Getting treated in the Cardiff & Vale area takes longer than anywhere else in Wales

Getting hospital treatment in the Cardiff & Vale area takes longer than anywhere else in Wales

The Cardiff and Vale Health Board – which is responsible for the provision of NHS services for Penarth residents – is the poorest performer of the seven Welsh health boards in meeting the Welsh Government’s “treatment times target”.

Of the seven boards,  the latest statistics show the Cardiff and Vale University LHB  is alone in having made no improvement in the 26-week “referral to treatment times target” set by the Welsh Government.

In the “average waiting time  to start treatment through a provider”  the Cardiff and Vale Board is again the worst performer with a median average wait of 10.7 weeks, in comparison to the all-Wales figure of 9.2.

Andrew R T Davies Conservative AM for Penarth

Andrew R T Davies Conservative AM for Penarth

Penarth’s Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies – leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly – says “These latest statistics paint a disappointing picture for health provision in the Cardiff and Vale area; just days after Cardiff and Penarth’s AM and the Cabinet Secretary directly responsible for Health said we could expect ‘good news’ on improved performance in our health service.”

Davies says “There are clearly a number of unique pressures on the local region in comparison to other parts of the country but unfortunately a number of poor decisions on investment in our NHS have been made since Carwyn Jones became First Minister in 2009 and sadly patients and our hard-working front-line staff continue to pay the heavy price.”

Penarth Assembly Member Vaughan Gething (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth) is now totally in charge of of Health in Wales - moving up from Deputy Health Minister

Vaughan Gething (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth) is now totally in charge of Health in Wales

Andrew R T Davies says the Welsh Government’s newly-appointed Health Secretary Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) “needs to put together a comprehensive plan of action to tackle the issues directly impacting on the delivery of healthcare locally .”

He says “patients will quite rightly want to see a little less talking and more action.”


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  1. Hugh says:

    The target is 18 weeks in England – and met 90% of the time.

  2. Andrew sarchus says:

    I’m Gething nowt will change. I’m advised by a health professional that politicians are too weak to break down the NHS internal politics which are responsible for the poor service.

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    Why pick on NHS ?
    They are brilliant !
    Overwhelmed by people who
    Don’t look after themselves
    And need a scapegoat !

  4. Mark Foster says:

    The clear and obvious cause of this problem is mass immigration, as any visit to a Penarth doctors’ surgery or Heath Hospital waiting room will confirm. The only way to solve it is to deport immigrants to seek treatment in their own countries.

    Do you want to save the lives those of our own people who cannot afford private medical insurance.

    Do Welsh Government ministers have private medical insurance?

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Nonsense. Unless you mean the staff at the doctors & hospitals filling the gap left by the shortage of trained doctors etc

  5. johnm says:

    i’ s been to the gp about 25 times in the last year, the only immigrant i saw was a phlebotomist, once. Oh, and quite a few being doctors and nurses when i was referred on to llandoch or the heath.

  6. Gwyn John says:

    I smell Politics being played here, I visited Llandough Hospital last week, the appointment was bang on time, the service excellent, I could not have wished for better, thank you Cardiff & The Vale Health Board.

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