Jet-ski owners have been toldf they can no longer use Penarth's Northern slipway

Jet-ski owners have been told they can no longer use Penarth’s Northern slipway

Owners of jet-skis have been informed they can no longer use the slipways on Penarth sea-front to launch their craft.

Unlike conventional ski boats or run-abouts, which are powered by outboard motors and  tow water-skiiers behind them, jet skis are powerful and very fast unsinkable powerboats which the drivers sit astride and steer with handlebars – motorbike style.

The craft are  powered by ejecting pumped seawater at high velocity from a steerable water-jet beneath the surface .

Jet-ski owners say they were informed by letter on May 16 by the Vale of Glamorgan Council that they were no longer allowed access to the Northern slipway – the slipway traditionally used by the Penarth Water Ski Club.

Penarth Water Ski Club normally use the Nothern slipway on Tuesdays - for conventional powerboats

Penarth Water Ski Club normally use the Northern slipway and use conventional powerboats

The Southern skipway is used primarily by Penarth Yacht Club for the launching of sailing dinghies –  and that too is out of bounds to jet-skiers.

The only other slipway in the area is near the former recycling facility outside Sully where jet-ski owners say they are concerned about leaving their property temporarily whilst on the water  because of the allegedly-high incidence of crime in the vicinity.

It’s understood that the issue is primarily about insurance cover and further talks about the provision of slipway facilities for jet-ski owners are to be held shortly.

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  1. AK says:

    Insurance cover ?

    I thought that they had to apply for a key to use the slipway – if that is the case, then it does not take Einstein to work out how to check if they are insured before a key is issued each season.

    Crime hotspot at Sully Slipway, why does that not surprise me !

  2. Peter Church says:

    Excellent news. Sitting in my garden and the noise of these craft is appalling.
    More chavafacation of Penarth

    • ColinD says:

      Jet Ski’s retail at in excess of £12,000, hardly a piece of equipment a “chav” as you so eloquently put it would be able to access!!!

      • Peter Church says:

        If I lived next door to the Beckhams I would still call them chavs.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      How do you know they’re chavs? I never seen anyone using jet-skies wearing trackies.

  3. Helen Highwater says:

    What a bunch of killjoys!

    • Mark Foster says:

      Agreed Helen. Most of the people who comment on here are pensioners over 65 and past it.

  4. I have asked for a report on why this action has been take. Like them or not, Jetskis have been around in Penarth for over 20 years and there has (as always) been no consultation with Penarth Town Councillors over this ban. We are trying to encourage visitors and the tourism economy into Penarth – this type of outright ban is most unhelpful in that respect.

    • Ann Other says:

      They will not encourage tourism. The excitement for a few eliminates the quiet pleasure of the many. The many therefore will not come.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      The reason to me is obvious. Barry hates Penarth.

      Just look at the way they authorised the building works for the summer, changed our pretty coloured lights for boring white ones, don’t bother about anti-social parking in our twon and now they’re banned jet skies from launching in Penarth.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    if thats the case,this slipway will be unused,i allways thoughtof them as marine motor bikes.

  6. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Incredibly noisy, whether they are good for tourism or put visitors off with the racket they make is probably a matter for debate.

  7. CelticMan says:

    Good riddance

  8. AK says:

    Jet skis are not incredibly noisy.

    What spoiles Penarth sea front is the endless stream of cars crawling along looking for a parking space because people are too lazy to walk a few hundred yards.

    One the jetskis are out at sea, the noise disappears – unlike the cars and traffic fumes.

    Jet skis are even allowed on Loch Lomond – and they certainly would not be if they caused a noise nuisance.

    Penarth – dinosaurs and fuddy duddies by the sea.

  9. Parcel says:

    Thought they were banned……..

  10. Ted says:

    If they are banned from using the slipways why are they ignoring it and carried on using it today or do the vale laws not apply to them

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