Near neighbours - but differing opinions

Near neighbours – but differing opinions

The Vote Leave campaign has forecast that between 65,000 and 131,000 more migrants could come to Wales to live by 2030, – putting a huge extra strain on the NHS, schools and public services .

The higher figure of the two is based on what would happen if Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia were admitted to the European Union.

It’s claimed that as a result the Welsh Government would have to find another £246,000,000 of taxpayer’s money every year just to fund the growing additional demand on the NHS in Wales.

The Better In campaign has called the projections (said to be based on  what actually happened when other countries were admitted to the EU)  as “shameful”.


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  1. Frank Evans says:

    131000 people washing cars in car parks and disused filling stations, oh joy. That will get the GDP up.

  2. Peter Church says:

    A German economist did comment last year on the large number of people in the UK washing cars. Saying in Germany we prefer to get machines to do these tasks and it make German productivity much higher than that of the UK.
    Well Mr German Economist you have got 1 million unskilled economic migrants in Germany now, those car ain’t going to wash themselves, unless of course once they get leave to remain in Germany they will all go to the UK as is there right under barking mad free movement of people.

    • Ian Perry says:

      Many of the Syrians fleeing to Europe are skilled, and high academic achievers. Many are children with great potential.

      Often, there is an assumption here in the UK, that we are educated and smart, and people in distant countries are not… It seems that the British population might not be as well educated and smart as it believes itself to be.

      • Peter Church says:

        You could go to Syria Ian and set up a network of cycle paths and show them how its done?
        Seriously, if these are the people fleeing then they should stay and try and rebuild their country not enter the EU and moan that they don’t want to be even in Greece or Italy.

  3. johnm says:


  4. AK says:

    65,000 – 131,000.

    That’s a heck of a margin of error (or just a wild guess)

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