The Headlands School campus includes a floodlit sports pitch and some local houses have been converted to residential accommodation for boarders (Photo Google Earth)

The Headlands School campus includes several large trees and their removal will make a considerable difference to the appearance of Penarth Head – “Pen yr Arth” or “The Bear’s Head”   (Photo Google Earth)

Headlands School in the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth is applying for planning permission to fell nine large trees in the school grounds

The trees are all subject to Tree Preservation Orders and permission has to be given by the Vale of Glamorgan planning office before it can go ahead.

The trees facing the shop comprise: –

  • A Horse-chestnut
  • Five  Sycamore trees
  • A Holm Oak
  • Two Cherry trees

The school has also sought permission for a “Sonic Tomograph inspection” of a large Wellingtonia tree and the removal of a snapped limb of an Ash tree.

Proposals for 70 new homes on the site of Penarth's NCH Children's Home were part of the Local Development Plan

Proposals for 70 new homes on the site of Penarth’s NCH Children’s Home were part of the Local Development Plan

No reason for the felling has been given in the associated documentation . The trees in the grounds of Headlands are some of the largest in Penarth and form a major part of the Headland scenery – the “Pen yr Arth”  or “Bear’s Head” – and contribute to its distinctive green and leafy look when viewed from across the Bay .

Contentious proposals for 70 new homes on the site of Headlands School are incorporated in the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s yet-to-be-adopted Local Development Plan – which awaits examination in a public inquiry.



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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Save Our Trees. Trees are an integral part of the character and charm of Penarth. If we can’t even keep trees that have P.T.O.s we will soon have none left by the chop happy Labour Vale council. Already after the recent mass chainsaw massacre of the escarpment trees, the view from the bay is of a characterless row of white houses, hardly beckoning guests from Cardiff. If these wonderful trees go then leafy Penarth will be no more.

  2. Modom says:

    Please! No more references to Bears Heads…….It is Pen Y Garth, as in the school of the same name. Penarth is a corruption of that, as in Pen -arth.
    A Garth is a hill or ridge, so Head of the Hill,
    The new corruption of Bears Head is lazy and incorrect.

  3. I support those concerned about the possibility of the removal of so many trees from such a prominent site in Penarth. Most of these are long established and fine specimens, which is why they have a TPO placed on them in the first place. Housing development on an intensive scale is no reason for such desecration at this high point site.. I am sure locals living in the area will support my view. Of course this school is nothing to do with the Vale of Glamorgan Council, so please do not confuse the two when corresponding with the Vale of Glamorgan Trees Officer to place your objections.

    • Anne says:

      As a local I thank you for your support. Please can you tell me why this application is even being considered when there is a presumption against felling Trees with TPOs. Putting in an application before a development plan for the site is a ploy to clear the site of trees that could for devlopers hamper develpment and shouldnt be permitted. Officers should have immediatly rejected this. The application states that the applicant is Adele Briggs Mitie Landscapes Ltd, 2, Colwick Quays, Colwick Quay Bus Park, Colwick,

  4. Mgg says:

    Rather hope any development doesn’t mean demolishingbthe old Hotel let alone the trees !

  5. Ivor Bagman says:

    Anyone who removes a holm oak
    Needs felling .

  6. CelticMan says:

    No no no

  7. Sounds quite a progressive development idea to me, and don’t forget the UK housing crisis means we need to be greenlighting hundreds of thousands of new homes each year!!
    Trees shouldn’t have priority over housing everyone, even ones with TPOs, however large they are in my view!! Sorry, I won’t be objecting…quite the opposite in fact!!

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