Welsh Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones - who wanted Artcile 50 triggered without delay - but Steve Thomas of the Welsh Local Government Association says "not so fast!"

Welsh Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones wanted Article 50 triggered without delay – but Steve Thomas of the Welsh Local Government Association says – in effect- ‘not so fast!’

The Welsh Local Government Association – which is the body that represents all local councils in Wales (including the Vale of Glamorgan Council ) says there is no need for the UK to be in any hurry to leave the EU .

The WLGA’s comments directly contradict the view of  Welsh Labour Government First Minister Carwyn Jones who told AMs this week that “Article 50 should be triggered sooner rather than later. I think waiting months and months and months for it just adds to that uncertainty.”

The Chief Executive of the WLGA, Steve Thomas, says his organisation – representing all local authorities in Wales – takes a different view. Mr Thomas says Welsh councils want to ensure that there is as much stability as possible before triggering Article 50 and that there is “no need to be hasty”.

He says the WLGA advises that any move to quit the EU must wait until the new UK Prime Minister takes office (in September) and that the new PM must be in a position to give assurances on public spending before making any move to leave the EU.

Mr Thomas also warns against an emergency budget – saying that  “More cuts in an emergency budget would cause huge problems in the public sector.”

The WLGA’s view is backed by  Welsh Labour European Parliament member Derek Vaughan who says that the  government’s negotiating position must be made clear first.

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  1. Kevin Mahoney says:

    This would be the unelected Steve Thomas, yet another nonentity sporting a CBE after his name whose disgraceful organisation is overwhelmingly dominated by the Labour party.

    The same organisation which declared it’s support for a remain vote and which prompted council leaders on it’s committee to introduce motions in their respective councils to recommend that councils announce that the respective councils recommend residents to vote remain.

    The Vales Neil Moore was completely and utterly humiliated when he tried to do just this at a full Vale of Glamorgan council meeting and was heavily defeated, receiving support from just 6 of his labour colleagues.

    The Independent group of councillors on the Vale council of which I am a member have constantly urged that the Vale stop paying it’s yearly affiliation to this dreadful organisation which appears to consist of unelected Steve Thomas and his colleagues using council tax contributions to push a Labour party agenda.

    As Vale councillor after councillor ( including surprisingly for once the majority of labour councillors) got up to tell a dejected Neil Moore.

    “It is not for councils to tell residents how to vote in elections or referendums.”

    • Ian Perry says:


      As a former member of UKIP, who has for many years campaigned for the UK to leave the EU, please would you inform the people in the Vale of Glamorgan as to what happens next?

      75% of people aged under 25 voted for the UK to remain within the EU. These are the people who are most likely to study, live and compete for jobs and housing with the young people moving from elsewhere in the European Union to Wales.

      Cardiff has 4 universities that are thriving due to bright young people choosing to study here from all over the European Union and further afield. These young people contribute massively to the economy of south east Wales by bringing money into Wales to pay for accommodation, food, leisure, etc. What would the nightlife and night-economy of Cardiff be like without these people?

      Have you campaigned to downsize our universities – which seems a most effective way of reducing immigration to Wales?

      What happens to young people in the Vale with aspirations to study at a university on the European continent? Perhaps they’d like to work amongst “experts” at the European commission? Like Michael Gove, are you fed up of listening to “experts” and scientists?

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Thank you for your enquiry Ian. Perhaps we should establish a few facts first which you appear to have conveniently twisted to suit your own agenda.

        1) 75% of young people did not vote to remain in the EU. We are told that approx only 36% of all youngsters old enough to vote under the age of 25 could be bothered to trot along to the polling stations or return a postal ballot.

        If we take your unverified assumed 75% of those youngsters who voted as fact that they did vote to remain then that of course would equate to just 27% who voted to remain.

        I’m sure that you will agree that is vastly different to your opening statement and you wonder why the public don’t trust would be politicians such as yourself. I suspect the answer is partly in your opening line……because of dishonesty.

        2) People from all over the world study in British universities just as they do in universities all over the world.

        Having spent 8 months playing rugby at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse campus in my younger days I of course encountered the 30 or so youngsters from Swansea university who were studying there by participating in the 25 year old exchange programme between the two universities. maybe you would be good enough to point out when the UISA was admitted to the EU as by your criteria such exchange programmes are impossible unless all countries are in the EU.

        One thing that I didn’t encounter whilst tramping around the American university campus were large numbers of tantrum throwing American students whining that their lives and careers were ruined because America wasn’t in the EU.

        3) No I have not campaigned to down size our universities please see answer No 2.

        4) Please see answer to No 3

        5) What happens next is life goes on, business goes on, the pound and the FTSE goes up and down just like it always has as wide boy city traders gamble with their clients money and we are all now able to vote in or vote out the government which makes all our laws which we couldn’t as members of the EU.

