There's often something unusual happening on Penarth Pier - and now the latest phenomenon on tghe famous boardwalk - yoga

Bottoms-up. There’s often something unusual happening on Penarth Pier – and now the latest phenomenon on the famous boardwalk is yoga (Photo: Roger Cush)

Strollers on Penarth Pier are used to having to pick their way around film stars and movie cameras – and even dodging footballs fired by Wales International Gareth Bale – but this week there’s been something new to behold on the boardwalk  – yoga.

A local yoga class is now using the pier for evening sessions. There are now scores of yoga enthusiasts of all ages in Penarth who find this 5,000 year old  form of exercise boosts their fitness and helps them “de-stress”.

Yoga is now even being recommended by the National Health Service as an aid to developing strength, flexibility and breathing and a means of boosting  physical and mental wellbeing .

Wales International Gareth Bale - seen here practicing keepy-uppy on Penarth Pier - is also a yoga enthusiast

One of the heroes of  last night’s Wales v Russia match  Gareth Bale (seen here practicing keepy-uppy whilst filming on Penarth Pier in 2014)  is also a yoga enthusiast

Gareth Bale – who played such a pivotal role in Wales’s triumphant 3-0 win over Russia last night – is also said to use yoga to give him the strength and flexibility he puts to such good effect on the field.

The experts say no one is too old to start yoga – many students are in their 70s . There are now three busy yoga studios in Penarth catering for the demands of local residents – and where better to work-out and relax on a warm mid-summer evening than Penarth Pier?

…After last night perhaps even President Putin might now feel the need to join in.


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  1. Claire Baldwin says:

    Thanks all for joining us for our Ashtanga practice is such lovely surroundings. What better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice and set some intentions for the coming half-year.

    Claire X

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Love being able to say “I was there” when Gareth filmed his T.V advert-he is not only a very pleasant unassuming man-he is showing that he is probably the best footballer—in the world!

  3. CoexistinPenarth says:

    Gorgeous picture with all the young sail trainers in the background!

  4. Tom Hardy says:

    Is it prayer time on the Pier?

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