place in a car parked outside 44 Victoria Road.

Today’s shoot appeared to revolve around the house and on a red saloon car parked outside with a diffusion screen installed ahead of it. A number of cameras were being used to cover different angles of the action.

Penarth has become the "go-to" film location

Penarth has become the “go-to” film location for several productions

The independent Red Production Company is shooting this second run of the drama series Ordinary Lies for BBC 1.This series has a  new cast of characters all saiod to be hiding a “new set of dark secrets”. It takes place in what is supposed to be the ficvtional headquarters of “a large national sports goods company” and traces the lives of the personnel “outside their working hours” .  (The first series involved the staff of a car showroom) . Today’s shoot however is set to finish at 19:00.

These days it’s almost impossible to turn a corner  in Penarth without running into  a film crew .

On what appears to be a smaller budget and a tighter schedule the BBC 1 sweries Casualty has been filming in Plymouth Road this week

On what appears to be a smaller budget and a tighter schedule, the BBC 1 series Casualty has been filming in Plymouth Road this week

Earlier this week the BBC 1 medical soap Casualty – virtually a permanent resident of Penarth – was filming nearby in Victoria Road

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  1. Martin gossage says:

    Go on I,ll say it ! See they chose the only street still with trees !!!

    • Philip Rapier says:

      These are not just “Ordinary Lies” but are standard practice at the BBC as like Casualty this is another misuse of Welsh Taxpayers money by the Corporation
      Fortunately this practice known as “Lift and Shift”- i.e. Lifting Welsh Taxpayers cash but utilising mostly England based Production Staff and Cast when branding this a BBC Wales Programme is soon to end..
      Well done John Whittingdale Culture Minister at Westminster for this reform in your BBC Charter White Paper which is restoring Production Control to Cardiff!

      • Peter Church says:

        “Ordinary Lies” Your party leader knows these all too well Philip!

      • Paul says:

        If BBC Wales ends up relying only on Welsh Taxpayers cash then I look forward to seeing a lot more of the testcard – instead of moaning about Westminster this why aren’t our politicians trying to increase the average wages in Wales? We are turning into a nation of whingers.

  2. jonm says:

    if it helps the trees, so be it BUT they are a
    nuisance and not at all considerate. when they filmed in my road we all had letters ‘dated’ a week previously saying they would close the street for up to 2 days, rwsidents should park elsewhere (!) – and surprise, having opened the letter I found vans and crews already outside, one of whom impatiently waved me back inside my own house miming ‘shush! shush!’ as they were filming. Later
    on I did get out, and cleared up the burger wrappers they’d dumped in my front garden.

  3. Fiona Whitfield says:

    What if youd had to go out? Work or had a doctors or” Hospital” appointment jonm?

  4. penarthblog says:

    Maybe there will be more charabanc tours in the future?

  5. Frank Evans says:

    Why does the filming money not go to the town council for the good of penarth. Vale are scroungers

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