Cardiff Crown Court

Cardiff Crown Court

Penarth taxi driver Christopher Owen (47) has been jailed for three and a half years ( half of which will actually be served) after pleading guilty to charges of theft, fraud and perverting the course of justice.

Owen – who lives in Field View Close, Cogan –  drove for the Penarth taxi firm Cabs64.

The offences were committed against  a  vulnerable 62-year-old  “female complainant ” who has cerebral palsy. Owen took a total of £43,000 of  her life-savings in a series of what the court was told were manipulative and grotesque offences.

Whilst Owen, had used  her money to gamble and go on foreign holidays his disabled victim was left almost penniless and was forced to resort to using foodbanks.

The court had been told that Owen regularly picked up his victim – whom we are not naming – to take her shopping and then began taking money from her using her cash card and cheque book until her account was empty.

Last year Owen had been bailed on condition that he did not drive his cab after he had pleaded not guilty to 19 charges at Cardiff Crown Court comprising 3 counts of theft and 15 of fraud in relation and a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. He had then been warned not contact witnesses or go to the address of the “complainant“.

Charges against a Owen’s partner – and co-defendant – were dropped.


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  1. June Hurley says:

    What a disgusting man ,he needs to have got 15 years not 3 1\2 and he be out in 20 months. This is why people should be careful ,not to trust people with there financial details, and a disable person , Dickens me , I hate getting g a taxi on my own, its quite scary .

  2. Parcel says:

    It beggars belief that the firm would employ him, such a snide and dishonest driver. Don’t they vet taxi drivers. The public deserve better……………..

    • Colin says:

      Sure I saw him in the office of Towncabs on Albert road a few months back when we were taken to the Bay.

  3. Please share, give what you can and show your support for Dilys Jones, the pensioner who was conned out of her life savings.

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