A "Free Wales in Europe" rally in Cardiff

The “Free Wales in Europe” rally in Cardiff

A new campaign called “Free Wales in Europe“/ Cymru Rydd yn Ewrop” held simultaneous rallies in Cardiff and Caernarfon yesterday demanding that Wales should remain in the E.U. 

The movement is reported to have been founded by a branch of the “Yes Cymru” campaign in association with Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) and appeared to want to overturn the result of last week’s referendum in Wales in which 52.5% of those who voted in Wales, voted to leave the E U.

Plaid Cymru's honorary president Lord Wigley carried out the unveiling ceremony

Plaid Cymru’s honorary president Lord Wigley

In the Caernarfon rally the former Plaid Cymru leader Lord Dafydd Wigley said the Wales football team had shown how well Wales could perform in a European setting.

He called for an independent future within Europe for Scotland,  Northern Ireland and Wales and said I hope that there will be another opportunity at some point in future for Wales to vote for Wales to be part of Europe”

Former Secretary for Wales David Jones MP

Former Secretary for Wales David Jones MP

However the former Secretary of State for Wales David Jones who is Conservative MP for Clwyd West (and who had campaigned for Leave) said that what Free Wales in Europe was campaigning for  was unrealistic. He said “Wales voted decisively for Britain to leave the European Union on the 23rd of  June and for people to call for any other arrangement is profoundly undemocratic.” “Frankly” he said ” these demonstrators should respect the will of the people.”

Posters for the event had said  :-

Following the disappointment of the referendum on Europe, we must respond. Let’s remember and celebrate who we are in this Free Wales in Europe Rally. This is an opportunity to declare that the result doesn’t reflect who we truly are, or what we believe. That Wales is not a small region of England, but an independent, progressive country in Europe. A separate country with our own rights and principles, supporting social justice for all. This is a rally for supporters of Wales and for those of us who wanted to stay in Europe. Bring flags. And wear something red! Together Stronger? Not just on the football pitch. We have to do this together.”

At both the rallies Welsh Dragon flags and the ancient flag of St David (a black flag with a yellow cross) were displayed

The name of the movement,  “Free Wales in Europe”,  carries  perhaps unfortunate echoes of the former  Welsh Nationalist terrorist  movement the “Free Wales Army”  of the 1960s – whose armed members paraded in home-made uniforms and claimed they could deploy 20 trained  “kamikaze” suicide-dogs trained to wear harnesses carrying explosives.



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  1. Mark Foster says:

    Thank God you knicked Ashley Williams born in Wolverhampton, Hal Robson-Kanu born in Acton and Sam Vokes born in Southampton to score the goals, all with Welsh grandfathers. If “Lord” Dafydd Wigley had his way they couldn’t play for Wales, see boyos.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      The EU not Brittania Rules the Waves
      OK so explain this great deal from the EU.
      WALES has a coastline approximately equivalent to 28% of the length of the Coast of ENGLAND.
      We are not allowed to control making our own steel or the building of our own trawlers and it is only legally viable to catch and land Lobster, Scallops and Prawns in serious Commercial amounts.

    • Chris Franks says:

      Dafydd Wigley was born in Derby! See boyo.

  2. penarthblog says:

    I was proud to vote remain, but the electorate in their wisdom, decided otherwise. So now we move on and rallies like these are unhelpful.

    • Parcel says:

      Exactly, they should have been part of the political campaign to remain, not after the fact! Your a bit late lads….

  3. Peter Church says:

    I walked past this bunch, there were about 30 people tops. The TV crew tried to get them to bunch up so as not seem like it was a waste of a news trip out.
    This must be a minority of a minority.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Have these people ever heard of democracy ???? or more to the point , how democracy works ?? a democracy gives people the vote and when they use that vote those in power have to then take notice of the wishes of the people, if a majority vote in a referendum to go against the obvious wishes of those in power it is the winning vote that is acted upon . Its not for the ‘poor losers’ to start behaving like spoilt kids because they lost . And what the idiots calling for another referendum hoping to overturn the vote , what happens if those who voted for Brexit are so incensed by the audacity of the poor losers that the vote for Brexit comes back the same or even higher , what then, do we hold another and another . And as for the Labour Party they should bow their heads in disgrace for using the situation for their own plotting and scheming and the voters will remember this headless chicken routine whilst only Corbyn and his supporters kept their heads and knew Corbyn was elected by party members 60% , but if the plotters get their way, in future Labour Party Membership will say , ” whats the point in us voting for a leader if the other MPs are going to ignore our vote ” as they are now. And that should then end up in the Labour Party with fewer people signing up , or current members leaving en mass, can someone please explain to MPs….. HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS……… that one they are SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTING , I suggest those complaining to go to Russia or even better North Korea , and see how people live if their wishes are ignored……… totally.

  5. johnm says:

    not, of course, that had the result been the other way around the leavers would still be urging unity and respect for the outcome.

  6. Kevin Mahoney says:

    As my esteemed colleague on the Vale of Glamorgan council has pointed out above It’s a touch rich that the champagne socialist, unelected House of Lords parasite Lord David Wigley of Derby should be advocating the ignoring of a democratic vote.

    Presumably Mr Wigley will also now be advocating the setting aside of the much closer vote which resulted in the creation of the Welsh assembly.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes, indeed a 50/50 vote for the assembly and now they want more powers.
      If the Brexit vote had of gone the other way, that would have been the end of it.

  7. Penarthal says:

    “Had of”?

  8. ak says:

    Nicola Sturgeon seems to fancy the idea of ‘best of three’ for a referendum, perhaps we could try that in Wales.

  9. Ian Perry says:

    David Jones MP should respect that only 36.9% of those voting in the 2015 general election voted for his party.
    He only received the democratic backing of 43% of those voting in his constituency.

    Are people fed up of politicians who dismiss facts?

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Which facts has he dismissed Ian? I can’t see anywhere in the article relevant to your comments., are you able to point out where he’s denied that he got 43% of the constituency vote in his own vote at the General election? I hope we haven’t got another Phillip Rapier style aimless political rambler on our hands here. Your point appears to be as relevant as someone randomly claiming that you are dismissing the 5.1% you just received as Plaid candidate in last weeks Rhoose by election

  10. penarthblog says:

    I proudly voted to remain, alas the majority voted otherwise, so now we move on and make the best of it.

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