The Cliff Haven Care Home in Clive Crescent Penarth

The Cliff Haven Care Home in Clive Crescent Penarth

Inspectors from the care-home quality monitoring organisation   – the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales – have called unannounced at the Cliffhaven Care Home in Clive Crescent Penarth  .

The home – run by E & E Homes Ltd – can accommodate up to 19 people over the age
of 55 years with dementia needs.

The latest report on Cliffhaven Care Home

The latest report on Cliffhaven Care Home

Inspectors found the home to be “clean and fresh throughout with no malodour”. Since the  previous inspection refurbishment had been carried, a fault on a  fire door had been put right and the system checked out by the   South Wales Fire Authority.

However home was found not to be compliant with regulations on Medication Administration Records (MARs) . Inspectors examined 16 MAR records and found “several files did not contain all the required information to guide staff to safely administer medication“. Inspectors also found “two unexplained gaps in recording where staff signatures should have been present”.  The management said they would immediately put this right and the CSSIW did not issue a non-compliance notice.

Inspectors also picked up on several hazards in Cliffhaven including:-

  • Several broken cupboards and a broken wardrobe in resident’s rooms.
  • Several bathrooms did not contain toilet tissue and we saw toilet tissue was not contained in a holder therefore had the potential to present a risk of cross
  • Rusty chair in shower area.
  • Bath seat and lift rusty and presented a risk of cross infection.
  • Soiled bath in the downstairs shower room. This room was immediately closed off and the issue addressed.

Inspectors found residents were treated with dignity and respect and experienced warmth, attachment and belonging”.  They received a healthy diet with attention paid to nutrition and hydration and assistance was seen being ” provided in a dignified, respectful and timely manner” for residents who needed assistance .

The full report is available on


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