A water-filled pothole is typical of the hazards causing damage to bikes and motor vehiclers - resulting in claims being made against the council

A water-filled pothole is typical of the hazards causing damage to bikes and motor vehicles – resulting in a riswing number of claims being made against the council

The failings of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s so-called “Visible Services Directorate” have been highlighted this month in an internal report by one of the council’s own “scrutiny committees” [committees which review the performance of various council departments].  

In three areas which affect Penarth in particular – Pavements, Road Maintenance and the council’s “Tree Strategy“-  the results are not good.

The council is bracing itself for more claims in 2016/17 by pedestrians tripping and falling on Vale pavements, and by drivers and cyclists having their vehicles damaged by potholes and the bad state of the council’s roads.

Meanwhile – it’s now revealed – there a further delays in the development of a council Tree Management Strategy” – which perhaps accounts for the rising concern amongst local residents, and of Penarth Civic Society, about the council’s policy – or lack of it – on the preservation of  the essential tree-lined character of Penarth’s distinctive streets.

A rocking pavement slab which tripped up a Penarth pensioner.

A rocking pavement slab which tripped up a Penarth pensioner.

PAVEMENTS : – In 2016/17 claims for trips and falls by pedestrians on Vale of Glamorgan Pavements are expected to run at almost three times the number of claims in 2014/15 . The council expects to receive 23 such claims in the current year .

ROADS :-  The committee reports a rising number of “successful third party claims against the council for vehicle damage” . The committee says  the total cost of successful
third party claims against the Council for vehicle damage has “missed target” [ i.e. cost more than the council expected]  during 2015-16 “due to the general conditions of carriageways deteriorating”.

Overall 9.91% of all roads in the Vale of Glamorgan are reported [by the council itself ] to be in “overall poor condition”. (5.62% of “A”classified roads are in poor condition . Over 13% of ‘C’ Roads are in poor condition)   . Despite this the council asserts that  “work to reduce the problems encountered by the public in relation to pot holes has been completed” – although this claim is not borne out by a check of several long-standing potholes in Penarth.

The weakened tree continues to withstand the pull of the wire cable - more cuts have to be made until therer is a crack like a breaking bone

A pavement tree in Augusta Road continues to withstand the pull of the wire cable – more cuts have to be made until there is a crack like a breaking bone and another tree is lost to Penarth

TREES : –  The scrutiny committee reports that the Vale Council’s “Tree Strategy” was to have been completed by the end of March 2016 – but it’s still a long way from being finished  . The committee says “Different tree management systems are currently under review; consequently implementation of a Tree Management Strategy to improve the
management of the Council’s tree stock has been delayed” and is only “40% complete”

The council says “Demonstration of systems currently being progressed”  – but does not explain what this actually means .



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  1. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Ive learnt to walk like a local now as when I first moved back after 22 years ( from Dinas Powys)I twisted my foot badly twice which took me months to get back without a limp , I never bothered the council with a claim as how could I of proved id doneit walking down Wasons way- Touch wood ive not redone it for 9 months Yippeee.

  2. penarthblog says:

    On Friday and Saturday nights, I pop into the Albion for a few pints and have to walk up the middle of Glebe St because the pavements are so bad. Not very nice.

  3. Frank Bird says:

    Could I invite residents of Penarth to a challenge, a pothole recording competition! In Andrew Road we have over 200 (counted) over filled potholes which now resemble the Alps.

  4. Noel Evans says:

    I have found that in most of the vale of Glamorgan,that the roads in Penarth are the worst of all, and after all this gas pipe work on and around Redlands road the situation will only get much worse.

  5. Johnabutt says:

    Outside the butchers next to Rowley’s there was a new water lift up cover in the pavement. The block pavers had all been removed and the “repair” filled with packed earth. In a couple of weeks that will be sticking up for someone to fall over. Why do the V of G council not insist that contractors reinstate repairs the way they found them or better? If the Vale refused to pay invoices until jobs had been inspected then there would be less hazards like the ones on here. Plus us long suffering council tax payers would begin to get value for money. These stories paint a poor picture of the state of the management in the Vale department which mends the roads, so give it back to Penarth and see if there is any improvement.

  6. Mark Foster says:

    Its democracy. There are no votes for the Vale of Glamorgan Labour Party in Penarth so there’s no benefit to them in fixing the roads or planting trees and they know it.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes I agree, when we are with Cardiff, it will balance that council’s elected wards and I suspect Penarth will suddenly become more important.
      Bit like why our MP and AM don’t give a hoot about Penarth.

      • Martin Coffee says:

        Don’t you believe it. We will be even less important under Cardiff than we are under Barry.

  7. Emma says:

    The roads in Penarth are a disgrace as are the contractors ‘Centregreat’ who complete the work. Potholes were repaired a couple of months ago outside my house the contractor didn’t ask any of us to move our cars and mine got damaged. The damage had already been done by the time we knew they were working. Contacted the company refused any liability and not even a gesture to have our cars cleaned or reimburse the cost of two washes. My elderly neighbour had only had her car returned from a full valet a couple of days before. Disgusting.

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