Penarth Town Council's offices at West House, Stanwell Road, haven't been the money-spinner the council had hoped

Penarth Town Council’s offices at West House, Stanwell Road .

It’s now emerged that no less than 6 members of Penarth Town Council staff have left their jobs because they don’t want to work in what’s described as a “new staff structure“.

The council had already reported what it called motivation and morale issues”  at the council’s HQ at West House (see PDN There have also been allegations of the bullying of staff over a number of years.

Council documents say  5 staff have quit the council – and all applied to leave their jobs through the council’s  “voluntary severance” arrangements . However PDN understands the number which actually left is 6. The council paid out out £5,282 in 2015/16 on redundancy and severance payments – having made no such payments in 2014/15 . The total council payroll for the current year (2016/17) is budgeted at £283,719 – an all time high.

The press and the public had been excluded from the council committee  at which the issue was discussed.The departure of 5 of the staff only come to light in subsequent minutes.

It’s understood that the total number of staff at the council is now about 18 – more than ever before. The town council’s responsibilities are to run Penarth Cemetery, the Paget Rooms, the Kymin and West House and to hire out “Leisure-gardens” (i.e. plots) at three different locations in the town.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    How can a council justify the exclusion of the press or public? Individual and personal interviews aside nothing should be secret.

  2. ColinD says:

    trouble at the mill… clearly didn’t take too kindly to the new Clerk!!

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    Discussing certain staff matters in the open could be contrary to the DPA or other legislation. Would you want your personal employment details discussed in the open?

  4. M davies says:

    It’s not a matter of personal details which should remain confidential but it is of concern when so many staff from a small pool leave around the same time and whispers of bullying are heard in the town

  5. Christopher David says:

    I did mention personal or individual cases although there are caveats even to that.Global matters area a concern to the public. There is no one that can discuss my personal employment details anywhere. I row my own boat.

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