The roof is still there but walls have collapsed

The roof is still there but walls have collapsed (WALES NEWS SERVICE photo)

A million pound property being renovated and extended in Clinton Road Penarth collapsed this morning  – resuting ina full call-out of the emergency services .

Two South Wales Fire and Rescue Service sniffer dogs had to be brought in to check there was no one trapped in the rubble after the main structure of the house failed just before 11:00 .

The rear wall of the house has given way leaving the roof suspended in mid air

The rear wall of the house has given way leaving the hipped roof unsupported in mid air (NewsNet Photo)

The owner is understood to be a cosmetic surgeon – Sid Gautum – who told Wales on Line that the project under way was to turn the dwelling into a six-bedroomed family home . A spokesman for South Wales Police said: “We attended to make sure the area was safe.”

The plan to develop the property had been controversial with opponents claiming it was converting the dwelling into a four-storey home. It was approved by Penarth Town Council and by the Vale of Glamorgan planners.

The front of No14 Clinton Rd before building work began

The front of No14 Clinton Rd before building work began (NewsNet Photo)

Number 14 Clinton Road was  described as a hipped-roof, two storey detached house with a flat-roofed garage  attached to the side. . A planning application has been made to demolish an existing rear two-storey annexe. In its place a two storey extension was being which would contain a kitchen on the ground floor and two en-suite bedrooms on the first floor. There would also be a flat-roofed dormer extension in  the roof of the new extension  to “allow for additional accommodation within the roof at second floor  level, including two bedrooms, a bathroom and storage”.

After today's collapse surveyors were called inito make the structure safe in case of further collapses. The premises were fenced off. It's though the entire house my now have to be demolished

After today’s collapse surveyors were called in to make the structure safe in case of further collapses. The fropnt of the house looks relatively intact . The rear is seriously compromised.   This afternoon the premises were fenced off. It’s thought the entire house may now have to be demolished (NewsNet Photo)

There was also to be a  single storey, flat-roofed conservatory with lantern roof light on the rear elevation of the proposed two storey extension and a single storey  lean-to extension to the rear of the existing garage  – plus an extension to the existing single storey mono-pitched roof annexe on the opposite side east elevation of the house which would accommodate an office, hall/stairway, boot room and store-room.

On top of that there was to have been a new basement level created which would accommodate a bedroom with en suite, gym, fitness studio, lobby and storage. Neighbours said that digging to create the basement may have been connected with today’s collapse


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  1. Peter Church says:

    These are meant to be competent builders?
    I had a Gas Safe engineer in and I swear I could have done better myself.
    Everyone has all the certificates and methods statements to hand, but when push come to shove the chaps doing the works are clueless.

  2. Ron Foxton says:

    A nip and tuck too far…

  3. Clinton Road Resident says:

    “”A controversial proposal to build what’s claimed to be “four-storey” extension to the rear of No. 14 Clinton Road Penarth is being recommended for approval by Vale Council planning officers – despite objections from ward councillors and local residents. “”

    What a joke the Vale Planning Committee and building inspectors are.
    All they are interested in is getting the building fees and the increased council tax.
    They should be made personally liable for this.

    Penarth has become like parts of London, Housing market has become a cash cow for all.

    Greed, just sheer greed!

    • ColaniXL says:

      I would imagine the property was already placed in the top band for council tax so very much doubt there would be scope for increased council tax in this case.

    • Sarah says:

      Having lived in Clinton Road for all of my childhood I am so sad to see what has happened to my former neighbour’s beautiful old house. Is it part of the conservation area and if so should any of the work have been approved?

      Living in an area isn’t just about the bricks and mortar. Part of it is also the community and neighbourhood, people and environment. I don’t really understand why any one would want to live somewhere where they have proceeded with offensive building plans to the detriment of their relationship with the people living in their immediate vicinity.

      I hope some planning lessons are observed and learned from this sad event.

  4. Plainjane says:

    He’s not a cosmetic surgeon he is a medical doctor who who earns a lot of money doing fillers and Botox

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    He didn’t sound very bothered. Maybe its a blessing in disguise if he wants a massive extension. The planning officers certainly got this wrong.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Clintons million pound campaign collapses. Top trump!

  7. Parcel says:

    Well he made the nationals anyway;
    Terrible thing greed, if e wanted a bigga ouse, he shoulda bought one! Simples, £800,000 in ruins, still its a mere snip, tuck, abdominoplasty, mastopexy, etc, to him……………….

    • I'm ageing naturally says:

      He’s not a surgeon – he’s a GP earning loads of money giving glorified anti ageing treatments ( Botox, fillets peels) to people with more money than sense!

  8. Henry says:

    Agree with Anne, he doesn’t sound too bothered, maybe will say needs to be pulled down now and goodness knows what will go up instead. Wonder if we turning into London with an onset for basement living! Gosh why don’t the planners listen to sense argument and reason from the objectors, people really do care about what happens to Penarth,

  9. The Tax payer says:

    Bet the HSE has not been informed of this which they should be by the client and contractor. The building control officer should be checking if the HSE has been informed as well. But this is the Vale of Glam we are talking about 👍

  10. Penileaks says:

    Having seen the clearer photos published by the Daily Mail, it is patently clear that the contractors were totally incompetent at what they were trying to achieve and the Vale Building Control Officer responsible, was also negligent in allowing work to proceed when one sees the depth of the excavation so close to the house and the method used to support the structure.
    I work in the industry and any tradesman or above and many not qualified to that level, would have spotted how dangerous the methods used were.
    Shame on the cowboy contractors and shame on the incompetent council inspectors.

    • Mr John Gibson says:

      Agreed. The picture of the supporting pillars being held up 2m lengths of “2 by 4” made me laugh 🙂
      Reminds me of the Fawlty Towers episode involving the cowboy builder.

  11. Timothy Hughes says:

    Houses tend to work better with their foundations in place. Not sure why so many are incorrectly criticising the VoG Planning Department, nothing to do with them, but then why change a habit of a lifetime.

    • sjleworthy says:

      Completely agreed, hence my earlier post. Why everyone is blaming the authorities i dont know. The crux of the problem is crap building, irrespective of what any planners decided or not. The blame lies squarely on poor project management and building practises/abilities.

    • Penileaks says:

      Maybe not the Planning Dept., but certainly the Building Control must take some responsibility for not monitoring a complex building operation more closely.

  12. Peter Church says:

    “criticising the VoG Planning Department, nothing to do with them”

    Really? Nothing to do with VoG Planning or VoG Building control!!
    In that case I might use sky hooks to hold up my 6 storey extension.

    Why change a habit of a lifetime, supporting VoG Labour Council Tim 🙂

    • Timothy Hughes says:

      Always good in a contribution to accuse someone on the basis of something they didn’t say. If you can’t pick holes in what people actually say best to keep quiet.

  13. The Town Planner says:

    This is the mission statement of the architects!
    “We recognise that when someone is working with your home, your hopes, your dreams and most importantly your finances, you want to be assured that you are a priority.”

    They forgot to mention will your house still be standing when you get home.

    • Jane Foster says:

      Who are the architects & builders on this project?

    • Jane Foster says:

      An interesting find when putting that phrase into Google reveals more than one building service using that exact wording. If a company can’t even phrase their own mission statement, can they be expected to be competent in whatever else they do?

    • Jane Foster says:

      And one of the sites using that phrase can’t even decide how to spell the company name on their website.

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