First Minister in the Welsh Labour Government Carwyn Jones ducked questions about whether his government had made any contingency preparations for an Out vote in the E U Referendum

The “livid” First Minister in the Welsh Labour Government Carwyn Jones ducked questions about whether his government had made any contingency preparations for a “Leave” vote in the E U Referendum

The Welsh Labour Government’s First Minister for Wales –  Carwyn Jones – has attempted to distance himself from the E U Referendum, has tacitly admitted his administration had made no contingency preparations for the possibility of a “Leave” vote and has avoided promising any role for  Leave supporters in forthcoming advisory talks.

Jones’s  Welsh Labour/Liberal Coalition Government does not have a majority in the Welsh Assembly and had backed the Remain campaign in the EU Referendum – a decision which turned out to be totally at odds with the majority view of voters in Wales who backed “Leave” by    854,572 votes  – a majority of 5% on a massive 71% turn out.

Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies asked three question of the First Minister and received no answers.

Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies asked three questions of the First Minister and received no answers.

In the Welsh Assembly Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies [who supported the victorious Leave campaign ] asked Labour First Minister  Carwyn Jones whether he had “engaged fully” and had not looked at the European Referendum as “someone else’s referendum” [ First Minister Jones had implied, in a Sunday radio interview, that the E U referendum was David Cameron’s idea- and nothing to do with him – even though theoretically both were on the same side  – supporting “Remain”] .

The First Minister dodged the question and replied –  grudgingly –  “Well, it’s not the ground that I would have chosen – or the timing. I told the Prime Minister that, but it’s important that we had the referendum and the result is now known”     

Davies retorted “That’s hardly a ringing endorsement, is it First Minister?”

Davies also asked First Minister Jones whether he had commissioned any preparatory work within the Welsh Government in anticipation of a possible “Leave” result .  First Minister Jones again dodged the question – implying that the Welsh Government had done no contingency planning at all . He went on to claim the outcome was “impossible to model”.

In a third question the First Minister was asked – in effect – whether he would ensure that the views of the Leave campaign and its supporters would be represented in the Welsh committee being set up to advise the Westminster Government as it negotiates Brexit.[Earlier the Welsh Labour Government had rejected the idea of involving any Leave viewpoints in the advisory negotiations] .

The First Minister avoided this question too and blustered that Andrew R T Davies should “start looking at things as if he was Welsh”. He undertook that the Welsh Labour Government would “start explaining the way forward as far as we are concerned bearing in mind what people have said”  [ i.e. voted to Leave the E U ]  – but he gave no undertakings that Vote Leave views (the view of the majority of people in Wales) would be represented in any forthcoming discussions.

Jones demanded that “every penny” of money currently allocated to Wales by the EU – [after having been originally paid over to the EU by the UK Government]  should be paid to the Welsh Labour Government by the UK Government on leaving the EU.

First Minister Carwyn Jones was said by a former Labour Party special advisor to be "livid" aet the result of the E U Referendum

The Welsh Labour Government’s  “furious” First Minister Carwyn Jones was said today by a former Labour Party special advisor to be “livid” at the outcome  of the E U Referendum .

A former Labour special advisor, Cathy Owens, told BBC Wales that Carwyn Jones was “livid”.

She went on to say “You can tell from his responses he is absolutely furious. He knows that it’s quite unlikely he is going to be able to deliver on the manifesto on which he has been elected because the money that the Welsh Government gets is about to fall off a cliff”.

Other observers noted that Carwyn Jones had outlined no strategy for making Wales less aid-dependent and a more self-sufficient, dynamic and productive country.


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    “God who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet”
    “Never ever shall be Slaves”
    As they say in Westminster “ad nauseum” all day every day

    “Let me be absolutely clear about this”

    I and the rest of the Labour Coop Movement and Trade Unionists’ great silent majority-voted out- We are. unashamedly, ecstatically delighted we are out of this vulture capitalism rich mans slave labour recruitment agency known as the European toffs club Union.
    I still detest UKIP and the Leave Campaign and their methodology, it’s NHS £350 million pounds worth of lies, together with it’s VILE racism, with an immeasurable loathing,

    We will not have neo fascist thugs or a lying “junta” running Wales or any part of our great Nations ” I am surprised at the Welsh Tories identifying themselves with them.

