Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth’s Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies said there should be a vote – eityher in a referendum or in a general election – on the final negotiated terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the Eutropean Union

Davies – who is leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly – supported the victorious “Leave” campaign in this month’s EU Referendum.

Wales's Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones found most of the population of Wales didn't agree with him

Wales’s Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones found most of the population of Wales didn’t agree with him

Meanwhile the Welsh Labour Government’s First Minister Carwyn Jones – who supported the losing  “Remain” campaign in the referendum and found that the overwhelming majority of people in Wales were against him  –  has now  said that a second vote would ‘make people angrier’  and wants the negotiations started as soon as possible

Andrew R T Davies says if the UK Government wins a a deal which is “secure, robust and meets the aspirations of the British people  – who expressed that via the referendum – then they can continue with the mandate to 2020 – but  that will be a political decision

He says “ultimately it will be a decision taken to empower the British people either to endorse that agreement or, if not at referendum, at the general election of 2020, people will be able to cast their opinion.”


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    i wonder if you might reprint from the PDN archive a previously published photogenic gem of a picture featuring Andrew RT Davies and Leadership Contest quitter Boris (Legs-it) Johnson whose joint magnetic touch assisted the Welsh Conservatives to lose votes and seats in the May 16 Assembly Elections.
    In the meantime as Andrew sits waiting for even more of his favourite vote losing “chickens” to come home to roost we should all perhaps do well to ponder this sobering quote below from “m’learned friends” on the BBC News Website this afternoon…………………..
    BBC -30/6/16–
    “In a piece co-authored by three legal experts, for the UK Constitutional Law Association, it is argued that under our constitutional settlement, the prime minister cannot issue a notification under Article 50 without being given authority to do so by an act of Parliament.” ——

    We could be waiting until the cows come home as well as the chickens then it seems.

  2. Alwyn says:

    I think we should have a referendum whether Andrew RTD should stop talking about things he has not the slightest idea about

  3. Local Lurker says:

    Overwhelming? 52.5% to 47.5% isn’t overwhelming. What did that 52.5% vote for? Did they all vote for free trade with free movement of labour? Did they vote for no free trade with the EU and control of migration? The entire situation is an Eton mess as the right questions were not asked.

  4. Tim Hughes says:

    David Cameron negotiated a position that the government thought met the aspirations of the UK population, but they rejected it. Is ARTD saying that if the new leader repeats the negotiations to their own satisfaction then they can happily continue for another 4 years without a general election or another referendum?

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