        Thank you for your enquiry if I may be of further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

      • Ian Perry says:

        Kevin, I did a quick word count and discovered that you have used 384 words in failing to say anything worthwhile.

        I believe that you have misunderstood the polls. 75% of young people voting, or not, wanted the UK to remain within the EU. The fact that many did not vote is another issue.

        What will you be telling the sixth form students living in your ward about how a Brexit will change their future options? One problem are the study fees that the people you represent now face. University college Dublin charges EU citizens undertaking post-grad taught courses 3,890 euros, and non-EU citizens 11,450 euros. Yes, those with wealthy parents may still be able to afford to study outside of the UK, but for many, this new reality may limit their options, their life choices.

        I am sorry that you do not understand how the EU works, despite having apparently worked there. You may have seen Mr Farage this week speaking in the democratically elected European Parliament. I believe that you yourself may have stood for election? You will also have seen David Cameron along with other democratically elected heads of state meeting to decide EU policy this week. The UK had voting power proportionate to our population. Why is this not democratic?

        It’s great that your life will go on as normal, as planned, but for many people this is not the case.

    • Paul says:

      Kevin, Good response. I honestly thought that the scaremongering would stop after the referendum happened but I’ve been sorely disappointed by the reaction from both sides if I’m honest. The under 25 vote remain complaints lost my sympathy when I realised most of them didn’t bother to vote in the end, and all the petitions in the world won’t change that fact. I studied at university with people from all over the world and I have worked in many countries inside and outside of the EU. The only difference was a visa was needed so I fail to see why students wishing to study, or people wishing to work in the uk can’t apply for one if they are motivated enough.

    • Ralf says:

      You’re a pretty rude man aren’t you.

  2. Ford Prefect says:

    Leaving the EU will be a disaster, particularly for Wales. To see people from Torfaen on the TV saying “we give them more than they give us” is cripplingly embarrassing. Wales is going to lose so much funding, and I doubt any Tory government in Westminster would match it, even if it were able to. So far we have lost £250 billion as result of this vote, and the worst will be yet to come.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      I am with you-I also think the UK Govt are as well otherwise they would have invoked Article 50 by now. However the truth is MPs voted for a “first past the post” referendum and even the full might of Stephen (safeseat) Kinnock M.P and his once EU funded family could not engineer a majority even in Neath/Port Talbot-as for “giving them more etc”-I am the same with my insurance companies -but they do give me a level of security when the “unforeseen happens”-the Global economy will not be as forgiving!

    • Frank says:

      What is “cripplingly embarrassing” is Wales constantly holding out a begging bowl.

  3. Christopher David says:

    Whatever Carwyn- Leanne et al say- do the opposite then you can’t go wrong.

  4. Mark Foster says:

    Clearly the Welsh Government Association and the Tory Party Government in the UK should do the honourable thing, resign and call a general election because their geopolitical strategies, policies and views are absolutely antithetical to the democratic wishes of the British people as expressed in the referendum. If these people continue in office, they are in denial and there is no way they will carry out the democratic will of the British people to leave the European Union. They will clearly do everything in their power to frustrate and deny the British their right to leave the European Union. The Global elite which owns the British Tory and Labour Parties will simply more intensively use their Mainstream Media to manipulate and convert the masses to the Remain way of thinking. They only need a swing of 4%.

    The problem is there is no British political party which significantly represents the interests of British working people in every social class, neither Jeremy Corbyn in his black Leninist cap nor Nigel Farage in his yellow trousers and Barbour jacket. Essentially what I am saying is you need a nationalist and I think the people will come to understand this.

    Donald Trump could provide the solution with Vladimir Putin and Marine LePen by establishing a global, multinational Christian-orientated political party to combat the Zionist oligarchical elitist multinationals and also solve the Judao-Islam confrontation in the Middle East using his beautiful “Jewish” daughter. You need to think outside the box. It is Vladimir Putin and Bachar Assad who has thus far saved you by defeating Radical Islam not David Cameron, Angela Merkel or Barack Obama.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Inflammatory is putting it mild! This is not the will of the majority to have some sort of 1930s dystopian hell. Stop trying to blame other people for our problems. Its unhelpful, and unintelligent.

      • Frank says:

        On your rationale, the “Welsh Assembly Government” – voted through on a far narrower margin and lower percentage turnout – is not “the will of the majority” either.

      • Ford Prefect says:

        No, what I meant was the picture that Mark Foster paints was not the will of the majority. People voted leave for a multitude of reasons, but I don’t think many of them would subscribe to this “global, multinational Christian-orientated political party” that he talks about.

  5. Ivor Bagman says:

    I am very sorry to tell you all
    But you have upset the apple cart.
    No going back now .
    I hope you all reap
    What what you divisive
    People have sown !

  6. Wendy says:

    If you wanted to leave the EU why don’t you want to get on with it now? You were so keen to LEAVE and told us all how wonderful everything would be. So go ahead and make it happen – we are all waiting. Maybe second thoughts?

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