An ambulance and a police mobile unit attended the scene of this morning's accident at the tricky Windsor Road/Plassey St junction

An ambulance and a police mobile unit attended the scene of this morning’s incident at the tricky Windsor Road/Plassey St junction/roundabout

A police patrol unit and an ambulance were called to the junction of Plassey St and Windsor Road this morning following a collision involving two  saloon cars .

One of the casualties was treated inside the ambulance but police said later no one was seriously injured.

The safety of this section of the main road into Penarth has been raised as a matter of concern for several years but nothing has yet been done to improve it . The layout at this point is basically a forked Y-junction which has a roundabout inserted in the middle of it.

Sight-lines for motorists  when approaching the junction from Penarth Town Centre are poor. Even though traffic emerging from Plassey Street should have priority over vehicles heading West from Penarth , many drivers unfamiliar with the layout, fail to see cars approaching from their right. The cause of today’s collision is not yet known.

This crash in Victoria Road Penarth was one of the 181 collisions in the Vale of Glamorgan last year (Photo Tom Crooks)

This crash in Victoria Road, Penarth, was one of the 181 collisions in the Vale of Glamorgan last year (Photo Tom Crooks)

New figures released today show there were 181 road accidents in the Vale of Glamorgan  in 2015 – compared with 213 in the year ending 2014.

Across the whole of Wales accidents fell from 5,876  in 2014 to 5,543 in 2015.


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  1. Jan Harding says:

    this junction is lethal, please do something about it before someone is killed. thank you.

  2. Jalopy says:

    Yes. I have had manny a near miss when either: People coming from Plassey Street don’t slow down at all and caution is advised if you are also heading out of town using Winsor road or: Going UP Windsor Road people coming from Plassey Street hastenly ill judge the speed of traffic coming up.

    I hate this roundabout.

    Also to editor: Those are hatchback cars, not saloon. 🙂

  3. AK says:

    I wonder if the two drivers were actually unfamiliar with the junction – or just regular chancers.

    No such thing as a dangerous junction – just bad driving.

    It’s a roundabout – give way to traffic coming from the right, what could be simpler ?

    • SJ says:

      exactly , people seem to forget this basic rule about giving way to traffic on your right, I live on Plassey Street so use this roundabout on a daily basis, traffic travelling down Plassey Street can clearly see vehicles on their right, therefore do not slow down if their give way is clear, the vehicles coming out of Windsor Road do not have such a clear view of vehicles and common sense should prevail and they should SLOW down, the amount of near missis Ive had is ridiculous.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      about two years ago I slowed down driving down Windsor Road and at the roundabout a “Chelsea tractor” went into the back of me-no injuries and the driver paid for the damage but due to poor visibility it is virtually impossible to negotiate the roundabout safely-I now use the Plassey Street route-better visibility but not perfect-travelling up into Penarth it is not too bad!-don’t think there will be a serious accident but you have to take into account there are some drivers who cannot judge speed and distance and do not know when to give way at a roundabout.

  4. sjleworthy says:

    Must admit i’ve yet to see an accident either. That junction/roundabout doesnt need a costly tax payer change, it’s the poor drivers than need a shake up. It’s black and white how it should be negociated. Anything else is poor driving.

  5. Anne says:

    20s Plenty in Penarth. The sooner that is introduced the better.

  6. Fishhenge says:

    It’s time the lower end of Plassey Street was closed at its junction with Windsor Road. And maybe High St/Arcot St and Glebe St given priority.

  7. MGG says:

    Yep matter of time before two chancers or one cause a fatality . Glad my car was just scrapped ( worn out not an accident!) as i wont be on the receiving end. As AK notes its simple roundabout rules but most cant follow the rules at the clock .Its not right but it needs speed bumps .

  8. Ian Perry says:

    This junction has a traffic circle, rather than a roundabout. It has been poorly designed and could easily be improved, without spending huge sums of money. However, this is unlikely to happen – we might just get more traffic signals that are expensive, result in traffic delays, and often have safety records that are not as good as junctions with roundabouts.

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