Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies is leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies is leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies – Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly (and who campaigned for Leaving the EU) is working to head-off a blatantly undemocratic attempt by the Welsh Labour Government to exclude “Leave” supporters from forthcoming negotiations in UK withdrawal from the European Union.

In EU Referendum, Wales voted overwhelmingly in favour of Leave with  854,572 (52.5%)  of Welsh voters supporting withdrawal from the EU votes – against only  772,347 (47.5%) who voted for Remain  on a turnout of 71 .7%.

Yet now the Welsh Labour/Liberal Coalition Government in the National Assembly has declared that it sees “no merit” in Leave advisers being involved in a committee of Welsh advisors being established to assist Conservative MP David Jones in preparing for EU withdrawal negotiations.

The Welsh Labour Government is trying to keep Leave experts out of the "Brexit" neogitations

The Welsh Labour Government is trying to keep Leave experts out of the “Brexit” neogitations

Andrew R T Davies  is demanding that the negotiating team must  include politicians who campaigned for Leave (or “Brexit”) in its negotiations on withdrawing from  the EU, according to the leader of the Welsh Conservatives. He says the Welsh Labour Government has signally “failed to reflect public opinion”.

Yesterday UK Prime Minister David Cameron said all the devolved governments would be involved in Brexit negotiations and Conservative MP David Jones called for the Welsh Government First Minister to appoint a Leave supporter to advise him in the vital talks .

Andrew R T Davies said that despite the expectations of many, “Wales has proven itself to be a Eurosceptic nation”. As negotiations in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU continue, the Welsh Government must ensure public opinion is better reflected as part of this process.”

Davies said the country needed “strong leadership that reflects the wishes of its people, and ensures the best deal for our country in this new era.That should include a role for those politicians of all parties who campaigned for a vote to leave.”

A Welsh Government spokesman is quoted as saying  “We don’t see any merit in this idea. The Welsh Government will work through the consequences of the vote in good faith in the interests of the people of Wales.”

Leanne Wood - Leader of Plaid Cymru the Welsh Nationalist Party - which is now reviving calls for an independent Wales

Leanne Wood – Leader of Plaid Cymru the Welsh Nationalist Party –  is now reviving calls for an independent Wales

Meanwhile Leanne Wood the leader of the Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru – which is propping up Labour in power in the National Assembly – says her party wants to “keep the option open of remaining part of the European Union. We see our future as using pound sterling; we see the potential for pooling other functions, and that remains to be seen what they are.”

Wood is also now reviving the party’s dormant demand for Independence for Wales . She says “There’s a discussion to be had between the different countries that make up the United Kingdom. Everything has been thrown up in the air by last Thursday’s vote.”


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  1. elizabeth cocks says:

    I for one have every faith that the ELECTED Assembly Members of Wales will negotiate in the best interest of Wales regardless of if they were in the Leave or Remain camps.

  2. Christopher David says:

    So bankrupt wales want to be independent…….does it? Grow up L Wood- how can Wales make up a budget deficit of £29 million a week? Are the EU going to stump up? And those that didn’t manage to swing their own labour voters to vote remain now want to be in charge of the exit. Wales is a political sit com.

  3. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Well basically what has been thrown up in the air is that deluded Leanne and plaid cymru have demonstrated yet again that they clearly haven’t a clue as to the mood and views of the Welsh public.

    She seems to have gone decidedly quiet on her previous pledge of representing the remain aspirations of Wales as it was so pro EU (in her words) after she found out that she was totally out of touch with what actually proved to be anti EU Wales.

  4. Louise C says:

    The negotiators need to be intelligent people who put the good of the country above ideology, that disqualifies most brexiteers.

  5. Martin Coffee says:

    Since the leave people didn’t actually have a plan on how to leave the EU I don’t see that they have an right to have any more say than the stay people.

    Having seen how the leave people behaved during their campaign I will never vote vote for them in any future election.

  6. Big Davey says:

    Mrs Wood, it will be a short conversation.

    “So you want independence for Wales. Who is going to pay the £12bn annual shortfall that England provides to Wales to make the principality solvent?”


    “Ummmmmmm, I’ll get my coat”

  7. Christopher David says:

    Davey- its over £15 billion. and now the feckless Carwyn who failed like Corbyn in his non campaign states he’s demanding England (I’ve written to the Prime Minister see) make up every penny of the lost EU finds (over and above the Barnett £15 billion we receive) Carwyn- Davey Cam has gone- and why should England give a fruit. Wales voted out. Whether you voted in or our it remains Wales is truly “run” by idiots like Jones and Wood.

  8. Ann Other says:

    Would it not be useful for the socialists and nationalists to look up the meaning of the word ‘democracy’ in a dictionary? Wales as a whole (whatever we did in Penarth) voted in no uncertain terms to leave the EU. The UK discussions about this particular matter which are referred to in this article need to be conducted by a representative team, perhaps constituted on the basis of the voting percentages in Wales, because this is a specific, constitutional issue. Why would anyone want Jones to represent Wales in talks? His obsolete party has not even been able to represent accurately the views of own traditional working-class voters, only the views of the affluent, middle-class leftists everywhere from London to Cardiff.

  9. Ian Perry says:

    In the 2015 general election, the Conservative Party campaigning for a referendum won 36.9% of the votes cast. Given that this is enough to give the Conservative Party a majority in the House of Commons, and to force all kinds of laws, spending cuts, environmental destruction and taxes upon us, why isn’t 48.1% of the vote in a referendum enough to ensure continued EU membership?

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