The National Museum of Wales

The National Museum of Wales

The National Museum of Wales has now stepped into the controversy over plans to hold regular indoor food markets at Penarth’s Grade II listed Turner House Art Gallery.

The National Museum actually owns Turner House – and leases it to the photographic arts “charity” Ffotogallery for photographic exhibitions.

Turner House Gallery and its paintings was bequeathed to the people of Penarth

Turner House Gallery and its paintings was bequeathed to the people of Penarth and is held in trust by the National Museum of Wales

National Museum officials said they had no idea about the plans to hold the Food Market inside Turner House until yesterday and had not been consulted about it.

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward and Vice chair of Penarth Civic Society)

Penarth Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward and Vice chair of Penarth Civic Society) has raised the issue with the Vale Council.

Turner House is currently closed .Yesterday the National Museum was attempting to contact both Ffotogallery  and the organisers of the Food Fairs – due to begin in September this year .

The National Museum says Ffotogallery’s lease on Turner House expires in November  and no decision has been made on any renewal.

Meanwhile Penarth Town councillor Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) has raised the matter with the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Planning Enforcement Department as “a potential departure from its permitted use “

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Obviously not ‘extensive research’ as it is obvious that holding a food market in a much loved gallery – a listed building is preposterous. I haven’t heard of an indoor ’50 mile’ market until now. Stick to cakes. Find a new venue. Hands off our gallery.

    • MGG says:

      just because you are ignorant of the concept doesnt make it preposterous .As for srick to cakes how condescending you are . And just wahat is hands off our gallery much of your hard eaned money are you prepared to put up to keep the gallery only for art ?
      The lady has given you more dignity that you deserve by calmly offering a link to the research. But dont bother reading it just keep to your jaundiced backward thinking

  2. Mark Foster says:

    The National Museum of Wales needs to tell us what they have done with our Turners and under what authority. Is it true they are stored in their basement? I am sure the security problem of bringing them home to Penarth could be solved and it would be a wonderful tourist attraction.

    C’mon Phillip Rapier and the Penarth Town Council, pull your fingers out.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Ultimately the ongoing dispute of ownership of both the Paintings and Turner House will be the decision of the Counsel General for Wales and the First Minister. I have made several Freedom of Information Requests to the National Museum on the subject and they may be read by accessing them on the “What do they Know Website” via Google
      We may be able to circumvent the necessity for extensive litigation by utilising the Histotic Environment Wales Act 2016 which became law on the people’s May Day Bank Holiday weekend. The exhibiting of the Turner’s themselves would be “nice” but unfortunately they cannot be exposed to light for long as they will simply disappear forever.
      Sincere thanks to PDN for sharing their superior Kowledge and passion for the preservation of the Turner Gallery.
      The custody of the Turner Paintings was in my opinion the excuse for the Vale of Glamorgan Council to abdicate their responsbility at the out set of the foundation of the Vale as an Authority under the Radcliffe Maude recommendation on Local Goverment This was an out dated reform way back 40 years ago. Useless then and even worse now as It was an unforgiVeable terrible mistake in the first place seperating Penarth from South Glamorgan and Cardiff.
      This had many disastrous consequences for us which we still are paying for now.. Today Punch and Judy is banned an the Vale Beaches yet Violence Glorifying Circus Style All in Wrestling with “glamour and bodyslam mayhem” is permitted on Council Licensed Property.
      The whole sorry 40 year chapter is clearly proof that the Vale have been out of their depth on matters of Arts and Cutlure ever since.

  3. Cathy says:

    Is this the same lady who is hoping to generate £1 million worth of sales. Gosh that’s a lot of food markets – or have I missed something

  4. Jenny Yeo says:

    I am sorry you feel this way – would you like to me to send you a copy of the research? There are also several indoor markets within listed buildings and the benefit to the community has been well documented.

    A good starting point for you could be

    • Mark Foster says:

      The benefit to the community is purely materialistic and crassly commercial. Meanwhile British culture languishes in some store room and the nation heads into the gutter.

  5. Jenny Yeo says:

    Penarth Daily News wrote an article earlier this year about the closure of Turner House Gallery and stated:

    “Prominent figures in the local tourism industry say Turner House – centrally located as it is in Plymouth Road – could, and should, be a major attraction for visitors to Penarth as well as being a valuable resource for residents.”

    [PDN NOTE: For the avoidance of doubt the item referred to was about the prolonged closure of Turner House during the winter, not its permanent closure ]

    Local producer’s were struggling to be included in local markets so the decision was made to run a small producer’s market for 3 hours once a month in Turner House after taking the views of businesses in the town who would potentially benefit. It is a small part of a bigger venture encouraging residents to shop locally and making it easy for them to do so.

    The hope was that it would be an asset to Penarth, along with other great initiatives seen recently such as the Picnic Penarth and the work of the Momentum Group.

    The Digital High Street Report 2020 is a good read for the way forward in keeping local high Streets thriving.

    The plan to run a producers table top market 3 hours once a month has seen me being criticised for several unrelated matters including the fate of the paintings which is a completely separate issue of which I have no insight, knowledge or influence.

    However I have been on the receiving end of a lot of personal abuse this week from a small number of people, and despite having offered to meet and chat to anyone who would like to have a discussion and find out more no one has taken up this opportunity.It has been distressing that some have made this into a very personal attack.

    As I have continually said I am happy to address concerns that are voiced in a civil manner. People will always have different views, it is how they are aired that can make the difference between taking them into account or just having an anonymous, ineffective rant.

    • Ann Other says:

      Maybe you mean “producers’ market”.

      • ARoseByAnyOtherName says:

        Very impressed by the research done! I for one am excited about anything that adds to penarth or strengthens our community. Community, culture and food all in one place- what more could we ask for?

        Also Ann, sorry as an English nerd it can be either, the market doesn’t have to belong to the producers it can just feature the producers and not need the apostrophe!

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    Well said Jenny. I didn’t particularly have a view before, although I did think a food market was probably unsuitable for a gallery, even one as often closed as this one is. I have at least taken the trouble to read your links, which is more than others seem to have done. I think it is worth giving it a try and I apologise for my fellow Penarthians who have been quite unnecessarily rude to you,

    • Mark Foster says:

      While I’m admiring Ewenny Priory I’ll munch on an organic apple. You philistine.

      Kudos to Philip Rapier for pursuing this. “The National Museum took the original Turner pictures away and stored them in its own vaults. Now it says Turner House is not suitable for displaying them and there is nowhere else in Penarth which is suitable to put them on show – not even the Pier Pavilion – partly because of the high security which would be necessary.”

    • MGG says:

      as a fellow concerned citizen can i thank you for your balanced response .I was drifting into anger and resentment at the , what i consider over the top, vitriol published .As Jenny says the paintings , the photos etc etc have got absolutely nothing to do with her . When i organise a jazz evening in there ( subject to approval) i anticipate similar vitriol but will know that I am making a positive effort anfd that will be enough for me.
      PS Dont anyone conact Cardiff to see of they are aware of my shamefull plan. I only thought of it this week.

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