Wetherspoons pub The Bear's Head in Penarth's Windsor Road

Wetherspoons pub The Bear’s Head in Penarth’s Windsor Road

The management of the Bear’s Head pub in Windsor Road, Penarth is reported to have  ejected two female customers who allegedly made a “racist remark” about a footballer during the England v Wales Euro 2016 match

The women are said to have been watching the game on tv inside the pub – a Wetherspoon house – when one of them was allegedly overheard making a comment on England player Daniel Sturridge (who scored his side’s winning goal) by saying  “not only did they win but he was a n****r”.

Apparently an argument followed and subsequently a total of four women were asked to leave the premises. A Bear’s Head manager is quoted by WalesonLine  as saying  “There were two groups of customers, both two women. One group made a racist comment and the other took offence and started to get wound up about it. Both parties were removed from the building because the company does not tolerate that behaviour. We do not tolerate racist remarks and we do not tolerate aggression.”

The manager said that two of the women who were removed first were the ones who had objected to the remarks – as they were also allegedly aggressive towards other customers . The other pair – one of whom is claimed to have uttered the words complained of –  were then  “removed immediately afterwards.”

It’s not known whether there will be any legal consequences.

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  1. Donna Stevens says:

    The two women who objected to the two racist women were removed from the pub and banned. They were verbally aggressive to the racisits but not physically aggressive to anyone in the pub. The two racist women were allowed to remain in the pub not removed as stated. The correct account of what happened has been reported to the wetherspoon group.

  2. Debra says:

    I heard a completely different story!! Racist sympathisers, the people who reacted were the ones ejected…disgusting but believable

  3. Peter Church says:

    Is it me, but I have noticed groups of women are far more noisy/rowdy while out drinking than men these days.
    The squawk like seagulls as they down their drink!

    • Brian says:

      Rough as a badger’s backside the lot of them.

    • pompousfruit says:

      I have noticed especially in the Bear’s Head and the Great Western in Cardiff city centre when there are crowds of them on girls’ nights out on Saturdays which seem to start mid afternoon these days.

    • pompousfruit says:

      I’ve noticed tension a lot within groups of women with unwritten norms and members afraid not to toe the line their appearance, speech or behaviour or speak out or change the subject. There seems to be a clear hierarchy in the group and the ‘leader’ feeling insecure as they can be demoted at any time. False compliments are given and the ‘leader’ doesn’t feel the need to reciprocate. Nobody outside the group is expected to look at them for more than a second yet they are deliberately bringing attention to themselves.

  4. Mark Foster says:

    Aaahhh, good to see Leon Trotsky’s (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) invention of the political tool of racism used to demonise and dispossess the indigenous people of Russia in the Russian revolution before the destruction of the Romanov dynasty being applied in a Penarth pub.

  5. Karyn says:

    The Bears head need to stop lying to the press to save face and tell the truth about what really happened. The two ladies that were thrown out need to take their side of the story to the press. There’s two sides to every story!!!

    • pompousfruit says:

      Overhearing other people’s conversations and then acting upon them isn’t nice. Being verbally or physically aggressive about what you heard in a conversation that didn’t involve you should be a reason for being banned from a pub. The ‘N’ word was used just once.

  6. Martin Coffee says:

    Obviously there are different versions of events in circulation so we’re never going to know the truth unless Wetherspoons make a statement.

    It’s now a problem that British society reacts badly when offended and this appears to be an example. If those who were offended reacted in a verbally aggressive manner to other customers then Wetherspoons was correct to remove them from their premises. What they should have done was to have a quiet word with the staff who could have spoken to those using the unacceptable language.

    The word “nigger” is derived via Spanish and Portuguese from the Latin word “niger” meaning “black”. It is a problem word in the English language as whilst it’s meaning remains unchanged its use has become almost unacceptable. I remember there being a poster paint with that name (as well as black) at primary school.

    I would like to be corrected if this is not the case but to the best of my knowledge the use of this word has not been tested in an English or Welsh court. Whilst offensive behaviour is well defined in law offensive words or phrases are not and perhaps they need to be?

    Finally. The English language mutates at a rapid pace and it is to be expected that people use the meanings of words from when they were educated even if there more common use has change.

    • Keith Murrell says:

      Martin – if the report is anywhere ear correct it’s obvious that the person using the word wasn’t speaking Spanish – or talking about a paint, wool, a labrador or any other ‘cute’ connotations of the word. From what we can draw from the context this seems a clear case of racially abusive language – and yes, this has been tested in the courts.

      • Ptown says:

        Clearly Martin still describes his ‘paint’ with the n-word – do you drink at the Bears Head or work there by any chance?

  7. Former Bears Head customer says:

    What an absolute load of nonsense to the comment above! We live in 2016 where this word is used as an act of racism and shouldn’t be excused! Words evolve to different meanings and poster paint colours are labelled with simply ‘black’ for this reason…..I can tell it’s been a while since you painted!!!

  8. Louise C says:

    I’m appalled that people in Penarth might use such words in public. I know I would take extreme offence and complain to the management of any pub where this happened. If ‘spoons did chuck out the complainers rather then the racists, I would boycott that pub and pursue it with the senior management.

    The origins and previous uses of the n word are well known, I always wonder why anyone feels the need to confuse the issue by mentioning them.

  9. kez says:

    Having witnessed the incident. I will make the following comments.
    The women who said the word was wrong.
    The two women who complained were right. But they were very aggressive. They were asked to leave. The ‘racist’ was then told to leave.
    In my view the manager done well.

    • The boy done good. says:

      You should take up football.

