Dozens of "Remain" slogans have been chalked on pavements and walls in the town centre of Penarth

Dozens of “Remain” slogans have been chalked on pavements, walls and pedestrian crossings  in the town centre of Penarth.

Angry retailers and shop staff have been attempting to clean-up the town centre of Penarth this morning after an overnight attack by vandals supporting the E U “Remain” campaign .

“Remain” slogans have been chalked on pavements, pedestrian crossings and shop doorways in Windsor Road, Glebe St, Stanwell Road  and Windsor Terrace.

The Penarth Town Centre Clock Roundabout has been defiled with multi-coloured grafitti

The Penarth Town Centre Clock Roundabout has been defiled with multi-coloured graffiti

Even the town’s Clock Roundabout – the Piccadilly Circus of Penarth –  was defiled by “Remain” vandals who chalked the word ‘in’ on its white walls in blue chalk.

The graffiti “artists” had targeted the pavements leading to pedestrian crossings in particular but prompt work by bank staff and other shop workers  erased most of the crudely drawn and grossly misleading propaganda .

Shop workers had been out early to scrub away the offending and misleading slogans

Shop workers had been out early to scrub away the offending and misleading slogans

One shopper said this morning “How dare they do this to our town. They’re already trying to wreck the country – now they’re disfiguring Penarth – it just shows what idiots the Remain people are”  .

Another said  “If ordinary people had  behaved like this and drawn graffiti everywhere they would have been prosecuted. Why haven’t the police identified them on the town’s CCTV system?”.

One of the graffiti artists appeared to have undergone a Damascene conversion and expressed doubts about voting "Remain"

One of the graffiti artists appeared to have undergone a Damascene conversion and expressed doubts about voting “Remain” by adding the words “Might be” and “or not” “(Photos by Nina)

Shopkeepers complained that customers were coming into their premises with chalk on their shoes and they were having to hoover their carpets numerous times to get rid of the mess.

The pavements were also being scrubbed outside Penarth Public Library. It remains to be seen whether any South Wales Police will investigate the incidents and  take action any against the perpetrators.

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  1. Elizabeth Turner says:

    I’m not really sure expressing a political opinion in a washable chalk counts as ‘defiling’ or ‘graffiti’, it’s less permanent than placards that people have taken to fixing to lampposts and other public areas. Also, as for ‘grossly misleading propaganda’, I’m not sure Remain are the worst culprits.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      If using chalk for hopscotch is criminal damage then so is this.

      I hope these political people are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They’ve been intolerable for weeks now and this is the last straw. I’ve really had enough of them.

      • Alex Hughes says:

        You have to be kidding. Intolerable? Chalk – pavements? What are your views on Farage’s tolerance towards immigrants?

      • Sam Osborne says:

        Intolerable? Really? Tory & Leave supporter, Dominic Peacock’s insanely offensive tweet about Jo Cox, Brexit supporters flying a leave banner over Jo Cox’s memorial. Now that’s intolerable. The chalk will wash away in the next downpour. I would suggest you get a bit of perspective.

      • Russ says:

        Chalk is not damage, the people writing it are not vandals.
        GET A GRIP!

  2. Louise C says:

    Chalk isn’t vandalising anything. Hearts are not really abusive, are they? ‘Leavers’ don’t have much sense of proportion, do they?

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    I saw it when I came out of the pub –
    So I went back in !
    Nothing wrong with that !

  4. Brickie says:

    It’s only chalk, get over it!

  5. Peter Church says:

    The IN seem to be kids with no jobs hood winked into giving out leaflets by Labour.
    The reason they have no jobs, well do you need to ask?

    • Elizabeth Turner says:

      May I?

      • Peter Church says:


        Well, you know how the accents of those who work in bars, restaurants etc are not really local or even UK national anymore? These are the sort of job most young local kids would do 10-20 years ago, they have now been taken by others, for whom the minimum wage is 4 times their country average wage.
        Half that money get sent out of the UK, making this a double whammy!

        You asked.

      • Alex Hughes says:

        Peter – they are as local and UK national as you and I are and like the many doctors and nurses who you have probably been served, attended and looked after by are more than welcome in this country doing their jobs and simply making a living in fact they are more likely to work harder than most. Do you know how racist you sound?

      • The boy done good. says:

        Alex, even the Guardian has stopped calling those against unfettered immigration racists. You sound so 2009.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Saw an old gent with a sandwich board on Cogan spur walking up and down. He had remain plus lots of other small multicoloured mad writing. Rang 101 to report him before he get knocked down. 101 told me that the call in important to us. But after 30 mins I gave up! Pressure on public services I suppose. Now which way shall I vote.

