Home Secretary Theresa May will be appointed Prime Minister on Thursday

Home Secretary Theresa May will be appointed Prime Minister on Thursday

The Conservative Assembly Member for Penarth –  Andrew R T Davies –  has commented tonight on the pending appointment of Home Secretary Theresa May as the UK’s next Prime Minister.

Andrew R T Davies – who is leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly and represents South Wales Central which includes Penarth  – said “As a fellow One Nation conservative, I very much share Theresa’s passion for social justice and determination to build a country that serves the many, not just the privileged few. I wish her the greatest possible success in achieving that.”

Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Unlike May – who backed “Remain” (but didn’t do much campaigning) – Davies had campaigned actively in favour of the Leave campaign – even though it got him into hot-water with retiring Prime Minister David Cameron.

In a pronouncement which appeared to indicate the Welsh Tory Leader will be keeping a close eye on May’s Brexit performance  he said  “Today’s announcement presents the new Prime Minister with an immediate opportunity to bring the country together and to navigate Britain’s successful exit from the European Union.  At this time, the country needs strong leadership and a clear sense of direction to reinforce confidence in the markets, and to ensure that the Government is best placed to steer the UK towards the bright future which awaits us.”


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Andrew RT Davies’ “Brief Encounter” Photograph of the Boris Bromance Meeting in May during the Assembly Election- on Newport Station appears to be sadly still missing from the PDN.Archive.
    However the good news is he appears to be over the pain of break up as he now “very much shares a passion ” for the charmingly persuasive Bremainer Teresa May.
    OK so Andrew was Brexit which is fine by me I ‘m certainly, Brexit, out and very proud but how come Andrew failed to convince the majority of his own South Wales Central Electorate?
    Here are some of of Andrew’s other useless predictions at the Tory Conference September 2015.
    Introduced as “my good friend” by the former Welsh Secretary and hopefully soon ex Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen (46 votes Council House Kid ) Crabb
    Andrew’s predictive powers are in summary below.
    After next year’s election I want to be First Minister …
    ……………… to lead my party into government in Wales …
    ………..I’ll lead a Government for everyone – with seats at the Cabinet table for North, Mid and West Wales.
    ……..The maths is simple – only the Welsh Conservatives can do it.
    ………..May 2016 offers the chance of a fresh start – A new Wales.
    ………………Let’s grasp it with both hands.”

    As a result of Andrew’s great rallying call Plaid became the largest Opposition Party

    (***Source Conservative Central Office)

    • Peter Church says:

      Philip, you seem stressed…..

      Lie down in a darkened room, count to 1000 and see if you can get through a day without thinking, talking, or spamming about RT Davies?
      You might get a new spring in your step.

      PS how is Labour doing these days 🙂

  2. Andrew RT won a substantial victory in South Wales for Brexit, even though Phil’s maths are a little inaccurate ! Andrew is simply reinforcing the message he offered the Welsh Electorate last month and in fact received subsequently when the votes were counted.

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