The Vale Council has re-considered plans to improve the Paget Road Children's Play Area

The Vale Council has re-considered and re-vamped plans to improve the Paget Road Children’s Play Area and now includes Plassey Square, Dingle Park and a new  skateboard facility at Cogan

As first reported on PDN on June 3rd 2016 ( see the Vale of Glamorgan Council has today confirmed that Plassey Square,  the children’s play area at Paget Road and the Dingle Park off  Windsor Road are to be “upgraded”.

The work is being undertaken under a new scheme now to be called the “North Penarth Open Space Improvement Scheme” . An upgrade to the existing skateboard facilities at Cogan Recreation Ground is also part of the plans.

Funding for the scheme will come from Crest Nicholson's Penarth Heights development

Funding for the scheme will come from Crest Nicholson’s Penarth Heights development

The funding is being provided by Penarth Heights developers Crest Nicholson as “Section 106” funding – money that developers are required to pay to local authorities to mitigate the effects of developments in specific local areas .

This re-packaged and re-branded initiative follows the Labour-controlled Vale Council’s failure in 2014 to carry public opinion with it for its abortive plans to install a 105 foot long concrete skateboard park in the Paget Road Children’s Play Area  (see PDN and turn the area into an “all-ages” Adult Outdoor Gymnasium and Skateboard Park. The scheme ran into significant public opposition.

This time , before work starts there is to be a “wide ranging public consultation” that will run from Monday June 13th to Monday August 8th 2016 in which local residents, school pupils, and “anyone else with an interest in the future of Penarth’s green spaces will be able to have their say” .   The on-line survey will be available on or by attending one of four “drop-in sessions”. 

Dingle Park is kept immaculate by the "Friends of Dingle Park"

Dingle Park is kept immaculate by the voluntary group “The Friends of Dingle Park”. The land was given to Penarth Council by the Earl of Plymouth in 1921.

The “drop-in sessions” will be held at :

  • Paget Rooms, Tuesday 28 June 6pm – 8pm;
  • Tabernacle, Plassey Street, Wednesday 6 July, 3pm-5pm;
  • The Kymin, Monday 11 July, 5pm-7pm;
  • Penarth Leisure Centre, Thursday 21 July, 11am-1pm.

The Vale Council says it’s now considering upgrading the existing play areas, installing a “fitness trail”, tree planting, wildflower areas, installing new seating and putting in a  “substantially upgraded skate park” at Cogan Recreation Ground .

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  1. Martin Coffee says:

    Why are the children at the marina being forgotten? Before Barry closed the footpaths they could go up to Plassey Square open space unaccompanied. Now they have to be escorted to other playgrounds as these have no safe route for them.

    Of the same subject of safe routes when is the roundabout beside Cogan station going to be made improved? It’s even worse at the moment as we have an additional temporary sign which is right in the pedestrians eye line and makes crossing the road even more dangerous. I’ve alerted Barry on more than one occasion to this additional hazard but because this is not Barry they don’t do anything.

  2. Ivor Bagman says:

    The Kymin is a far safer environment !
    Plenty of room !
    Toilets !
    And someone to keep an eye on everything !!!
    Lovely slopes and a cleaner every day !!!

  3. ak says:

    There are two virtually traffic free route to Plassey Square and the Paget Terrace play area from the Marina; the zigzag path (soon to be lit), and the flight of steps.

    There is also a play area on the barrage with traffic free roads.

    If children are not capable of getting to those alone,safely, then I’d suggest they are too young to be out unsupervised in any case.

    There are pedestrian controlled traffic lights above and below the Tesco Roundabout to cross the road safely – they may require the terrible inconvenience of an additional 100m walk.

  4. Jane Foster says:

    I obviously need to buy shares in Skate Parks as they seem to be dead set on building them everywhere possible.

  5. 249ers says:

    There are potentially some lovely play areas around Penarth however they all could do with some upgrading. There is a good choice for the under 7s and the Barrage caters for 13 plus but very little for those in the middle most of whom still need escorting to and from the venue.
    In my experience, the older users of the skateboard park are very tolerant of the younger users, who are often on bikes or scooters, but a dedicated scooter park would be a welcome addition. It can’t have escaped readers notice that many junior aged children scoot back and forth to school and can often be seen on the Railway Path and Cliff tops enjoying this healthy pursuit after school.
    We should be encouraging these activities by making it easy for parents and carers to access these facilities easily .

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