The area with the newly painted seats was cordoned off - but apparently not soon enough to dissaude visitors from sitting on them

The area with the newly-painted seats was cordoned off – but apparently not soon enough to dissuade visitors from sitting on them

Warm weather… lots of visitors on the way for the first weekend of the Penarth Holiday Festival…when better touch up the paint-work on public benches of Penarth Pier?

Unfortunately it appears that the green paint being used took a little longer than expected to dry and the benches at the end of the pier were still a bit on the tacky side when  unwary visitors came along to sit on them.

The tacky green paint came away from the benches and stuck to people's clothing

The tacky green paint came away from the benches and stuck to people’s clothing

All was well until those seated on the benches rose to have a stroll along the pier –  and found that the still-sticky green paint had come off onto their clothes.

An eyewitness says those affected are going to lodge a claim for compensation – or at least reimbursement of dry-cleaning costs –  from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Barriers have now been put up warning pier visitors of the hazards of sitting down

Barriers have now been erected – warning pier visitors of the hazards of sitting down

The affected benches have now been cordoned-off with red traffic barriers, road cones and warning tape to keep away anyone else who might be tempted to sit down and enjoy the sun and the scenery – at least  until that paint really is dry.

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  1. Andrew Worsley says:

    Who runs the Vale of Glamorgan Council is it Noddy or Big Ears??? painting benches on the pier at the height of the tourist season when they’ve had all year to do it. Pollarding the trees especially on Cornerswell Rd in May when even the Woodentops could have told them that the tree planting season is from Nov to March when the trees are dormant ,you dont go round in spring and cut off every sprouting twig as they have done . Now the trees look like logs that have sprouted leaves, well done , May I suggest to Noddy and his pals that they close the entire esplanade for road resurfacing?? after all its the Penarth Festival at present so what better time ???? Oh and any other roadworks in the vicinity at this time would be ideal (according to the Councils way of thinking ) by the way how many people have visited the viewing platform on the cliff top since its erection , that would be an interesting item. Its nice to know we can rely on the Council to get its priorities wrong AGAIN.

  2. Harry says:

    Honestly you couldn’t make it up VOG has 50 weeks to paint the seats on the pier and chooses the week of the Holiday Festival. They must really dislike Penarth hugely!! Can’t think of anything helpful they do for the town, can anyone else???

  3. PENARTH EYE. says:

    Only Last Year A Professional Painting Contractor Painted These Benches. The Paint Was Peeling Off Months Ago When Ever We Had A Warm Day. Why Didn’t The V.O.G. Call Back The Contractors To Correct Their POOR WORKMANSHIP. Slapping Paint ON To Mask The Problem Was A Poor Decision To Say The Least.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Grenn lawyers 4U ompensation specialists. We benchmark our price, we leave others sitting.

  5. Louise says:

    It beggars belief!

  6. snoggerdog says:

    and the barclays bank bench is falling apart !

  7. Ivor Bagman says:

    I’ll never forget the
    Paint job on the library .
    Council green should
    Last for years .

  8. Daily pier user says:

    How Embarrassing for the Vale.One would think FIRST PRIORTY was call back the Contractors to Correct Their MESS months ago. On viewing the area today a clever move I notice no WET PAINT signs do the V.O.G. think this will hide their FOLLY ???

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