The First Minister for the Welsh Labour Governemnt carwyn Jones speaking at the Airbus plant in Flintshire

The First Minister for the Welsh Labour Government Carwyn Jones now says Wales could carry out its own separate negotiations  with the EU if the UK votes to leave 

The Welsh Labour Government’s narrowly re-elected First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has said that if the UK votes “Leave” tomorrow then Wales would make its own agreements with the EU.

This policy appears to  mean that – in effect –  Jones and his Welsh Assembly government would seek to override and ignore the declared will of  the British people.

Jones has cited the example of EU member states with territories outside the union, such as Greenland and the Canary Islands. He’s posed the question “If it’s possible to do it where a country is a member state, why not if a country isn’t a member state?”.

Jones has told BBC Wales that after a Leave win – he would not trust the Leave Campaign’s leaders to negotiate with Brussels on  behalf of Wales . He says  “If there is a Leave vote on Friday we have to take steps to talk to the EU ourselves in Wales. I’m not going to rely on that lot in the Brexit campaign to represent Wales in Brussels, or at all.”   [PDN Note: In fact such a negotiation would be carried out by the elected UK Government]

The First Minister also claims there are “no guarantees” that financial aid which Wales receives from the EU would be matched by UK ministers after a Brexit.

UKIP Leader Nathan Gill says : “Britain joined the EU together and we will leave the EU together. And it is Westminster that will argue and fight for the best deal for us  but they will fight for the will of the British people and what we’ve said. The links will be retained because obviously Europe wants to trade with the whole of Britain.”

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Rubbish- Jones nor WG have any power. Wales is bankrupt.

  2. If wales votes to remain and england drags us out then i agree with carwyn here.
    You need to remember that wales and england are very different on many levels. What’s good for england can be damaging for wales so it doesnt make sense that every uk wide decision should apply to wales when there is a possible alternative wich could be better for wales.

    • Phil says:

      I don’t understand all those so keen for Wales to “get out of the UK” and stand alone, but the same people want to stay in the EU? Does “independence” become less important when you’re raking in the grant cash?

  3. Nigel Bull says:

    Wales and England are indeed very different, education being one area where we are obviously failing and need EU funds urgently!

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Nigel, as you know there are no EU funds only British taxpayers contributions returned to us after 50% is kept and spent in other EU countries. If we didn’t hand over £12bn this year we could spend more on our schools couldn’t we?

      Nomark Carwyn Jones is displaying yet another example of his own inflated sense of self importance. We haven’t heard him declare that if the UK votes to remain and Wales votes to leave he will also bypass the UK government and treat Wales as being out of the EU.

      Just another political hypocrite.

      • ColinD says:

        Do you honestly, and i mean honestly believe that this apparent £12bn you mention, if the vote is leave, the likes of BoJo, Gove et al are going to plough back into Education, the NHS etc… if you do you are seriously deluded!!! No one can definitely tell you which is the best for the UK simply because no one knows, that said this huge fund will just go into lining different peoples pockets, the public… us, are unlikely to benefit either way

      • Ian Perry says:

        I think that Kevin Mahoney might spend £12bn trying to disprove the findings of climate scientists.

        Of perhaps this money will be used to pay for additional armed forces, so that the UK has a military that is independent of other nations?

    • Tom says:

      the sorry state of education in Wales has little to do with funds

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Colin what i honestly believe, and in fact know, is that without handing out £12bn net this year to subsidise other EU countries we would have £12bn more. Whether that would then be spent on education, the NHS or paying back some of the national debt would be a matter for the government of the day not me.

        One thing that is indisputable is that inside the EU, that £12bn will be spent by other countries for the benefit of their citizens rather than our own.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Yes little to do with funds. Average Welsh boy girl is below average. Most of the clever gene pool has headed to England.

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Well Ian

        1) We do actually already have a military that is independent of other nations although of course the EU is trying to change that.

        I certainly do feel a little more secure in having our own armed forces in these uncertain times rather than rely on the Ian Perry / plaid method of arming half a dozen defence volunteers with broom handles and asking nasty people not to cause any trouble or we’ll have a tantrum.

        2) I’m not trying to disprove any so called climate scientists of whom of course as many disagree with the eco loon rantings of the greens and your own beloved plaid as agree with them.

        People are already too afraid to put their heating on in winter due to exorbitant fuel costs pushed up by by so called green tariffs on energy which then pay out fortunes to rich landowners to site useless wind turbines on their land, the cost of which as repeatedly reported in the media leads to thousands of unnecessary deaths amongst the old every winter.

        You must be very proud of that achievement? I’m not.


  4. Huw says:

    While I’m not a fan of carwyn , he doesn’t have to give a hoot about the will of the British public , The people of Wales are his only concern ! And if they vote differently to England surely he has an obligation to do what he can to deliver.
    But I like the majority will vote to stay, and we can put this sorry mess to bed.

  5. EH says:

    I can see his point (Wales gains more from EU than England and his administration benefits from EU grants) but it does seem like wishful thinking. If the UK does leave, I believe we’ll have a constitutional mess that’ll take years to sort out. In fact things may never be the same again even if we remain. The genie is out of the bottle either way…

    • Christopher David says:

      Some here just don’t read. Wales is bankrupt. Block grant. Budget Deficit. England have power. End of- Carwyn is not spent- he never had a fuse let alone a bang and The WG are the same. Discussion re Carwyn and WG going it alone are fatuous and superfluous. Sorry.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Carwyn can croak all he likes if the uk votes out than that includes Wales. PS the assembly is a bit like the EU. Only half voted for it and it changes year by year. Now to be known as the Welsh parliament. Yee gods give me strength jumped up councillors.

  7. The boy done good. says:

    What a useless windage.

  8. Peter Church says:

    I heard the ultimate welsh wind bag on the radio this morning winging,whining, Kinnock!
    I wonder how much that family has had in salaries from Europe?

  9. ak says:

    Is this an old recycled April Fool joke ?

  10. Martin Coffee says:

    Yet again these political people have driven me mad with their drivel. I just was the election to be over, I no longer care about the result, I’ve had enough. These political people might enjoy their games and antics but I don’t.

    • Peter Church says:

      You are so apolitical that you don’t care or even comment, hang on you just did comment!
      Is this catch22?

  11. AK says:

    Wales voted out too – so that’s the end of that bit of political pie in the sky.

    The UK’s negotiating power ended at 10pm last Thursday.

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