    • Elizabeth Turner says:

      I didn’t realise democracy had an age limit, was it his age or his political opinions you considered to be a danger to him?

    • Ian Perry says:

      Not many will give up their time and make such an effort to make the world a better place. Very few people voting today have checked to see if the claims made by politicians and activists are true. Few actually understand how the EU works, and the role that the UK government, and our MEP’s play in decision-making.

      Thank you to the gentleman with his sandwich board for his efforts – and good sense. 🙂

  7. Jenny Williams says:

    I have seen so many Leave posters on motorway bridges today, plus many others on farm land, very large posters on houses and pubs. What can the remain side manage, a chalk drawing on the pavement done in the middle of the night. 🙂
    Yes, maybe LEAVE is the way forward,
    It feels like the London 2012 spirit today.
    Tomorrow will be even better when we get the country back.

    • Alex Hughes says:

      Jenny – if you don’t get to LEAVE the EU tomorrow, will you be leaving the UK instead?

  8. Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

    You might be interested in this old BBC News link I found.
    So called Economic experts urging the UK to join the Euro.
    It made me laugh!!

    Ask anyone now and they think the Euro currency is doomed, even the Scots wanted to keep good ole Sterling

  9. Martin Coffee says:

    Alex Hughes
    I think intolerable is the right word to describe their antics over this election. It seems to me that they fight their battles as if they are still in their school playgrounds. I’ve have more than enough of them and consider intolerable to well define my feelings.

    I don”t know very much of Farage’s tolerance towards immigrants or any other politicians. I loathe the way political people behave in parliament, towards each other, and towards normal people, and I’m not in the least interested in their views.

  10. M davies says:

    Chalk on their shoes Oh dear me what a todo!!!!!!! In the 40s and 50s etc we all chalked anywhere we could . No one complained about chalk on their shoes! We seem to have developed a Namby Pamby group in our society . Grow up .get over it . The rain will soon wash I off anyway

  11. Dave says:

    Was undecided but just been to vote LEAVE after feeling embarrassed on behalf of those who thought they were being quirky and ‘subliminal’ by chalking on the pavements. Perhaps they were OUT campaigners and their intention was to irritate people into contrary voting?

    • Hey Dave, you’ve thought long and hard about this vote all these weeks and then a chalked message on the pavement decides it for you? I’m glad that it’s the important things that swung it for you.

    • Elizabeth Turner says:

      The fact you choose to make political decisions based on something so trivial, Dave, reflects so much more gravely on you than it does those who chose to peacefully express their political opinions last night.

      • Dave says:

        Me = empty-headed and insignificant
        Paul and Elizabeth = cosmopolitan and important

  12. Jan says:

    People waving banners saying leave on bridges over the A470 now that’s dangerous. Distracting and maybe criminal. Chalk on pavements..if that’s all people have to worry about they’re very blessed! Be glad when this whole thing i
    s over and people can maybe be kinder. I live in hope

  13. Sonofmars says:

    Who knew Penarth was so petty and small minded.

  14. CoexistinPenarth says:

    It’s chalk, it will wash off as soon as it rains. Chill out peeps 🙂

  15. DazedandConfused says:

    I thought that this was satire. Was I wrong

  16. Penarth girl says:

    I saw the chalk marks all over the pavements just after 9am this morning and felt PROUD that someone had taken the time to express themselves. After reading some of these toxic an pd presumptuous comments about who might have done them, I feel that maybe I don’t belong in Penarth if there are such awful people living here. What happened to tolerance and freedom of speech? What a small minded bunch you Brexit people are. I sincerely hope your smug attitude is wiped off your faces tomorrow morning. Whatever way the vote goes, I will always consider myself European, as well as someone who is a third generation Penarthian.

    • Louise C says:

      Hear hear

    • Ralf says:

      Well said

    • Alice says:

      You know where the door is.

    • Peter Church says:

      Penarth Girl, “smug attitudes wiped off your faces”
      Strange I thought you were asking people to be more tolerant, there seems to be a certain amount of hypocrisy on the Remain side as well.
      Anyhow, I think you were on the losing side so did you check your mirror this morning.

    • Ralf says:

      Penarth Girl. You can at least take some solace from the fact that Penarth and the Vale and our neighbours Cardiff voted to remain in the EU. So at least you know the narrow minded bitter responders to your post are in the minority in Penarth

  17. Martha says:

    I saw them doing this last night – four middle-aged women. I recognised one of them!

  18. Brickie says:

    Gosh, reading this lot: hs Penarth gone bonkers?

  19. Sheila says:

    I agree. What a load of rubbish! If this is an example of the mentality of those who voted to leave the EU I am not surprised by the result. They deserve what awaits them in this brave new post EU world of isolation, selfishness and xenophobia that they seem to have opted for.

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