Education Mnister Huw Lewis stood down as an AM in April and became eligible for a resettlement grant

Education Minister Huw Lewis stood down as an AM in April and is one of 18 former Assembly members to became eligible for  “resettlement grants”

Penarth’s Huw Lewis – the former Minister for Education and Skills in the Welsh Labour Government  – is being paid a total of £51,824 under an Assembly “resettlement grant”  for members who’ve lost or stood-down from their seats .

Lewis stood down as  an Assembly Member in April this year and said he would not seek re-election in May’s Assembly Elections.

Huw Lewis's wife Lynn Neagle remains as an AM representing Torfaen

Huw Lewis’s wife Lynn Neagle remains as an AM representing Torfaen

He had  represented  Merthyr and Rhymney since 1999 and was appointed Education Minister in the Welsh Government in 2013 where he wrestled with the problems of trying to improve primary and secondary education in Wales after devastatingly-bad international PISA tests showed schools in Wales falling behind those in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in Maths, Reading and Science. He had once hoped to become First Minister and had been an unsuccessful candidate for the leadership of the Welsh Labour Party in 2013.

The payment to Lewis comprises a “basic resettlement grant” of £41, 338 and a £10,487office-holder resettlement grant” making a total of £51,824.

Huw Lewis’s wife, Lynne Neagle, a former research assistant for Glenys Kinnock, was re-elected as the Labour Assembly member for Torfaen .Their decision to set up home in Penarth with their two children rather than live in his – or her – constituency, had attracted critical comment.

Overall 18 former AMs who left the Assembly in April have shared a total of £825,000 from a “resettlement” scheme.  The largest grant was £64,878, which was given to former Economy Minister Edwina Hart.


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  1. Clive James says:

    Plus a pension i’ll bet

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Him and his misses have bought a new shinny car with your money. No wonder they wanted you to vote remain, their EU MEP friends all have their snouts in the trough as well.
    The most important rule of governing club is don’t talk about the tax payers money you pocket.

  3. Rich says:

    I thought we did not have much money in wales ?

  4. Peter Church says:

    Shocking, while they might be nice people it amazes me how far and wide the Kinnock dynasty stretches.
    Like Kinnock and his extended family, They made huge amounts of money out of our taxes given back to them in housing mortgage benefits, salaries, perk cars, pensions, golden hellos, golden goodbyes, office expenses, newspaper expenses, travel expenses and on and on and on…..

    As for not bothering to live in their own constituencies, just sums up Labour.
    Do as I say. not as I Do!

  5. Catbird says:

    what justify s these payments ? These huge sums would be so beneficial to schools , care services, local communities, elderly transport, ambulance services etc .it is disgusting to think people on lower incomes ,scraping a living have to see these payments being made from the taxes they have to pay . A payment for the privileged ? A review of Finances and payments ?

    • Frank Evans says:

      When you are in power you can award yourself similar failure payments…

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