A patriotic display of Union Jacks outside a house in Victopria Road Penarth

A patriotic display of Union Jacks  outside a house in Victoria Road, Penarth. It’s opposite All Saints Church which was bombed by our EU partners, the Germans, in WW2 .

With the EU Referendum being held on Thursday June 23rd there are now just two more full weeks of campaigning before the residents of Penarth have to decide how to vote or – as some might say – whether to liberate their country.

Victoria Road in Penarth is one of the streets in the town where it seems that even the Queen’s forthcoming 90th birthday celebrations have somehow been amalgamated into the Vote Leave campaign’s patriotic message .

Voting "Leave" is being being presented as the last chance for British people to regain control of their own country

Voting “Leave” is being presented as an opportunity – maybe the last opportunity ever – for Britain to free itself from the undemocratic European Union

If that’s the case, the 21-gun-salute due to be fired outside the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay (generally in the direction of Penarth) on June 7th at 11:00 may be seen by some to  have some special significance.   (It will last for three and a half minutes and marks the re-opening by the Queen of the National Assembly)  . For those who miss it there’ll be another one on Saturday June 11th.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Cardiff yesterday didn't tackle the vexed question of immigration.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Cardiff yesterday didn’t tackle the vexed question of immigration.

In Cardiff  yesterday Jeremy Corbyn  delivered a speech loosely in support of “Remain” at Cardiff City Hall which made no substantial reference to the “elephant-in-the-room” hot-button issue of the E.U Referendum – immigration.

Meanwhile six former leaders of the Labour Party –  Lord Kinnock ( a former Vice President of the European Commission) , Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and ex-acting leaders Harriet Harman and Margaret Beckett, have issued a joint statement pleading with reluctant Labour voters to turn out and vote on June 23rd .

Many voters in Penarth may havew been waiting for Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Peanrth) to declare his preference on EU membership before making up their own minds

Many voters in Penarth may have been waiting for Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) to declare his preference on EU membership before making up their own minds (Photograph by Stephen Doughty)

Meanwhile those Penarth residents who have been waiting to hear how Stephen Doughty (Labour MP Cardiff South and Penarth) is planning to vote before making up their own minds – the waiting is over . In a Twitter message Doughty has declared he will be voting “remain”.



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  1. Paul says:

    It’s fine for people to comment on the referendum as individuals, but people have to decide for themselves how to vote and not be swayed by some herd mentality.

    The public have been presented with few actual facts during the campaign, scaremongering from our PM (how can he possibly continue whatever the result after the way he has put the country down?), undeclared EU funding (which of course doesn’t influence given opinion at all), spin and lobbying on both sides. Throw in biased media coverage as well, no wonder people are confused!

    Personally, I’m for less unaccountable EU politics from an experiment of 40 years which doesn’t seem to really worked other than creating a nice system for politicians and others on the gravy train. Even Cameron thinks it needs reform, his view is that this is best done as a member but that hasn’t happened so far – perhaps if we leave then it will shake them up to reform when the leaders see the writing on the wall.

    But it’s all down to you to make your minds up, not based on block voting from Labour , scare stories about the end of the world if we leave or biased opinions dressed up as fact

  2. hopenotnasty says:

    The smoke screen of immigration is not the no.1 priority. The economy should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. If we stay nothing will change. If we leave then expect house prices to fall,food and cost of mortgages, borrowing all to go up. Thousands and thousands of jobs will be lost and will relocate in the E.U. Zone. There will be a run on the stock market and sterling will take a dive.

    The leave campaign only want to talk about immigration because this strikes a chord. I believe people will wake up to the threat of uncertain change in the last two weeks of the campaign.

  3. Peter Church says:

    It is rather nice to see individuals being interested in politics, rather than displaying the same old party political posters, like bleating sheep.
    Speaking of which, I see Alun Michael has his usual Labour mandated poster up outside his Penarth town centre mansion! This I suppose is a small price to pay for the amount of money the Labour party has generated for him and his family over the years!

    On the referendum, I am fed up with people saying “I will decide when I get the facts”
    There ain’t any facts, just guess work on both sides.
    The Eurozone doesn’t seem to be recovering any time soon, youth unemployment still at record levels. A recent opinion poll in Italy had a majority also wanting to leave the EU, which makes me think of the famous Groucho Marx quote:

  4. johnm says:

    Peter Church is right, and if we must have this referendum to ‘save’ the tory party, people should stop saying that they want facts and trouble themselves a little to find out.

    Not sure what ‘patriotic fervour’ means in this case, and anyway, as was observed long ago, it makes only for a last refuge for scoundrels, but it was great to walk along Grove Place yesterday and see 4 ‘remain’ posters up in windows in just one small street!

  5. Paul says:

    The point is people want facts but where are they going to find them? Almost all commentators have something to gain or lose based on the result – that doesn’t make them independent.

    JohnM, I can’t agree with you when you say that somehow being patriotic is wrong. If that was true then why bother with international sport teams for example? I see nothing wrong with feeling patriotic or being proud of your own nation. Somehow this now means a bad thing – I don’t see plaid Cymru being called names for being patriotic. This vote should absolutely not be fought on party lines, it shouldn’t matter whether you vote Tory, labour , like Cameron , hate Farage or think Corbyn is the best thing to happen to labour in a decade or the worst.

    If we vote to stay then so be it, but remember we are voting to stay in an unreformed EU, there’s no real plan to change it and there won’t be a reason to because they have a mandate from us to govern it the way they want to. There won’t be another vote on this, there’s no option in 5 years to vote out an EU we don’t like for one we do. This is our only opportunity and I hope people will rise above their own political views and cast their vote wisely.

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