On April 15th and 16th the whole of Station Approach will be cleared of cars to stage the largest-ever "Picnic Penarth" street-food festival.

The new bike racks and crossing points are to be installed next month at the junction of Station Approach and Victoria Road .

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to install bike-parking stands and pedestrian crossing points with “tactile” dropped kerbs at Station Approach.

The new bike stands and crossings will be installed at the  junction of Victoria Road with Station Approach . The crossing points will not be formal zebra crossings.

Construction work is scheduled to begin on during the week commencing Monday July 27th and the project will take about 2 weeks to complete.  Access to some pavements and crossing points will be out of bounds to the public whilst the work is under way .

The "D" section of pavement at Station Approach - currently only used as a pedestrian refuge - may have 5 bike racks installed on it in a "fan" configuration if the Vale of Glamrogan council follows the recommendations of Penarth Council's Momentum Group

The “D” section of pavement at Station Approach – currently only used as a pedestrian refuge – may have 5 bike racks installed on it in a “fan” configuration if the Vale of Glamorgan council follows last year’s recommendations of Penarth Council’s Momentum Group

In August last year a report by Penarth Town Council’s “Interim Momentum Group” had reviewed bike parking facilities in the town and had recommended that the  “D shaped” traffic island over the road from Foxy’s Cafe & Deli should have 5 bike racks installed on it in a fan configuration to “pleasantly reflect” the curve of the adjacent Royal Buildings .

It’s not yet known whether the Vale Council will follow the layout proposed by the Penarth Momentum Group

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  1. Mgg says:

    Of course they won’t follow a good idea .and don’t get me started on parking across dropped kerbs

    • Martin Coffee says:

      I can show you a dropped curbed in Penarth where it is legal to park across it. Unbelievable incompetence.

  2. Paul says:

    Perhaps if the road there had fewer potholes cyclists and wheelchair users might be able to cross the road, that should be a higher priority than bike parking in my opinion

  3. Harry says:

    What about the potholes!

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    Completely daft. Will there be space for bikes and pedestrians? Is that the best location? Have they consulted any cyclists. Probably not. Has the secretive momentum group asked cyclists? The town council can’t even tell me who is on this group who haven’t reported since last year. Anne

    • Martin Coffee says:

      More to the point, have they consulted pedestrians?

      Us pedestrians were not consulted over the zig zag paths. Bicycle people where though.

    • Mgg says:

      The momentum group chairman reported at the Future of Penarth Meeting in May . You say council can’t tell you members of the group .Have you asked? Did the council say won’t? Please explain

  5. Huw says:

    It’s bike racks and dropped curbs not strip clubs and opium dens.

  6. Paul says:

    Huw, you’re coming across like a bit of a troll. People haven’t said they oppose dropped curbs or racks. They have raised the question of the quality of the road and whether there’s enough room for pedestrians and racks – all fair points. No one has suggested these questions are some anti labour rant other than you. Perhaps you should listen to your own advice and “Ask mummy to put your toys back into the pram and grow up !”

    • Huw says:

      What rant ? Trolling is done for enjoyment , I merely wish to point out the constant negativity. Nothing can be given its merits before its torn to pieces.

  7. ak says:

    It’s a bike rack, not the Taj Mahal.. Yes, it’s the best location – have you ever walked across that semi circle ? I may have done once or twice in 30 odd years

    You park your bike on it while you go shopping or go for a coffee.

    There is plenty room for five bikes plus pedestrians. If you’re worried about crossing there, there is a zebra crossing 20 m away.

    More bike racks means fewer cars means fewer potholes.

    • Paul says:

      “I’m not against pointing out flaws , but somepeople like to moan about everything, nothing must change unless is going backwards . Or is it just because a labour controlled council is doing this and party politics forbids you to be positive ?”

      Don’t see anyone else bringing politics into this, my opinion is that our roads and pavements are a disgrace and should be sorted out ahead of this. A cyclist or pedestrian is going to have an accident soon tripping over one of these potholes. More bike racks won’t mean fewer cars or fewer potholes – maintaining the roads properly will sort out the potholes, encourage more cycling and hence fewer cars.

  8. penarthblog says:

    Anne, my name is Des Lloyd and I’m a member of the Momentum Group.

  9. I think anything that encourages cyclists IS a good idea.
    We can argue till the cows come home re the perfect site and other contributing factors but the reality is things need to be done not talked about forever and have the momentum (pun intended) sapped out of them.
    if racks go in and they get used they will then have more people to ask about the siting of future racks… simple marginal gains.
    we are lucky we have a big shop and can let people bring their bikes in most others cant so having safe places to secure a bike is important.
    pot holes are a problem but a separate one – lets tackle one thing at a time 🙂

  10. Mgg says:

    Anne .I’m still waiting

  11. Parcel says:

    I see dropped kerbs and raised bridges, it all balances itself out in the end…..

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