The referendum count will be held at Barry Leisure Centre

The referendum count will be held at Barry Leisure Centre

The Vale of Glamorgan Council will be carrying out the official count of votes cast in Penarth in the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

As with ordinary elections the polls close at 22:00 on Thursday June 23rd 2016.

All the votes from Penarth and the rest of the Vale of Glamorgan will be counted in the Legacy Leisure Centre in Barry. It’s a two-stage process:-

  • First of all the votes will be verified  and the overall total of votes cast will be produced. That’s expected by about 01:30 on Friday June 24th
  • In a second process the votes for “in” or “out” will be counted and the result is expected to be ready by 04:00 on Friday June 24th

Before being publicly announced the results will be sent to Flintshire where the national count for the whole of Wales is being coordinated under Colin Everett the CEO of the Flintshire County Council.

Once verified in Flintshire – a process likely to take about an hour – the results for the Vale of Glamorgan will be published on the Vale Council’s website.

When the all-Wales results from all the 22 local authorities in Wales have been checked and verified in Flintshire they will go to the  UK National counting centre in Birmingham where the single result for the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland will be announced sometime on the morning of June 24th  2016.


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  1. John64 says:

    This does beg the question, why does a ballot verified and counted in Barry need to be verified in Flintshire? I recall a similar situation at the referendum for the Welsh Assembly when I am told that both those for and against agreed after verification that it was (roughly) 8 to 2 in favour of against. Ballot papers, while counted before scrutineers were piled behind curtains and the correctness of those piles could not be seen. The eventual result was something around 60 /40 I recall, but that was only announced after a “verification” elsewhere, Ammanford I think.
    The words openness and transparency seemed to be lost at that time and it now looks as if they will be again.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:


      The Vales votes won’t be verified in Flint, they will be verified and counted in Barry and the totals of all Welsh authorities will be passed by each individual authority and added together in Flint.

      This is quite normal and the host authority for doing this in previous years at European elections for example has been Pembrokeshire in Haverfordwest. Someone has to add up all the votes from around Wales in order to arrive at the final national result.

      There is nothing unusual about this.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    Anybody who believes the British Governments won’t lose several hundred thousand Leave postal votes believes in fairies, to quote Muammar Gaddafi. The decision is far too important.

    The count should be validated by an independent team from the British Commonwealth.

  3. ColinD says:

    Bit of a non-story this, often are Penarth’s ballot papers counted centrally in the Vale, this is nothing new. Also having a central count / verification centre in Wales to collate the votes is nothing new, used to be Pembrokeshire back in the day prior to Bryn Parry-Jones’ demise!!

  4. Peter Church says:

    I asked the electoral commission and the National Counting centre is in Manchester not Brum??

    “The CCO will be based in Manchester Town Hall and will only declare the national
    referendum result from there once all regional totals and the total for Northern
    Ireland have been approved and declared. In addition, once polls have closed at
    10pm, the CCO will introduce the event. Announcements will also be provided on the
    national turnout figure, the regional total for the North West by the RCO for the
    region, and we are in discussions with the lead campaign groups as to whether they
    would like to make any speeches on the night.”

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