Penarth Town Council HQ at West House, Stanwell Road

Penarth Town Council HQ at West House, Stanwell Road

Penarth’s Town Clerk has notified members of Penarth Town Council  about what are described as staff  “motivation and morale issues”  at the council’s HQ at West House

The problems – described as “areas of concern” are highlighted in the Employment of Staff section of a  “Risk Management” report compiled for councillors this month by Town Clerk Emma Smith.

The Town Clerk of Penarth Emma Smith

The Town Clerk of Penarth Emma Smith

Ms Smith says “staff restructure” has now ended and all posts in the new structure have been filled – apart from posts which have been “frozen”.

Ms Smith says that it is hoped the areas of concern –  for both management and staff –  “can be dealt with in real-time” with the roll-out of ‘continual performance appraisal’ to ensure “maximum efficiency of the Town Council’s services”.

The “hazard” of “Lack of Employee motivation/efficiency” is apparently being tackled by action to ensure that as from July 1 2016 “all newly recruited staff will be in place and that “all staff due to leave under VSS [Voluntary Separation Scheme] will have left the employment of the council”. 

Penarth Town Council is now entering the  fifth year of the current Labour administration following the cancellation of elections which were due to have been held in May this year and the arbitrary extension of current council’s period of office by the Welsh Labour Government without any public mandate.

Penarth Town Council now has more staff on its books than that it’s ever had in its current form . (In 1974 it was demoted from being an Urban District Council to a Town Council). There are now 5 shift duty officers who work on rota, 3 static duty officers and a Core Services Manager in addition to a Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk and secretarial staff.

The total annual salary bill at Penarth Town Council is now £283,719.

The Town Clerk’s report has been noted – but without any discussion – by Penarth Town Council’s Policy and Finance Committee.





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  1. Andrew sarchus says:

    Is this selective reporting or bullshit bingo. Anyone understand what Emma Clerk is really saying?

  2. ColinD says:

    I would hazard a guess that she has no clue what almost £300k worth of staffing are actually doing there… moral and motivation normally translates to a stubborn workforce who want to coast through doing the bare minimum, the “it’s not in my job description” brigade… umm good luck with that!!

  3. Andrew sarchus says:

    You may be right- if so “risk management” (that’s not risk management in my book) “can be dealt with in real-time” with the roll-out of ‘continual performance appraisal’ et al is all Americanised I went to a polly gobbledegook cobblers meant to hide a simple situation and maintain the pay grade of Ms Clerk. However I was told (a lot of) the staff at PDC were rather good unlike some in the VOG.
    Perhaps Ms Clerk could produce a real English report for her employers- us.

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    I do wish the town council could find a staff member to publish minutes of meetings and reports to the town council.

  5. Lack of motivation is often the result of poor and ineffectual leadership/management.

    • Mike w says:

      Completely agree with you on that . Maybe instead of there is the door if you don’t like kinda approach and no doubt there is a hit of bullying and Intimidation tactics .

  6. Parcel says:

    Really, ah well, never minds, Zzzzzzzzz………………….

  7. Penarthal says:

    Looks like English is her second language.

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