The Byrd Crescent polling station this morning

The Byrd Crescent polling station was open at 07:00 this morning for voting in the European Referendum.

Staff at the Byrd Crescent polling station have received a complaint this morning about the potential for fraud which, it was alleged, could be the outcome of  voters being required to use officially-provided pencils rather than pens or ball-points to record their votes.

The presiding officer at Byrd Crescent said there was nothing out-of-the-ordinary about the set-up at the polling station  – all the items, including the pencils provided in the polling booths were standard and exactly the same as those at other polling stations throughout the Vale of Glamorgan.

The ballot paper on which members of the public are recording their E U Referendum votes with a cross (in pencil) today.

The ballot paper on which members of the public are recording their E U Referendum votes with a cross (in pencil) today.

A voter – who is remaining anonymous – has however told the Vale of Glamorgan staff at the polling station that using pencils to mark ballot papers leaves votes “open to be fraudulently altered at the counting stages.”  . He says that in not taking steps to “secure the validity of each vote[ by using ink rather than erasable pencil]  a local authority could leave itself open to allegations of fraud .


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  1. Louise C says:

    I’ve voted in the UK for 33 years and we’ve always used pencils. By legitimising these ‘concerns’ you empower the paranoid Leavers to question the result.
    Hopefully we will have a high turnout and a clear winner otherwise we’ll have lots of arguing after.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    Votes are not counted at polling stations and there are no exit polls even though the finance industry is using them. You can draw your own conclusions as to the reasons. Vote Leave can essentially win by any margin, and all the security services have to do is to say they lost. Period.

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    The one I marked said Remain at the bottom !

  4. Louise C says:

    You might think it’s funny or clever to undermine democracy with lunatic conspiracy theories, but once you’ve fired up a mob of ignorant half wits you might lose control of them. You’re playing a dangerous game.

    • Ian Perry says:

      I agree!

      If someone wanted to cheat the election, rather than sit in a crowded room rubbing out the crosses in front of witnesses, and the media, and remarking the papers with a cross in the other box, you’d simply switch the boxes.

      We’ve had weeks of people shouting without checking their facts, or in the case of some politicians, simply telling lies. Let’s not dwell on this ridiculous claim any more.

  5. Pragmatic Penarth says:

    Some inks are water soluble and can be removed with the right combination of acids and bases so take a scalpel and carve your x into the leave box if you don’t want to look a total mug! And don’t forget to attach a DVD of yourself proclaiming your voting intentions whilst holding a copy of today’s paper!

  6. Christopher David says:

    JBW- I’ve heard it all now. Even the official pencil bit is laughable HARR.

  7. Huw Williams says:

    I think they use good old fashioned indelible pencils – probably their only use nowadays.

  8. Casl says:

    Would there be any objections if each individual had there own choice whether to take their own pen to the booth to vote, there isn’t any instructions as to what is acceptable. At least if people took their own pen people may be reassured and happier with their vote.

  9. Louise C says:

    Not being funny, but is Private Eye magazine writing this increasingly surreal message board?

  10. ColinD says:

    You’ll know who reported this as fraud, they’ll be the person walking round Penarth with their head wrapped in tin foil so that MI5 can’t read their thoughts!!

  11. Steve says:

    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

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