Bank Holiday bin collections in Penarth - a job for experienced time-travellers

Bank Holiday bin collections in Penarth – a job for experienced time-travellers

It now seems as though the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council has  introduced a new skill-requirement for its hard-working band of binmen –  time travel.

With a Bank Holiday coming up on Monday it’s time once again for  local council-tax-payers to play the all-too-regular guessing game as to when the Vale of Glamorgan Council refuse lorries will come to call.

PDN reader John Constable went to that authoritative and impeachable source of  reference – the Vale of Glamorgan Council  website –  to find out, …and found this.

The Vale of Glamrogan Council's handy calendar for Bank Holday period rubbish collection dates as published on its web site ....Unfortunately it leaves council-tax payers non-the-wiser.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s handy calendar for Bank Holday period rubbish collection dates as published on its web site….Unfortunately it leaves council-tax payers non-the-wiser.

It’s a handy calendar setting out on which day rubbish would normally be collected – and on which day the Vale bin men , taking account of the Bank Holiday, are scheduled to actually come to collect.

However it now seems Vale Council staff are now invested with time-travelling powers rivalled only by Doctor Who.

Rubbish which wouldn’t normally be put out for collection until May 31st – will be mysteriously collected on May 1st.

Saturday May 4th was actually a Wednesday – not  Saturday – or at least is was in Penarth, if not in Barry. …As for the rest of the timetable is concerned  – it probably needs a Doctor Who to make sense of it all.





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  1. Timothy Hughes says:

    Isn’t this just a typo, shouldn’t it be June? Of course there are never any mistakes in the PDN.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree – A typo is not really a big deal. I’m sure most people could figure it out and take it to be the small error that it is. Although there are lots of things with VoG to complain about, my bin collection is not one of them. I always find it to be a reliable service with a website that is updated to advise about changes in collections.

  2. Lynda James says:

    Love it well done Mr John Constable

  3. Eyes and Ears says:

    I look forward to people putting their rubbish out as normal the night before and waking up seeing it is still there and doing nothing about it. My favourite is when the bins get attacked outside someone’s house but they feel its not their problem anymore.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    It amuses me how the bin men start work at about 7am and are in a race to finish at 10am. At 8 there are bin men racing, motorists weaving, school kids boarding buses, amazing there are not more accidents. Love to see the Vale risk assessment!

    • Eyes and Ears says:

      It would make more sense to start collecting after the Schools have started and most people have got to work.

      • Martin Coffee says:

        It would make even more sense for parents to send their precious darlings to school on foot, bicycle, or public transport rather than private car.

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