Penarth passengers enjoying the sea and sun on board "Westward Ho" yesterday

Penarth passengers enjoying the sea and sun on board “Westward Ho”

The motor vessel “Westward Ho” –  which operates regular ferry services to the island of Flatholm from Cardiff Bay – has now begun a regular ferry service to Flatholm from Penarth Pier .

The first passengers were successfully embarked at the pier today – and will be returning from their visit to Flatholm when Westward Ho returns to the pier at 18:30 this evening

Westward Ho's bow can juist be seen as she disembarks passengers at Penarth Pier today

Westward Ho’s bow can just be seen as she embarks passengers at Penarth Pier today

Operating regular trips to Flatholm direct from Penarth Pier is an easier and quicker than having to lock-in through the Cardiff Bay Barrage and can provide a much quicker turn-around time for the vessel.

The flat-bottomed “Westward Ho” is a purpose-built, bow loading, Island Class passenger vessel and is certified by the Maritime Coastguard Authority MCA to carry up to 100 passengers. She is based in Weston Super Mare and can be beached like a tank-landing craft on Flatholm providing easy safe access to the island.

MV Balmoral

MV Balmoral now has some serious competition

Penarth’s other regular excursion vessel MV Balmoral is not due to return to Penarth until Friday July 29th when she will sail from Penarth to Watchet in Somerset and back .

Balmoral now has some serious competition to contend with from a rival which will provide a much more regular service from Penarth Pier than Balmoral  has been able to schedule.

The Westward Ho sailing schedule is on


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  1. Parcel says:

    Nice to c the coast getting closer. This will encourage a lot of tourism…

  2. Frank Evans says:

    What’s the fare? Every time I go on the wrbsite and click booking on my phone I get spammed by national reward…. For pence revenue they must lose so many real customers

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    I often spot the ferry going back and forth and when I saw it stop at the Pier tonight I thought it may be an emergency-However PDN had already explained what was going on.-The Pier not only has Gareth Bale playing football it has it’s own ferry service to Flat Holm and Weston!-and we are preferred to the Cardiff Barrage pick-up point.

  4. Louise says:

    Really good news! I hope they expand this service so we can travel from Penarth to Weston.

  5. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Quite interesting to read of this, I immediately thought, wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the new service for a little boat trip and a nose round Flatholm

    However if I’ve read the operators site correctly £30 including a £5 landing fee ( from Cardiff which I assume would be a similar rate) seems a bit on the heavy side which I’m afraid would dent my enthusiasm down to he level of not using the service at all.

    Hopefully somebody will come along to tell me that I’ve misunderstood the fare structure.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      The cost seems quite reasonable-prefer it is I could use my concessionary pass!-I like Musical theatre shows but tickets at the Millennium centre hover around the £40 mark-if you take a guest,programme, drink, you are looking at over £100.-tennis fans paid £126 for semi-final tickets at Wimbledon. the pier masters office now has timetable for Balmoral but no information at all for tourists about the Westward Ho-so effectively it is mainly PDN readers who know of it’s new route.

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