Saturday morning 11:00 am outside Tesco Express at Herbert Terrace

Last Saturday morning 11:00 am outside Tesco Express at Herbert Terrace

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to carry out an enforcement investigation into an  alleged breach of the planning conditions which apply to the Tesco Express store at Herbert Terrace Penarth.

The allegations refer to “Vehicle delivery times and storage of metal cages” at the premises.

A Tesco 30 tonne truck being unloaded in Hickman Road

A Tesco 30 tonne truck being unloaded in Hickman Road – a designated unloading area

Local residents complained at the weekend when a large articulated lorry parked outside the store in Herbert Terrace at 11:00 on Saturday morning to unload goods and part of the roadway was coned off.

There is an designated parking area for unloading around the corner in Hickman Road but it is not specifically allocated to Tesco.

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  1. Llewellyn says:

    Also, be a good idea if the staff could stop smoking alongside the cages and exit door, pretty smelly and unprofessional!

    • TESCO FAN.. says:

      Guess you must Have Blinkered Vision Staff Can SEEN Outside Quite A Few Shops In Penarth Having a PUFF. Pretty Smelly then So I hope you don’t use this Shop !!!!

      • Peter Church says:

        Tesco Fan, you need to learn to speak proper like.
        They might even stock reading books in the shop.

    • Keith Inker says:

      It’s fair enough to have a go at Tesco as an organisation, but criticising the individuals who work there is petty, small-minded and quite unnecessary. Try to stay on topic. This is about their company policy of arranging deliveries, and a similar problem exists elsewhere, e.g. the One Stop shop (part of the Tesco set-up) on the corner of Clare Road and Cornwall Street – so the problem is with the organisation, not local management and staff.

      • Michael says:

        Hark at you. What’s wrong with commenting on staff smoking very publicly. If I was the boss of Tesco, I’d be interested to hear what example my employees were setting. Why the piety?

      • Keith Inker says:

        Put very simply for you, you are singling out one group, and ignoring all the others throughout the town and beyond. Tesco cannot legally, or morally, dictate to their staff about smoking in their break time.
        So, report it if you choose. It perfectly illustrates the small-mindedness to which I referred in my first comment.
        If you imagine that persecuting the hard-working staff will reinforce the attack on higher management about other issues, then it reveals a ‘bullying’ mentality which dilutes any rational grievances you may have. You cross a line when you make it personal. Such digressions are not even ‘clever’ trolling, just tantrums.

      • Lyndsay Doyle says:

        All trolls deny trolling. It’s part of the game.

      • Matthew says:

        Surely that is trolling.

      • Lyndsay Doyle says:

        This is about Tescos – it’s trolleying.

  2. Ron foxton says:

    ‘There is an designated parking area for unloading around the corner in Hickman Road but it is not specifically allocated to Tesco.’

    So where does an arctic unload if designated parking is parked in?
    The driver used hazards AND cones. The only thing he couldn’t do was levitate…

    • Frank Evans says:

      They could use quieter times or a smaller vehicle like other businesses in Penarth. They have a don’t care attitude, cause we are tescos are we are big and powerful. No sympathy for them. They knew what the parking regs were when took on this unit.

  3. Ron foxton says:

    I’m assuming all the complaining residents are sainsburys customers? I know from experience that tesco shop managers are trained to be approachable and act as the representative for the brand. Why not just ring the store and have your traffic moan? Booting up the ancient bakelite diodes of the VofG will only result in unnecessary cost to the taxpayer and heated discussions at the many whist drives/cheese and wine junkets across the borough…

  4. Harry says:

    Yes tesco does think it rules the whole of Herbert Terrace and Hickman Road. Surely smaller vehicles could be sent earlier in the day. They must have to do this in other town centres, so fail to see why can’t to it in Penarth.

  5. whatsoccurin says:

    Think the main error is that Tesco have underestimated how popular this store is-I have seen many customers doing a “big shop” there and this is partly due to the hard-working and pleasant staff. I am sure Tesco will work with neighbours to address any “issues” about parking, being mindful that the main Windsor Road is often down to a single lane and there is no Tesco there. Parking in Penarth is one long nightmare.

  6. Ralf says:

    And why would you assume that?

  7. Peter Church says:

    I am amazed at the amount of cages left outside this shop full of rubbish. One reason they have so many deliveries is to pick up all the waste cardboard twice a day.
    As for the enforcement, Tesco seem addicted to their cones. At all times of the day I seen the road conned off for their own private delivery area, thus depriving Penarth of valuable parking spaces.
    I won’t even mention the air conditioning units keeping local residents awake.

    We should be more like the folk in the suburbs of Bristol and fight this evil empire!

    Shop Local and keep the Money Local.

    • Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

      The Air Conditioning units should only be on between 07:00 and 23:00
      This was a planning constraint, that Tesco tried to over-turn by obtaining noise survey after survey, to no avail.
      When the VoG planning wrote to Tesco to remind them that they open at 06:00 and the Air Conditioning restraints, Tesco just ignored the ruling!
      Walk past any night after 11pm and you will hear the Air Conditioning units rattling away to their hearts content, keeping the locals awake and burning electricity.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      This store make virtually nothing from me-occasional visits for newspapers and a snack-but I do know that on all Sundays,Boxing Day morning and Easter Sunday the Hickman Road store will be open for my morning papers-I suppose Sainsburys and Co-op would be open also but most of the local shops stay closed-keep money local-then provide the service!

  8. Ivor Bagman says:

    They do pay a lot of money towards
    The stupid projects
    That Penarth council
    ( That’s a T T T Idiot joke )
    How much do they give
    The council every year ?

  9. James Archer says:

    I am told that Tesco have had to replace their cones many times. They get driven over because drivers don’t see them left right in front of their cars.
    You try coning off a section of Tesco’s car park by the marina and see how far you get!
    Just tell them, you are waiting for a Aldi delivery.

  10. Daniel Jones says:

    If we boycott Tesco Express can we get clubcard points?

  11. Llewellyn says:

    Well said Michael

  12. Parcel says:

    Every little helps……..

  13. Observerfool says:

    Pity they ever got plannig ay! Tesco et al are helping destoy the fabirc of small towns.

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