Labour Party members held a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn in Cardiff last night . No local MPs attended

Labour Party members held a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn in Cardiff last night . No local MPs attended

At a rally in Cardiff last night supporters of beleaguered Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have told the three Cardiff Labour MPs  they should “back their leader or step aside “.

Shavanah Taj Wales Secretary of the PCS Union

Shavanah Taj, Wales Secretary of the PCS Union

In comments squarely aimed at MPs Stephen Doughty (Cardiff South and Penarth) , Jo Stevens (Cardiff Central) and Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West), Corbyn  supporters challenged all those MPs calling for Jeremy Corbyn to step down to put up a challenger to him and fight a leadership contest.

Shavanah Taj, Wales secretary of the PCS Union,  said members of the Labour Party  believed that Jeremy Corbyn ” is the voice of the masses” – and  accused Labour MPs of  “ignoring party members“.

She claimed that local constituents were going to their MPs and asking “What the hell is going on? We know who our leader is. So get behind your leader, back your leader  or step aside  “


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    I’m with Shavanah of PCS and the legally constituted Labour rule book for Leadership Elections.
    It is shameful that so called legislators in the Westminster Bubble Parliamentary Labour Party wish to circumvent our internal Laws with Kangaroo Court Politics.
    Throwing your toys out of the pram over the peoples’ heroic great Brexit victory is a little childish and quite frankly being a pathetically bad loser!

    • Peter Church says:

      Why don’t you stand yourself Labour Councillor Rapier? This could be a breath of fresh air from the mad, none cohesive, half baked ideas of the Man of Steel, Comrade Corbyn.
      Oh hang on, I have thought this through have I?

  2. Martin Coffee says:

    But Corbyn was a half hearted stay supporting loser. No political person has come out of this well. The stay people were complacent and the divorce people didn’t even have plan to put forward. It’s a complete mess created by political people. I think we should kick all the existing political people and start with new ones. And since the ones being kicked out have brought the country into disrepute it should be done without compensation at in real jobs.

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