    • Louise C says:

      It sounds like the manager handled it correctly then.

      • Peace says:

        Looking at the sign outside, I am wondering how the area can be defined as a ‘garden’! Personally hate walking past when I’m doing my shopping and think the pub is out of place in the town centre.

  10. Keith Murrell says:

    There used to be a time when ‘Honky’ referred to a kind of piano, ‘Cracker’ was just a biscuit and ‘Knob’ was something to open a door … but calling somebody a Honky Cracker Knob would be a bit offensive …

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    The staff at the Bears Head have no PR skills whatsoever the ‘Management’ is a joke albeit a sick one, this pub banned a man for fighting for 3 months and he had been banned before , compare this to man who had done nothing (but was disliked by some of the staff ) banned for life!!! the real reason remains a mystery. This pub and the pub at the bottom of Glebe St along with the Club next to Blockbusters are hives for malicious gossips and bigots , some who spend most of the day hanging around these places , talk about setting a bad example and a bad advert for the town!!? What visitor would want to visit a pub with scruffy looking locals hanging round the entrance all day or being ‘looked over’ by the ‘regulars’ to satisfy their curiosity or acceptability ???

    • Colin says:

      Nail on the head Andrew. These places are all doomed. Out of date drink sold to out of date customers,

    • pompousfruit says:

      There’s a duty manager working there who is particularly grumpy though she says the right things and doesn’t raise her voice. Once I was in there with my boyfriend and she was having a meeting with an employee and an area manager right in the public area and it was clear that this employee was being sacked after a trial period. Another duty manager isn’t bad at all.

  12. Mark Foster says:

    If you say something which is demonstrably true, that should be an absolute defence against a Trotskyist charge of racism, the purpose of which is destroy the United Kingdom. After all, the truth will set you free. At the moment races or religious groups can get away with anything because they know they are above the law.

  13. Penileaks says:

    I was living and working in China a couple of years ago and I was constantly hearing a word that sounded just like the offending word that was allegedly used in the Bears Head incident.
    From what I could understand, it was the Mandarin equivalent of our ‘Ummm’ and you know how many times we all use that in our day-to-day conversations, so I was endlessly surprised to hear the word being used there, when one does not hear it here any more.

  14. SPOONS OBSERVER. says:

    While Enjoying My Breakfast At The SPOONS ( With Coffee) I Have Noticed The Very Punctual 9 o clock REGULAR GANG Arrive For Their ALCOHOL DIET. Then hey Start Their TIRING Days Work ,Of Watching The World Pass By. Like So Many Passing Observers I ASK Just One Question ?? How And Who Supports Their 7 Day 9 till 5 Holiday. CHEERS

    • kez says:

      People do work nights. 9am is my evening.

      • pompousfruit says:

        Well said though I thought Wetherspoons aren’t allowed to sell alcohol until 10am. Harvesters is much worse. Shudder.

  15. kez says:

    People work nights. 9am is my evening.

  16. kez says:

    They don’t serve alcohol until 9am. People do work nights. So 9am is their evening. There are a lot of retired people in the Bear’s. So they rightly can sit and watch the world go by.

  17. Andrew Worsley says:

    Some of the people ‘watching the world go by ‘ at the Wetherspoons pub are not on nights and not retired and when you have worked a night shift you normally go home to sleep and save the going out till your shift changes or your days off. I know I along with others did and still do that. The people who hang around this pub ‘all day’ are more than likely unemployed and they stand outside smoking roll ups all wondering who to gossip about next , they usually dress scruffy and their gossip is fuelled in part by the Management in Wetherspoons who as I said have NO PR skills (A CHILD COULD DO BETTER) yet some are more than able to spread malicious gossip to the sheep-like gossip mongers , who soak up every word along with the alcoholic drink and then spread it even further afield to the other two gossips hang outs I mentioned in my first comments and the rest of the town.

    • pompousfruit says:

      Many people who work nights aren’t able to relax enough to want to go to bed straight away. A drink in a pub helps them to wind down. How many people who work 9 to 5 go to bed when they get home from work and then get up in the early hours so they can have a few hours of leisure before going to work? And it’s not just unemployed people who gossip. Gossip is rife in the workplace.

  18. SPOONS OBSERVER. says:

    kez I Think you missed the point. Yes I agree Night Workers & Genuine Retired People Use the SPOONS. The Gang I referred to are ALSO RETIRED Perhaps the Wrong Word Having Done Little Plus The Odd Fiddle All Their Industrious Lives. Perhaps The Phrase THE TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS Is More To The Point kez. CHEERS.

    • pompousfruit says:

      So you think Wetherspoons should ban customers on benefits and those who are retired but haven’t worked up until the age of 60 plus without a break? There are people in full time paid work who are alcoholics turning up to work already drunk as it is possible to buy alcohol in shops and they cause problems for colleagues. Perhaps you haven’t realised that yet. The problem is with alcoholism throughout society not where Wetherspoons customers get their money from.

  19. kez says:

    Andrew, I’ve worked nights for the last 15 years. It has always been my routine to havea drink after work. I’ve been doing it for 45 years. I stand outside the Bear’s smoking . Mainly because I can’t smoke inside. Yes I agree there are unemployed people who use the pub. But you appear to be tarring every one with the same brush.

    • pompousfruit says:

      Let the unemployed and those on disability benefits have a drink most days but sitting in a pub drinking all day is a different matter as then they would have a drink problem

  20. kez says:

    Anyway as I’m of retirement age. I might just pack it in and move to the sun. At least it will be warm outside the bars…

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