Only cars with retracing mirrors could attempt to run this gauntlet in Hickman Road

Only cars with retracting mirrors could attempt to run this gauntlet in Herbert Terrace today (Photo O.Sullik)

Penarth drivers already get plenty of practice every day in squeezing through tight gaps and maintaining courtesy and calm in the face of adversity – and this morning’s been no exception.

Your nearest Tesco branch in Hickman Road

Your nearest Tesco branch in Hickman Road (Photo O Sullik}

In Herbert Terrace  outside Tesco Express there was chaos at 11:00 this morning – Penarth’s peak-shopping period.

Local drivers said it was caused by ‘considerate’ white van  driver who’d elected to park directly opposite and the fact that the Tesco truck hadn’t used the designated offloading area in Herbert Terrace- just around the corner.

It also appeared the Tesco vehicle was parked right up against the branches of an overhanging tree.

Meanwhile down on Penarth Esplanade a long queues of traffic built up and drivers got out of their cars to check the cause of a hold-up.

It appeared that the driver of the new Hartons Coaches open-top double-decker service had found the big bus  couldn’t get past a parked refrigerated food-delivery lorry at the pinch-point outside the Fig Tree restaurant.

Exasperated drivers got out of their cars to see what was causing the hold-up

Exasperated drivers stuck the queue got out of their cars today to see what was causing the hold-up

The new No. B99 open-top double-decker commercial bus service runs from Penarth to Barry Island and back at weekends – but so far appears to be attracting few passengers.

That’s possibly because –  although the Vale of Glamorgan Council claims to include the timetable on its web-site –  there is actually no mention of the B99 service in its list of local bus services.

The Hartons Coaches open-top double-decker runs between Penarth and Barry from Windsor Terrace via the Esplanade.

The Hartons Coaches No B99 open-top double-decker runs between Penarth and Barry from the Windsor Terrace bus stop via the Esplanade.

Anyone who wants to check the open top double-decker journey timetable  has to visit the Hartons Coaches site . This is the direct link to it:-

Chevron style diagonal parking in Clive Place....except there aren't actually any chevrons.

Chevron style diagonal parking in Clive Place….except there aren’t actually any chevrons.

Meanwhile the angled “chevron” parking layouts on the Esplanade and in Arcot Street are – it seems –  tempting some motorists to park chevron-style,  nose in – tail out , even when there aren’t any chevrons . The example above was in Clive Place.

Double double-parking on Plassey St - but not on the zig-zags.

Double double-parking on Plassey St – but not on the zig-zags.

And the parking mecca of Penarth – the Plassey St chippy – continues to produce imaginative parking solutions near the zebra crossing .

A properly parked dark car is considerately hemmed in here by no less than two double-parkers but both had – at least –  kept clear of the zig-zags.

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  1. Ivor Bagman says:

    Who was it that said –
    “Everybody’s Gottabe Somewhere ! “

  2. Penileaks says:

    ‘……..officially approved……’
    is it officially approved ? By whom ?
    I just looks like an everyday parking area to me for the use of anyone with a legal vehicle who wishes to park there.

  3. Mgg says:

    Let’s all,park there overnight and ignor the cones .be interesting to see who comes and officially disapproves . it’s an absolute scandal that tesco do this .don’t give me health and safety .use a fleet of smaller vans

  4. Harry says:

    Of course we don’t know who was there first was it the white van man or was it the Tesco vehicle?
    I thought Tesco usually offloaded in Hickman Road, where they put their own no parking bollards out? Which I assume have no legal jurisdiction?

  5. Melvyn Hayes stunt double says:

    Just looked at the Harton’s website for the 99b bus. What a great service, a bus every hour, fairly reasonable prices and it runs well into the evening too. Come on everyone, sing along, “We’re all going on a summer holiday!”….. Oh wait, it’s raining again.

  6. Jean Thomas says:

    My partner and I rode the 99B open top bus to Barry Island yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would mention that if you have a concessionary travel pass you can go for free. And as a treat the bus comes back via The Knap. Yipee

    • snoggerdog says:

      my wife,grandson & i waited for the first bus 11am today sunday ,never turned up,so plan b,caught a 94 to barry library where it turns into a 96 & goes over to the island,came back on the b99 1426,driver wasnt told he was working sunday until 11am so our grandson was a happy little chappie to come back to penarth on his first open top bus,specially the tree branches wacking the bus!

  7. Frank Evans says:

    Tescos could use a smaller delivery vehicle or take deliveries when it’s quiet. But no they choose to disrupt the town centre and take up valuable car spaces that could be used by shoppers that support independent retailers. The cones they put out are in no way official.

  8. AK says:

    Of course the cones aren’t official, no more so than the ones put outside the funeral parlour.
    Driver courtesy (remember that?) to take note of them, and courtesy to remove them when not is use.
    The moaners would soon moan again if the shops ran out of bread and milk.

    On the other hand, the police should take action over illegal idiot parking and causing an obstruction. I wonder what would have happened on the esplanade if a lifeboat launch was requested.

  9. Peter Church says:

    “Driver courtesy”
    Yes don’t use a 44 ton HGV to delivery the bread and milf twice a day.

    Tesco’s every delivery helps

    • Penileaks says:

      They deliver milf’s to Tescos ????????

      • Graham Breller says:

        I remember when the milfman used to deliver to our doorstep every day, and we’d watch the tits from the front window. They knew how to poke through the red tops and get the cream.

  10. Peter Church says:

    I meant MILK!!!!
    Does anyone know when the parking outside James Sommerin will return to normal?
    The building work is finished and it still park as you like and for as long as you like.

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