Passing strangers now: First Minister gave only tepid support to Jeremy Corbyn today

Passing strangers:  Carwyn Jones First Minister of the Welsh Lib/Lab Coalition Government (left)  gave only dilute and tepid support to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn (right) today

As the Labour Party continues to implode, the Welsh Labour Government’s  “First Minister” for Wales – Carwyn Jones – has today chosen to disown any personal responsibility for the thrashing his “Remain” campaign received in the EU Referendum in Wales

First Minister Jones – who himself struggled to get re-elected as Labour Leader in Wales – has also now chosen to give only the flimsiest degree of support to the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn .t

Welsh Lib/Lab coalition First Minister Carwyn Jones distanced himself from the "Remain" campaign and said "It wasn't my referendum"

Welsh Lib/Lab coalition First Minister Carwyn Jones distanced himself from the “Remain” campaign and said “It wasn’t my referendum”

Asked on Radio Wales  if Corbyn could credibly lead the Labour Party if half of the party’s shadow cabinet resigned, Jones conceded it would  “make it very difficult” for Corbyn to carry on in office as Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party.

Asked whether he had confidence in Corbyn, the First Minister  phrased his way around the question and appeared to give less than a ringing endorsement of his party leader  – saying he was “someone  whose heart is very much in it” and who was “committed to his role”.

In the light of the overwhelming vote against the EU across most of Wales, Carwyn Jones – who had led the “Remain” campaign here – was asked whether he had considered his own position. [ i.e. had he thought of resigning?].

Jones appeared to disown and deny any personal responsibility for the outcome of the vote  – saying It wasn’t my referendum. He said he had warned Prime Minister David Cameron not to hold the EU referendum so close to the Welsh Assembly elections.

Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth’s Conservative Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies – who is the leader of the Conservatives in Wales – said in contrast to the “depressing interview” given by Carwyn Jones today  – that there is a “real bright future ahead” for Wales  and there are “enormous opportunities ahead” .

He said that for Carwyn Jones to “actually talk about the closure of Port Talbot [steelworks] because of the referendum result on Thursday is just scaremongering” 

Davies said “the deals and the trade agreements are in place, business continues”  and for First Minister  Carwyn Jones to “talk about car companies pulling out of Britain and no demand for steel really is scaremongering of the highest order – and a bit of reality needs to be got hold of here”.


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  1. Brickie says:

    No surprise there then

    • Philip Rapier says:

      “Never, ever, shall be slaves!”
      What on Earth is there to cry about exactly?
      Look at it this way.
      Are you ” Out and Proud to be a Nimby” ? If you are this BREXIT is GREAT NEWS ?. Ask yourself why avaricious compulsive House Bullders had the biggest share fall at 25%!
      Simply because their excuse for being complicit with Westminster in the rigging of the so called Housing Shortage Figures has disappeared overnight
      Surely it is bliss to see the smug smile removed from the face of the greedy Barretts Wimpey Crest mafia of cementaholics and replaced with a few tears.
      SHELL and BP shares hardly flickered on Friday because they are great UK owned firms. Of course they wouldn’t put that on the BBC /Sky News because it’s a positive fact.

      • Fishhenge says:

        ??? Shell is the American operating arm of an Anglo/Dutch company.

      • Louise C says:

        FTSE 100 is full of large firms that mainly trade abroad, a low pound suits them. FTSE 250 is a wider index and it’s down 13% since the vote. Happy days!

      • Louise C says:

        Government stake in Lloyds Bank has lost £2 billion in value since vote. Still good news?

      • Peter Church says:

        Labour Councillor Philip Rapier you are a disgrace.
        Your comments are bordering on the bizarre, surprised you are still in the Labour party, then again Corybn is still in!

  2. Ian Norton says:

    Nice one, Carwyn – with a sidestep like that you should be playing for Wales!

  3. Kevin Mahoney says:

    The First Crybaby appears to be never responsible for anything

  4. Christopher David says:

    Petticoats showing Carwyn- so actually you and Corbyn make a good double act. YOU and Corbyn are responsible for your own inadequacies regardless of how the result stands and who we individually voted for.

  5. ak says:

    I see the UK Civil Service is saying it needs hundreds (maybe thousands) of new staff to cope with the negotiating demands of Brexit.

    Imagine – hundreds, maybe thousands of unelected bureaucrats in Whitehall………………………..

    Hundreds, maybe thousands, usual Whitehall guesstimate

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