Revised proposals for the Paget Road children'[s play area no longer include the contentious skateboard park which so many people objjected to

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s revised proposals for the Paget Road children’s play area no longer include the contentious skateboard park to which so many people had objected

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has now published illustrations of the revised proposals for upgrading the long-neglected children’s play area at Paget Road and other parks in North Penarth.

Gone is the contentious and unpopular plan to install a 105 foot long concrete skateboard park at Paget Road to which so many people had objected in a public meeting held in 2014. Also removed is any mention of a “mixed use” adult recreation area .

The existiing Paget Road Children's Play Area includes a miniature "kick-about" area and play equipment for toddlers and young children.

The existing – and somewhat run-down –  Paget Road Children’s Play Area includes a miniature “kick-about” area and play equipment for toddlers and young children. It’s suggested that the kick about area could become a multi-games area or a scooter rink for young children.

The revised  scheme – which is to be funded entirely from Section 106 money from Penarth Heights developers Crest Nicholson – proposes upgrading the existing children’s play area to make it suitable for children aged between 4 and 12 years of age  and also modifying the concrete kick-about area adjacent to it for use either for multi-games or for a children’s scooter area – again for 4-12 year olds .

The scalped escarpment. And no one knows what's happened to the wildlife.

After comprehensively scalping the escarpment below the Paget Road play area the Vale of Glamorgan Council is now proposing to plant “additional trees” in the play  area above .

It’s also proposed to improve the paths in the Paget Road play area and replace bins, seats and picnic benches and to plant wildflower beds and additional trees” . Local residents say this is possibly in partial mitigation  for the wholesale butchery of trees on the adjacent escarpment carried out earlier this year  .

One further proposal is to install what the council describes a “low-level lighting” in the area so that the Paget Road venue can be used during the winter months.

The council is now inviting comments from members of the public on this and on proposals for developments at Plassey Square, Cogan and Dingle Park.

(In all cases click on the relevant link to go straight to the Vale Council pdf)

As previously reported on PDN  last week  (see “drop-in sessions” will be held for members of the public at :-

  • Paget Rooms, Tuesday 28 June 6pm – 8pm;
  • Tabernacle, Plassey Street, Wednesday 6 July, 3pm-5pm;
  • The Kymin, Monday 11 July, 5pm-7pm;
  • Penarth Leisure Centre, Thursday 21 July, 11am-1pm.

Internal sources say the Vale Council is keen to get the improvements carried out before next May’s council elections.


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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Shouldn’t the consultation come before detailed proposals?

  2. Mike Jones says:

    Are there any future proposals to improve the park at top of Wordsworth Avenue/Redlands Road junction does anyone know? It’s in a bit of a sorry state.

    • Mgg says:

      Well noted .one might include Victoria as Well .I would imagine its to do with the 106 money which must be spent locally which I think means almost immediate local ..hence north Penarth parks from Penarth heights .might be valuable looking out for other developments where monies might be closer to these parks .as long as those developments don’t fall through like Clinton rd !!!!

  3. MGG says:

    That would be correct .Looking at the documents i see they are indeed more like suggestions for discussion although they are unfortunately called ” proposed developments” EG there are two or three pictures of what the fence at Dingle might look like and i see this elsewhere . It really is up to the community to contribute now but i myself would urge people to be mindfull to look beyond these ideas if thats what they think would be valuable and bring forward other ideas accordingly .

  4. Penileaks says:

    I note that in the proposals for the Paget Road play area, there is one to ‘Create a new view point’.
    Not another mass of concrete and brick as on the headland one hopes !

  5. AK says:

    Let’s get it done before the next round of budget cuts wipes it out. There is far too much talk and procrastination over every minor decision, while major decisions are passed on the nod.

    Perhaps the detractors would rather they just stayed indoors and played computer games, or get dragged round the shops at weekends.

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