Now you see it - now you don't. The remaining frontage of the part-collapsed Clintron Road house has been demolished

Now you see it – Now you don’t. The remaining frontage of the part-collapsed house No 14 Clinton Road has been demolished

The remaining frontage of No 14 Clinton Road, Penarth – the classic 1920s house which collapsed during extensive renovation work on June 16th –   was finally reduced to rubble today.

The rear of the building had collapsed four weeks ago whilst excavations were under way to create a large basement and rear extension.

The remnants of a million-pound house were reduced to rubble today in Clinton Road (Photo AC Williams)

The remnants of a million-pound house were reduced to rubble today in Clinton Road (Photo A.C. Williams)

The owner, cosmetic surgeon Sid Gautum, said the plan had been to turn the 1920s-vintage dwelling into a six-bedroomed family home with a new basement level featuring a bedroom with en suite, gym, fitness studio, lobby and storage.

The plan to re-develop the property had been controversial with local residents  claiming it was, in effect, converting the existing dwelling into a “four-storey” house.

Some of the key load-bearing parts of the structure appeared to have been supported only by pieces of 4X2 timber

Some of the key load-bearing parts of the structure appeared to have been supported only by pieces of 4X2 timber

The plans had been recommended for approval by Penarth Town Council and were voted through by the Labour majority on the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning committee in the teeth of opposition from people living in the immediate neighbourhood.

After last month’s collapse, surveyors were called in to make the structure safe but demolition crews said the frontage was perfectly sound enough to be built onto and the appearance of the original house could be preserved . Now that option has been lost.

On June 15th the Vale of Glamorgan Council issued a self-congratulatory press release claiming it had been praised by the Health and Safety Executive for the actions it took over the collapse . However  the Health and Safety Executive said it had not been anticipated that their comment – made in a letter to the Vale of Glamorgan Council –  would “end up in a council press release”.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Irony eh! cosmetic surgeon.

  2. Anne says:

    Perhaps convenient – destruction of the neigbourhood – will he want to build a super modern house now? I hope he has to pay ££ for the trouble he caused. Will the Vale council be held to account for permitting such grandiose plans?

  3. Ron Foxton says:

    Disgusting vandalism wrought by the most amateurish cast of characters since Crossroads. Somebody needs hanging by the short and curlies for this whole sorry scam. Yep, scam.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hit the nail on the head Ron Foxton. The whole story is heartbreaking and vulgar and it reeks of suspicion. The owners, construction workers and council delegates should all be thoughoughly ashamed of themselves. Sadly, though, I’m sure they’re not. I’m sure they couldn’t give a toss. Greed prevailed. A disgrace.

  4. CelticMan says:

    I smell a rat 🐀

  5. Mgg says:

    Crossroads!? crossroads !? Best show on telly .I’ve watched it Benny , Oops I mean, many times

    • Mgg says:

      Just messing about of ,course it ,was rubbish but it was brummie rubbish and that’s ok

  6. Mgg says:

    APRIL 2017 Ashdene Manor had to be demolished today after a collapse during the building works . A new planning application has been made to include 30 flats and 10 bungalows on the now cleared site

  7. Ellabell says:

    Today’s equivalent to Penarths ‘matchstick man’!!
    He should be made to rebuild exactly as it was.
    It’s a disgrace.

  8. Ian Symonds says:

    It is wrong to describe ‘..the house collapsed during extensive renovation works’. The dictionary meaning of renovation is improving a broken, damaged or outdated structure. It was none of those descriptions when work commenced and now, obviously, the house is beyond renovation.

    • Jane Foster says:

      This whole sorry affair must be heartbreaking for you as this (formerly) lovely home’s previous owner. I can’t see any good outcome from this at all.

      • Ian Symonds says:

        Yes Jane, it is a terrible shame, not just for us but for the neighbours and the neighbourhood and I cannot understand how this was allowed to develop.

  9. Cp says:

    Does anyone know who the contractors were? Should be made public so nobody else uses them if there still in existence.

  10. The Tax payer says:

    The contractors just do as they are told to. It’s the owner who is behind all this and I suspect the VofG has been told to look the other way as the method that was used by the contractor should not have gone unnoticed by the building control officer and alarm bells should have been ringing BIG time !!!!!! or should this be ££££££

  11. Alan says:

    I trust there will be a full and exhaustive investigation into this disgraceful episode

    • Mark Foster says:

      No chance that the Health and Safety Executive, the VOG Labour Party or South Wales Police will investigate this. Get over it.

  12. Ivor Bagman says:

    How very dare you all !
    Telling a ratepayer
    What to do with his own house !
    How many of these people
    Who own derelict buildings
    Actually pay council tax ?

  13. Penileaks says:

    Opens the door for many other ‘accidental demolitions’ in the Penarth area I would imagine, other than in designated conservation areas of course, where only illegal dormers and the like are allowed.

  14. Harry says:

    Yes Penileaks we have more than our share of ‘accidental demolitions’ in Penarth over the last twenty or so years, we must surely be eligible for a Guiness Book of Records Award for them
    Shameful destruction by people who don’t care about our town.

  15. Christopher David says:

    Penarth has a long history of accidental demolitions both corporate and private. So- who’s gong to investigate? Lots of accusations but no evidence. Some accused parties my be innocent! The real truth needs to come out in order to protect the future.

  16. Please rest assured that your Conservative Ward Councillors on the Town Council had no knowledge at all of any of this work being undertaken by building contractors. We knew of the planning proposals but that is where our involvement ended, and we are as annoyed as you all are at what has happenned to that once fine property in Clinton Road.

    • Alan says:

      how strange…my wife and I undertook very modest work to our kitchen last year…we had VoG’s building control swarming all over us and our builder

  17. John says:

    Who is the contractor? Shoddy.

  18. Christopher David says:

    Hmmm strange indeed Alan. I had them all over me over a dangerous conservatory I inherited and demolished. But we have to ensure we are equitable in the investigation eh! They may have done all they should have done? Is it being investigated?

  19. William Thomas-Howells says:

    Demolition crews are not structural engineers and the facade was damaged extensively during emergency demolition work to make the roof structure safe. It needed to come down and if a new house comes up instead, then all the better. You bunch sound bitter and envious.

  20. Andrew Sarchus says:

    You’re Boland us over

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