Former barrister Jenny Yeo has now withdrawn plans to set up a monthly "50-Mile_Food Market" in Penarth's Turner House Art Gallery

Former barrister Jenny Yeo has now withdrawn plans to set up a monthly “50-Mile Food Market” inside Penarth’s Turner House Art Gallery

The originator of the controversial scheme to operate a monthly Saturday food market in Penarth’s Grade II Listed Turner House Art Gallery has now decided not to go ahead with the plans.

Entrepreneur Jenny Yeo had proposed setting up a monthly “50-Mile-Market”  – starting in September – in which all fresh produce for sale would have been produced within a 50 mile radius of Penarth.

James Pyke Thompson - who bequeathed Turner House to the people of Penarth on his death

James Pyke Thompson – who bequeathed Turner House to the people of Penarth  in 1897

The ownership of Turner House Gallery is uncertain (its title is not registered in the Land Registry) – but ostensibly the title deeds are held in trust by the National Museum of Wales on behalf of the people of Penarth to whom it was bequeathed by its founder –  the Penarth flour magnate James Pyke Thompson.

The National Museum leases  Turner House to the publicly-funded photographic ‘charity’ “Ffotogallery” which was in favour of the food-market scheme.

There was considerable local reaction when news of the planned indoor food-market  scheme was first published by PDN on May 31st 2016 ( see http://tinyurl.com/gs6rgt9 ) .

The Penarth Times reported that the planned food market would "displace local artists"

The Penarth Times reported that the planned food market would “displace local artists”

This was later to be followed-up on June 9th 2016 by the local newspaper The Penarth Times which reported concerns that the proposed “Farmers’ Market” would “displace”  local artists.

Jenny Yeo has now issued a statement thanking “all those in Penarth who have been supportive and in favour of the market” . She says “The vast majority saw it as an asset, bringing new people into the gallery and widening it’s reach. Three hours once a month would not have marginalised the artists who I hoped would also approach the leaseholders and work with them for more opportunities to use this beautiful building for the benefit of the wider community.”

Ms Yeo goes on to say “However having not intended to be a controversial figure, the extreme views taken by the minority and the disturbing amount of personal abuse I have received I will no longer be going ahead with the plans.”

She has thanked local retails and residents who had contacted her to voice their “approval and excitement”  and also to PDN commentators “MGG“, “Timothy Hughes” and “Bartholomew” who had supported the idea.

In concluding her statement Ms Yeo says “I hope this puts an end to the unpleasantness which has been a negative influence on our lovely town”.

The story of the Turner House bequest is on PDN  (http://tinyurl.com/qc2hjdl)

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  1. foxyman59 says:

    What a shame. Would have been an asset to our town and maybe more folk would have ventured inside Turner House! After all it’s so quiet in there majority of the time. Great loss for our town.

  2. Tim Russell says:

    its a great idea…why not do it in paget rooms or the cons club or the pier ?

  3. sjleworthy says:

    Still cant see why we cant have monthly or bimonthly markets on lower glebe, shutting the street off for a couple of hours a time outside the Fag.

  4. Mgg says:

    Space for my jazz then
    Interesting headline . Why not …spiteful opposition means we have lost an event that could have benefited the gallery and the Town

    • Fishhenge says:

      How on earth is opposition to such a daft idea “spiteful”? There are a number of far more appropriate venues in Penarth for a market, where the present museum incumbents could set up a market if their exhibitions don’t raise enough money (which in itself should tell them something) and publicise their works and events. Whatever next, a boot sale in the museum?

  5. Jane Foster says:

    Where is this statement published?

  6. Christopher David says:

    Better places to have a market as some have mentioned above- Philistines be-gone. Now lets see the National Museum forced to restore the building as it should be and start displaying local artists and some of the hundreds of paintings eta al hidden in storage within the vaults of “Cardiff” Museum.

  7. Huw says:

    I doubt it’ll end unpleasantness as Penarth has growing army of keyboard warriors, the joy of their new puter means they can voice their ever so important opinions whenever they want . Having so much free time is a blessing and should be used doing things you love, not abusing people because they want to make Penarth better in the real world and not from the safety of a computer screen .

    • Paul says:

      Huw, I miss your point? Are you saying that Internet comments and opinions should be suppressed and who exactly has been abused? Opposition to an idea and abuse are very different things. I enjoy reading the comments, it provides a lot of insight into how local people feel about different issues with a degree of anonymity that sometimes means they say what they believe and not what others want them to say.