    For pity’s sake, I beg you, do what you said you would do when you were sworn in to be part of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and do not be tarnished by association with the racists.
    You could try and do the decent thing and emulate your own Mr. Cameron. He may be a Tory but he has behaved with the great patriotism and dignity of a true Statesman.

    The Assembly will be bailed out by Bank of England Quantitive Easing to meet the budget if necessary until the Money Markets stabilise. Despite the “Leave Campaign NHS £350 MILLION LIE.”

    Good news is the collapse of EU Vulture Capitalist Shares.

    Branson’s Virgin “Hedge Fund” and Virgin Money among the biggest losers.
    Dick Dastardly is in tears as his “Hedge Fund” has lost 30% of “eqivalent stockmarket value”. (pedants please note I know it is not quoted on the Stockmarket- but- may have to go to the markets soon I think)

    Crest Nicholson (Penarth Heights speculative builder) on the brink shares down 60% as of yesterday stockmarket close. Still hopeful we can turn the whole site in to social housing and save Penarth and Sully rom being tarmaced over completely by the Barry based Council.

  2. Christopher David says:

    “Jones demanded that “every penny” of money currently allocated to Wales by the EU – [after having been originally paid over to the EU by the UK Government] should be paid to the Welsh Labour Government by the UK Government on leaving the EU”. Wales voted OUT chump- why would Westminster want to pay Wales a penny over and above the annual £15 billion we already receive? C Jones and L independent Wales Wood are feckless fools.

  3. Tim Hughes says:

    Correct, not even the “leavers”.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Let me see if I got this right , Scotland recently held a referendum as to wether to stay part of the UK and England , Scotland , Wales , Northern Ireland are all considered part of the UK. So if the Scots voted to remain part of the UK as they did , and the referendum was over wether the UK should stay in the EU (as it was ) what is Nicola Sturgeon on about when saying Scotland may hold another referendum as to remain as part of the UK??? If you count up all the votes including Scotland (part of the UK) you will discover REMAIN won the vote . Sturgeon is trying to have her cake and eat it , now she thinks she can hold a vote ( after the event and backdate it if she wins another independence vote. The Government itself does not know what its doing , add Scotlands votes AS PART OF THE UK as they should have and then see if we voted in or out …. my maths say we voted remain .

    • Mark Foster says:

      Do they teach spelling in British schools any more?

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Fair point-but it does beg the question that whoever wins the Tory leadership will have not have a mandate to run the country, and certainly Boris, having made such an issue of a non-elected EU would have to have a new referendum or a General Election, to avoid also be seen as “non -elected”-as for Scotland-why the rush?-sit back have a glass of irn bru, listen to The Proclaimers and watch the chaos-work out your position when the dust settles. As for the referendum-is it showing that democracy depends on a level of apathy -70% turn outs are just not good for us!

  5. Christopher David says:

    Scotland cannot go independent unless the EU bails it out to the tune of c £280 million a week. Its bankrupt. Big budget deficit like Wales. Sturgeon appears a dreamer or a con merchant.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Dreamer I think Christopher-anyone with commonsense can see that she would probably win a referendum and then apply to join EU “on their terms”-meanwhile UK negotiate a deal “on our terms”-which may be better than the deal that she got-would she then reapply to join the UK?-hence my irn bru/Proclaimers comment.

  6. Cry baby carwyn has been walking around with a face as ling as a fiddle like someone has smacked his bum. He”s on the news now still sulking. Labour turncotes look at lord ginger winger Kinnock and his mrs how much did they make out of the E U. Now there son is in a safe labour seat in abaravon . say no more

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    I seem to be of the opinion that Carwyn Jones is odious , I read of his cry baby antics when he thought he was out of power , and with his precarious and very thin hold on any sort of power , if I was him I would go and sit in a corner and shut up , he has no idea to run a raffle much less an assembly.

  8. AK says:

    The whole thing is descending into farce, with both leading parties in disarray, no plan and no clue.

    Meantime the threat of a terrorist attack on our shores looms ever darker.

    They need to stop the party polictical/independence games, and start working together for the future of the UK. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

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