The wooden Suggestion Boxes are now misleading l;abelled as "Ballot Boxes" and use the politically-loaded term "Regreterendum"

The wooden Suggestion Boxes are now misleadingly labelled as “Ballot Boxes” and use the politically-loaded term “Regreterendum”

Re-appearing on the streets of  Penarth this week are the wooden suggestion boxes which were located around Penarth last year (along with pads and pencils) canvassing ideas for the “improvement” of Penarth.

This time the organisers are indulging in a more overtly political opinion poll – a thinly-veiled attempt to persuade Penarth to change its collective mind about leaving the European Union.

The so-called "ballot box" chained to a lamppost outside Penarth Library was carefully installed to make it difficult for younger voters to use

The so-called “ballot box” chained to a lamppost outside Penarth Library was carefully installed to make it difficult for younger potential voters to use – like this eight year old school pupil.

One political researcher said there appeared to be no means of checking how many times any individual could  vote  in the “ballot” – and the campaign appeared to be “just other  sour-grapes stunt to try to reverse the results of referendum”.

When the ideas submitted in last year’s “Suggestion Box 20 ” operation were  revealed in Foxy’s Restaurant, (see )  the organisers remained determinedly anonymous, out-of-sight and never revealed who they were – but local residents said they appeared to be a group with scant respect for transparency and public accountability .

The results of the latest YouGov / Cardiff University opinion poll carried out for ITV Wales

The results of the latest YouGov / Cardiff University opinion poll carried out for ITV Wales

Meanwhile a professional opinion poll carried out by You Gov in association with Cardiff University for ITV Wales has revealed:-

  • If there actually was  a second EU Referendum Wales would vote 53% (Remain) and 47% for Leave
  • The Labour Party has fallen to its lowest level of support since before the 2010 General Election for both Westminster and the Welsh Assembly
  • Support for Plaid Cymru has reached its highest ever level of support in Wales

If a UK General Election was held now in Wales – then based on a uniform swing across the country the results would b

  •  Labour  26 seats (gaining Gower and Vale of Clwyd, but losing Ynys Mon)
  • Conservatives 9 seats (losing Gower and Vale of Clwyd)
  • Plaid Cymru would win 4 seats (winning Ynys Mon)
  • Liberal Democrats would retain 1 seat (Ceredigion).

In an Welsh Assembly election the results would be:-

  • Labour   26 seats (down 3 on May’s Assembly election);
  • Plaid Cymru 15 seats (up 3);
  • Conservative 10 seats (down 1);
  • UKIP  8 seats (up 1)
  • Liberal Democrats 1 seat (no change).

The poll was based on a sample of  1,010 Welsh adults  carried out between June 30 and July 4.


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  1. ak says:

    The electorate voted to leave – that was the democratic result
    It’s not ‘best of three’.
    Get over it

    • Philip Rapier says:

      . The wonderful miracle of the brilliant Brexit vote means Brussels can’t undemocratically force the NHS in to any more shoddy Privatisation scams so the likes of Virgin can make millions out of the sick.

      As for the mystery boxes I have a theory that it could be former Welsh Secretary– Stephen “I’m just a working class lad” Crabb MP for Preseli Pembroke who has just been humiliated in the Tory Leadership Contest today.with a staggering 34 votes.?

      How on earth did he get so many?

      “Brexit” Crabb is already endorsing “remainer” Teresa May for PM within minutes of his triumphant failure of a Leadership Challenge- Is this a desperate attempt to keep his job as the Bedroom Tax Mastermind ?
      I hear Branson went to see our worthy PM in waiting Teresa last week. Crying his eyes out over the Brexit Vote foiling his NHS privatisation plans I expect.

      • Ann Other says:

        All complete nonsense. Hysterical.

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Mr Rapier has clearly forgotten that it was the labour party in Wales which privatised cleaning in NHS hospitals leading to a dramatic downturn in standards as well as redundancies and staff re-employed on lower wages and poorer conditions.

        Lets have a bit of honesty and consistency in your ramblings please Philip.

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    We’ve already had an actual voted poll it was 52% leave 48% leave as opposed of course to all those opinion, not actual polls which had remain up to 10% ahead. Opinion polls mean nothing as opposed to actual voting.

    It’s time the sour grapes of a bunch of disgruntled losers stop, the people have spoken in democratic fashion and thats it over and out!

  3. Lindsay says:

    You make this sound sinister. Do you know something we don’t?

  4. Peter Church says:

    I for one will be removing these, where ever I see them. We voted and got a result, this is akin to rabble rousing by those who cannot accept the result.

  5. giving the vote to thepeople was retarded as most welsh men are ignorant s wales recieved twice as much in investment from the eu as we paid in taxes but ignorance bigotry and intolerance willl have its day so morons voted us out and now the pound will continue to crash and people will have no one to blame but themselves for the resulting poverty and yes i live in penarth. this article is actually talking rubbish as there are both anti and pro eu commented ballot boxes and no i didn’t put them up

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Vote is over. Vote is over. Vote is over. Maybe for stupid people this might get it through to them.

  7. penarthblog says:

    The conversation should be about how to build up a fantastic health service, schools that teach the subjects and skills needed to prepare children for life and work, we need to find ways of housing the population after decades of under funding. Politicians have during the run up to the referendum and before, made many promises and now it’s time for all voters to hold those self same politicians to account and ensure they keep those promises.