      Personally, I think the idea of a market is a great idea but I’m not so sure about the building choice. I would love to see a street market on lower glebe street, maybe moving the farmer market there would be a great idea too. Could be a nice boost for the existing shops on that road too.

      • Huw says:

        “Ms Yeo goes on to say “However having not intended to be a controversial figure, the extreme views taken by the minority and the disturbing amount of personal abuse I have received I will no longer be going ahead with the plans.”

        Instead of arguing an idea that might Benefit the town, personal abuse has lead to the proposal being dropped . People who wouldn’t say boo to her face have more courage posting on blogs.
        And with people finding their true feelings and emotions behind the comfort of a screen , do you really get the feel of the general public from social media comments ? They say one thing and then act in another manner. The comments themselves must be taken into context from th publications they are printed in , dare I say it the PDN is right of centre and comments will generally lean in that direction where as comments found in the Socialist Review will tell another tale .

  8. Great news. Bring art back to the Turner gallery. Astonished at the vitriol expressed by Ms Yeo. I’m sure there is another location they can use, even outside like most food markets.

    • Mgg says:

      If you can’t recognise vitriol then no one can .Did she send you a personal abusive email ?thought not !!

      • Anne says:

        I didn’t send any personal abusive email to her. Sour grapes MGG, anonymously accusing opponents of a market in a listed art gallery building ‘jaundiced backward thinking individuals who complain about everything’. ‘Mr Drake and Mis Yeo being blamed for every historical chagrin’ is a silly exaggeration..We are also residents of Penarth who promote civic pride and try to protect valued buildings from unwanted change, that is part of the wider architectural conservation movement.

    • PositivePenarthian says:

      As someone who has taken a keen interest and followed all of the stories regarding Turner House I feel compelled to step in for I have not seen any comments made by Ms Yeo that could be considered in any way “vitriol”, in contrast to the many “vitriol” comments made against her. She wanted to make a food market to increase Penarth’s community, why must different opinions result in nastiness?

      • Mgg says:

        Well said

      • Anne says:

        There is no evidence of any nastiness to Ms Yeo. …whoops ..but we have ‘jaundiced backward thinking individuals who complain about everything’ from the MGG rant.

  9. PositivePenarthian says:

    Seeing the anonymous hate of a view drive away what would be an asset to Penarth is a travesty and a poor reflection of Penarth and its community. Here’s hoping they find a new venue!

  10. M davies says:

    I wonder if “Huw” includes himself in the ” growing number of keyboard warriors ” that he complains about. Just because someone objects to an idea does not make them an eco warrior or spiteful either. I find such comments really disturbing. There are several venues in Penarth that could be used. A community market could use a number of venues in roration enabling more of the residents to take advantage of a really good idea. There are schools and commu.nity halls in abundance in our town . Why not try those ?

    • Huw says:

      No “Huw” doesn’t consider himself a keyboard warrior , consider him a nayer of the nayors !
      People are only to quick to judge and with the aid of social media are even quicker to comment and the majority of it is negative ! Sometimes it’s easy to b too quick to tell others what we don’t like, what’s bad for this town . Facts help make rational desicions and some times people are short of facts when making comments .

      • Jenny Yeo says:

        Thanks Huw, I offered to meet anyone who wanted to have a face to face discussion so we could have an open and polite exchange of opinions but no one took me up on the offer. I would even have bought the coffee.
        I simply thought that bringing an event to Turner House for 3 hours once a month would raise awareness, and pave the way for other uses by local artists or any other suitable event. It was to have been a local producer’s table top event, home made jams and the like. We had even planned to co ordinate the market theme with art exhibitions to increase the footfall.

        I am not a philistine, lover of dead sheep or any of the other names I have been called and have found the whole thing an unpleasant experience.

  11. Christopher David says:

    OK so who are you Huw? Anyway plenty of better places to have a market. Back to basics. Restore Turner house and display art…. ya…. ha

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    Everyone seems to have got carried away by this issue – with or without vitriol. Ralistically, if the Gallery is to return to showing art … and I would love to see some Turners there … it would surely need far greater security with permanent full time staffing and so on. Hardly likely in the present economic climate. Ffotogallery do seem to only have occasional opening and nothing that really attracts people in large numbers, although I doubt their present staffing arrangements could handle people in any numbers. So why not think more positively and work at how we could persuade the Museum to effectively use this building to the benefit of the people of Penarth? Personally I quite like the Jazz idea?

  13. Christopher David says:

    Only one mentioned Turner’s Con Cit, don’t get carried away. You getting me drift.

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