Stephen Doughty , Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth puts a "hate crime" question to the Home Office Undersecretary of State

Stephen Doughty , Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth puts a “hate crime” question to the Home Office Undersecretary of State

Stephen Doughty, the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, has told MPs that he has had talks with former Labour MP for the constituency Alun Michael (who is now South Wales Labour Police and Crime Commissioner) about “hate crime” in the area.

South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

In the Commons Doughty said “I have spoken with the South Wales police and crime commissioner, Alun Michael, this morning about how we respond to the incidents that I regretfully spoke about in the Chamber the other day.

Karen Bradley Home Office Undersecretary

Karen Bradley Home Office Under-secretary said she agreed with Stephen Doughty

He asked Karen Bradley the Parliamentary Under-secretary of State in the Home Office “Will the Minister make it absolutely clear that there is no hierarchy of hate crime? Whether it is against Jews, Muslims, Hindus, gay, straight, men or women, and whether it comes from the far right or indeed from the far left, it is the same thing and can have the same consequences. We should not stand for it and we have to take action. Those who stir up, condone or encourage it, from wherever they come, need to take responsibility.”

The Minister – Karen Bradley – replied “I absolutely agree with him.”

A Race Quality First poster

A Race Quality First poster

Doughty has also re-tweeted a message from an organisation based in Bute St, Cardiff called “Race Equality First” which is inviting anyone who has been told to “leave the country” to report such incidents to them.

Race Equality First says it is  “an independent charity and company limited by guarantee which was established in 1976”.  In fact Race Equality First has been removed from the Charity Commission’s register of charities . A different organisation called Race Equality First Ltd operates as a charity/ limited company. In 2015 it received core funding of £121,000 from Cardiff Council and major grants totally over £120,000 from the Big Lottery Find and £10,000 from the Vale of Glamorgan Council .

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  1. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well I must say race hate is for the small minded and insular and should never be allowed but also is discrimination on culture or regionalism . Some people don’t like Geordies purely on the way they speak the same is true of the Birmingham or Liverpool accents . Never in my life would I have expected a small Welsh town with a small town mentality as Penarth displays to show such obvious hostility to outsiders who happen not to be Welsh , Penarth has extremes in both camps for every friendly open minded fun people there is an equal number who are gleefully hostile, and discriminating and because they may find your accent or humour hard to understand they assume you are the problem and not their own lack of understanding or awareness. A friend of mine has at times suffered from these bigoted natives despite 9 out of 10 of them never having spoken or got to know her, she has been brought close to tears on a couple of occasions. Discrimination can be just as harmful as racism, one drinking place in town is so nationalistic with regards to the hostility shown to the English that it poses a danger to the towns reputation for visitors and tourists alike in my opinion .

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