  8. Parcel says:

    I tell u what, lets have another poll, to find out why we needed another poll. The whole thing is ridiculous, we are out, taking polls will not change the vote. The people decided. Its over, now lets get on with it……

  9. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I suppose that the other thing to consider here is that anyone during elections who puts their signs on telegraph poles, lamp posts etc etc are liable for a £1000 fine.

    Perhaps action should be taken against these people making a political statement with their boxes.

  10. Martin Coffee says:

    The election has already generated too much hatred and these boxes are doing nothing to defuse this. Rather than take things into their own hands I suggest concerned citizens inform the relevant authority. I presume this would be either Barry’s highway authority or planning department. Hopefully one of our elected representatives will jump in and clarify this please.

  11. Big Davey says:

    Pre Referendum we were told that there might be ice bergs if we set sail and leave the EU.

    Now we have set sail we can see the ice bergs for real, £ at a 31 year low etc etc.

    Does it make sense to hold course and pilot the UK into the very visible ice berg or would a smarter move be to change course?

    The referendum was an ‘advisory’ only and there is no legal compunction to follow through.

    Now that we now the actual ‘fears’ are already being realised perhaps our MPs and a lead politician will have the balls to stand up and say, “actually we are not going to push the button to leave.”

    This of course could be confirmed in a real referendum by calling an election.

    Would you let a plane full of passenger vote how the plane should be flown that day and risk it crashing or do you leave it to the experienced pilot? That is what we have allowed the electorate do.

    Every leaver I have spoken to now regrets it and they want to blame Cameron and Corbyn for not doing enough to protect them from themselves.

    • Peter Church says:

      “Every leaver I have spoken to now regrets it ”
      I don’t!!!
      Low pound good for exports, and the housing bubble and finally burst, great for the young.
      PS we need a bit of import driven inflation too.

      • Big Davey says:

        I haven’t spoken to you, but I have spoken to 15 odd leavers and not one of them now wants what we will end up with, a compromise.

        We will not be able to trade in EU without free movement.

        We will not be able to trade in EU without paying pretty much what we pay now to EU.

        We will not be able to influence any policy that the EU creates that may effect us e.g. levy on financial transactions with non EU financial institutions.

        We will ALL be disgruntled as we will be neither out nor in and not in control.

  12. Edward Russell says:

    I’m quite amused by the reaction of these boxes. Particularly the person who is going to take them down wherever he / she sees them. Surely it’s a bit of fun? Surely it’s just there to stir political debate, yet people are acting as if the people behind the boxes are under the belief that they can change the vote.

    Penarth, and the Vale of Glamorgan, voted to Remain. As we know, that wasn’t the majority vote. However, with article 50 still not triggered, Johnson and Farage effectively off the political board and Gove unlikely to make it as the next PM, it’s looking less and less likely that we will actually leave the EU.

    The good thing to come from all this is the political debate and the education process of the electorate (sadly, in some instances, after the referendum happened). If people really are condemning these boxes and threatening to remove them, they need to have a quite word with themselves about what it is to be in a democracy.

  13. ak says:

    I think if the politicians announce that they will not actually enact Article 50, thereby ignoring the democratic wishes of the voters, then there will be riots in the streets.
    I would be one of the first to protest (irrespective of the way I voted).

    They asked the electorate and the electorate spoke. Now they need to stop the backstabbing and start co-operating.

    Why does it take two months to elect a new party leader now that there are only two candidates left ? Even I could count the votes faster than that !

    • Edward Russell says:

      It takes 2 months because the two candidates now have time to campaign and win the support of the members. Seems like a fairly reasonable democratic process to me? It does worry me that so many people are so ill-informed

      • Keith Inker says:

        Tory party members will have considerably less time as it is to decide on the next PM than the electorate, as there will (probably) be no ‘snap’ election this year. Big decisions should not be knee-jerk reactions, unless, of course, you are emotionally addicted to regret.

  14. Edward Russell says:

    I have to admit I’ve had a real belly laugh to the poster above who suggested that there will be riots in the streets if the UK doesn’t leave the EU. Considering that a huge proportion of the Leave voters were the over 55s, I’m getting mental images of middle-aged ladies leading a rampage on Downing Street with rolled up copies of the Daily Express demanding that their groceries are sold by pounds and ounces!

    Let me tell you my story. I left school at 16 and despite not having a degree, have managed to make quite a career for myself. I have never been out of work since that age and even worked in France for a year. I am now 46 and I have done this and paid into a pension because it has been my lifelong dream to retire to the sunny South of France, or Spain or the Balearics. Now that dream has been taken away from me and I am very, very sad. If people like me want to vent their frustration by erecting fake ballot boxes around the streets where I live, then I’m all for a bit of peaceful political provocation.

    You can take away my dreams, but you can’t take away my satirical sense of humour. I hope.

  15. fimblefowl says:

    Ah, quirky and ‘a bit of fun’ not exactly the Penarth Daily News’s stock-in-trade, preferring to peddle po-faced nimbyness; precisely what makes these pages such a Pooterish joy and a hoot to read.

    P.S. Enjoying the sunny fun of the boxes, and
    P.P.S. We are discussing the future of our country not the outcome of a football match. The process is still unfolding (or unraveling, depending on your point of view). It’s not at all clear what we’ve voted *for* (except that it’s clearly not precisely what a whole bunch of voters thought they had been promised). Nor is it yet clear what the process to get us to our brave new world is likely to be. Any responsible citizen ought to be engaged with that.

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