White tee-shirted Welsh National Opera singers performing on Penarth Pier

Arias in the open air.  White tee-shirted Welsh National Opera singers  entertaining on Penarth Pier (Picture Dylan Rhys)

Sunny weather strollers on Penarth’s iconic Pier have been enjoying a free added weekend bonus –  free opera performances by Welsh National Opera stars.

Literally ‘treading the boards’ on the pier, the opera singers – clad in shorts and T-shirts bearing the orange WNO logo –  performed a number of rousing and familiar operatic excerpts.

It was one of several performances at outdoor venues being held in over 30 locations as part of Cardiff’s “Festival of Voice“. The artistic director behind it Graeme Farrow says the aim is to  “celebrate the human voice in all of its glory across all genres”. Amongst the artists taking part are Van Morrison and Charlotte Church.

The festival continues until June 12 and details are on http://tinyurl.com/z5zwusx


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  1. AK says:

    Was this, and the floral displays, mentioned in the local rag ?

  2. Christopher David says:

    Fabulous and not one complaint about the busses. Let’s hope we get more of this. There was a time when some of the WNO would turn up at the Albion and do a few numbers. The Landlord allegedly gave them the odd free pint as ;long as they didn’t bring their seagull. .

  3. Mrs Mari Evans says:

    I wish I had been there to hear you!

  4. Christopher David says:

    Ahh I ma found out 😉

  5. RosieB says:

    I was in the Pier Pavilion this morning – if anyone had said the opera was coming, I would have stayed and enjoyed it. The second event in two days that I have now missed! And if it weren’t (wasn’t?) for the Penarth Daily News, no-one would know about it. I think I’ll sleep under the pier during the summer month, so I won’t miss any more.

    • Peter Church says:

      I heard the Wales football team will be doing an event on the Pier on the 21st June just after they get back from France 🙂

    • whatsoccurin says:

      no-did not know about this either-I view PDN daily, read the Echo, peruse Wales On Line and the various facebook pages and watch the local news-made enquiries about the Royal Visit to the Bay tomorrow and the Echo published details of the timetable -but as for Penarth events-nothing!-great if they had BGTs “Collaborative Orchestra” for festival day but LET US KNOW!!

      • AK says:

        I do hope you didn’t try to walk across to see HM and the HRHs.

        Cardiff Harbour Authority thoughtfully closed the barrage to pedestrian traffic yesterday.

    • Carolyn Evans says:

      Sorry you missed it! The nature of it was ‘pop up opera’ but you’re not the first to have wished for a heads up. I’m sure we’ll do it again as it seems to have been a great success!

  6. AK says:

    I have just checked last week’s Penarth Times before throwing it out with my co-mingled recycling.

    I can find no mention of the opera, nor of the floral display on the pier (it may be in among the ‘listings’ but I gave up trying to read them. It is on the website.

    I guess you can’t blame the newspaper – they don’t know about stuff unless someone tells them, although a good reporter would sniff out a happening. It would not have been missed back in

    We’ll just have to rely on PDN to tell us what we’ve missed !

    • Ann Other says:

      Well, yes, you’d think the pier people themselves would at least have put up a notice! Half asleep, you have to conclude.

  7. Christopher David says:

    No cohesion- bloody farce in fact.

  8. RichardM says:

    They did a flash mob at Prince of Wales Cardiff this Sunday, 25 mins and was awesome!

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