The slogan on the balcony banner says "Vote Leave : Take Back Control"

The slogan on the balcony banner says “Vote Leave : Take Control”

Whilst a few political loyalists have agreed to have traditional estate-agent-type Leave or Remain boards stuck on stakes in their front gardens – some local residents have “gone large” in letting neighbours know which side they’re supporting .

The occupants of a house overlooking Dock Hill have incorporated a super-sized Union Jack, a Welsh Dragon and patriotic bunting in their “Vote Leave” display  – augmented with encouragement for voters to take the opportunity to get back control of Britain’s borders, Britain’s legislation and – in effect – Britain itself.

Meanwhile in Victoria Road, Penarth, neighbours living only a few yards from each other have evidently come to opposite conclusions about what the future of the nation should be.

A large "Vote Remain" banner has appeared on Victoria Road yards away from a home displaying "Vote Leave" banners

A large “Vote Remain” banner has appeared in a front garden in Cwrt Y Vil road  yards away from a Victoria Road home displaying “Vote Leave” banners

An enormous “Vote Remain on June 23rd” placard has appeared in a garden on the corner of Victoria Road and Cwrt Y Vil Road – clearly pressing the case for Britain to continue have open borders to all EU migrants, to be governed by un-elected EU bureaucrats and to pay for the privilege of being shackled to a declining European economy for all time.

In Victoria Road a Vote Leave household urges Penarth voters to take the once in a lifetime opportunity to break free from the moribund EU and ensure Britian regains control of its destiny - a sentiment Queen Victoria herself - after whom the eponymous road was named - would no doubt have approved

In Victoria Road a Vote Leave household urges Penarth voters to take the once in a lifetime opportunity to break free from the corrupt and moribund EU and ensure Britain regains control of its destiny – a sentiment which Queen Victoria herself – after whom the eponymous road was named – would no doubt have approved

A few yards away however another householder has come to an entirely different conclusion and is pressing the case for Britain to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape from the Colditz prison of the EU next week – whilst the going is good.

Some posters are so large they've supplanted curtains

Some posters are so large they’ve supplanted curtains

Other householders in Penarth obviously feel strongly enough about the vital issue to have taken some considerable trouble to accommodate giant placards to get their point across .

The undercurrent of growing support for Vote Leave has evidently caused consternation amongst politicians who had little idea before the campaign of just how opposed ordinary voters are to the EU.   When  Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood was asked by the BBC if she had been taken aback by the strength of the Leave campaign in Wales, Ms Wood admitted “Yes, I have.”

This house in Sully has at least four enormous Vote Leave placards on it.

At the last count this house in Sully had at least four enormous Vote Leave placards on it.

Meanwhile the biggest poster-display yet discovered  has to be on this detached house in Sully which stands on the corner of  South Road and Cog Road.

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Now I know where not to live!

  2. Martin Coffee says:

    I thought that we were suppose to have a respite from the campaigning as a mark of respect? Shouldn’t these banners have been temporily withdrawn?

  3. Penileaks says:

    All a great shame, because if it had remained the EEC and only that, I would have been voting to remain.
    Maybe if we vote to leave there will be so many others in the EU who start to show their dis-satisfaction, that maybe it will eventually fall apart and all of Europe will go back to the original idea….and nothing else. This I would support.

    • Fishhenge says:

      I believe, and hope, that’s what will happen. We can all be good neighbors without leaving our front doors open 24/7 to anyone travelling through the street.

  4. EH says:

    Do these “posters” really make any difference to anybody?

  5. Louise C says:

    I have to say there are many more ‘remain’ signs about then ‘leave’ ones. Maybe that’s why the ‘leavers’ go for BIG displays. Roll on next Friday!

  6. Peter Church says:

    Yes some of the remain posters make be laugh.
    A bit like the EU they can’t even agree what colour they should be!!

    • Louise C says:

      Maybe because many different groups make up the remain side. Conservative, labour, Libdem, Plaid etc.

  7. whatsoccurin says:

    The campaigning all got a bit out of hand-basically there is no need for a referendum-Cameron has a few euro-sceptics in his party but he has won two elections-he can easily deal with them-to call a referendum with an agenda that we should rubber stamp the “remain” position is akin to Ted Heath asking “who runs the country-me or the miners?”-cue his piano being removed from Downing Street! We all pay our respects to the young M.P but I cannot help think that the febrile atmosphere stirred up by senior politicians has not helped.

  8. Peter Church says:

    No fan of Putin but I think he has hit the nail on the head.
    Cameron’s idea was black mail on the rest of the EU, give us our reforms or you’ll get a no vote. He said he would be happy to vote out if he didn’t get major reforms. In fact nobody is sure what reforms he has achieved, the rest of the EU and especially Germany told him to get lost.
    Now we have a referendum which is likely to to be a Brexit, Slightly uncertain for the UK (even though I am a Leave supporter) but the elephant in the room is the huge turmoil in the rest of the EU. No wonder the the Yen is rising and not the Euro. The UK won’t be the last country to want out of this corrupt club run for German exports at the expense of southern Europe young.
    A year down the line and I think we will see more of a single market rather than the current pen pushers money wasting alliance.

  9. Ann Other says:

    Why do people feel a need to tell everyone else what they will vote for? They present no argument so are not going to persuade anyone. Surely, all they are doing is VIRTUE SIGNALLING!

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